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Friday, December 30, 2011

E Ku Ile O!

E n le fa!!!!

My pipuls, I can't overstate how much I have "milzed" you!

Mixed feelings prior to departure and 14 hours in-flight with a drunk after, I am finally back to the East Coast...Holler! lol
Frankly, it took only a 15-minute walk around my "hood" area for me to start missing Beijing! I most definitely did not miss seeing those sagged pants and obnoxious "holler-brothers" and scrubs while away....SMH

Anyhow, thanks to all those who came asking after me in my absence.......NikkiSho, Myne, Missy Tee, Priscy....the whole lot of you. I really appreciate the thoughtfulness. Indeed, I am doing fine and back. Shame on my laptop for doing what it knows to do best, ie, act up on me. As it is, I am using Ngor's laptop which is a MacBook. If this post comes out looking coherent and coordinated, consider it a miracle as I don't even know what I am doing on this beast of a laptop!

Today has been all sorts of emotional rollercoaster. This time last year, I think I was just exiting MM2. My thought is why am I in this yeye place this year?! Why couldnt Santa just bless me with a two-way ticket to Nigeria, ehn?! Nawa o! Bloggers in Nigeria, please bring me Gala on your way back and you, Priscy, you still owe me kelewele!

I had a close encounter with suicide some few days back. It was a close relative. Though hers tended more towards theatrics, I know for a fact that it could have been for real. Yorubas have a saying which translates as "Until you visit another person's farm, you might be tempted to think your father has the biggest farm".

Moral: Your case is not the most hopeless. Maybe if you compare notes with others, you will realize the folly of your thoughts to end your own life. Speak up...talk to people, listen to people.....PEOPLE - BE YOUR BROTHERS" KEEPERS!

Happy New Year in advance, my loves