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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Let's "Settle" this Issue

Hi pipuls. I know things have been relatively quite around here in HoneyDamez ville. Just let me settle into this strange-feeling semester and we’ll get back to being chummy.

Happy Belated to you NikkiSho, many happy returns sister. Happy Coronation to you too Dame Sting (this lady just manages to come up with the unexpected). Welcome back Boo Nonye, I hope you are back for reals now o. Myne, I am feeling your new site look. Doll and Pretty Lashes, this is the year o! Big Congrats.
The other day, I was on MCLA and came across a post telling the story of a girl who “settled” in marriage. The post itself isn’t what has necessitated this reply post as much as the comments it garnered. 

What exactly does the concept of “settling” (in a romantic context) entail?

Many a time and in more ways than one, don’t we all settle? Or is there such a person existing who got EVERYTHING they wanted in their spouse without negative addition(s)? 

What do you say, falling in love, walking/sliding into love, settling in love?