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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fantabolous Idea

It  is on…..One of our very own Naija bloggers, Sugabelly, came up with this super-fantastic idea of a language challenge. I must tell you. I am very much intrigued by this idea. I am however coming up short on what to talk about but it is a work-in-progress as I don’t want you listening to a stuttering me. For more information on this challenge, check this.

Some up and doing bloggers already have their entries in. Check Lady Ngo and Madam Sting. Basically, when you get to Sugabelly’s , you will even find some of the other entries too. It promises to be so much fun.

In other news, Mama Mia and my pet brov will be visiting soon. I am so excited and can hardly keep still. I can’t wait to be fussed over. I haven’t had some mothering TLC since…well…January (while I was still in Naija). Anyway, that should be all for now. Watch this space for my own language challenge..(Lawd help me cos while trying to upload one, I realized it was more Engruba (English & Yoruba) than Yoruba). I guess we’ll just wait and see. So dudes, dudettes and dames....dust your tongues and get to work on those dialects!!!


Shout Out to my latest followers, especially since about 2 months ago. You guys are the bomb. I promise to do an adequate follow up soonest. Thanks a "bunsh"