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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Is This A Lining?

I don't care if it is silver, yellow, purple or fushia; all I know is it looks and feels good. This is one of one of those moments when I know that I am loved by the Supreme Being. Nothing about the things I have been complaining about for the past few weeks has changed yet, but somehow.....somehow, this evening, I am on a roll. I was trying to do one of my assignments and decided to court You tube to keep me company....I started from Davido. Didn't know that the boy could dance that much o. Matter of fact,I listened to his song for the first time today....and then poco a poco, Holy Spirit decided to arrest me...Of course, that arrest had to start with Eniye which I mentioned here and somehow, homework is done and my behind is on its own volition, wriggling vigorously and precariously on my chewing stick legs to Midnight Crew's new album, "King of Nations".
Odiro easy at all o!
Obara Jesus! Talk about killing two birds with one stone....did I say two birds? Three more like. Think about it, I got re-acquainted with Midnight Crew, got some workout and I am happy for no apparent reason! I am not sure how long it will last but I am not willing to dwell on that negative thought so I am planning on riding it for as long as it lasts.

Oh, the power of music!

By the way, I took a look at @elrufai's twitter page following Linda's tweets of the day. Politics aside, that man or whoever he has employed to respond to his followers is hella hilarious.

Seriously though, I really really appreciate you guys for having my virtual back. Your comments keep me going especially these days and that is why I couldn't wait to come back here and share my sudden deliriousness. Thank you all so much and I hope that you all find a happy place too and regardless of what you may be facing, as cliche as it may sound, odinma

Monday, March 26, 2012


I promise, I am not going cold on you. I am just making peace with my mind that life as I have known it is about to be over. First of, like I lamented about in my last post, this semester is not as much an easy ride for me as I am used to and it is a very strange thing to deal with for me. In the same vein, as this is my last semester in Undergrad., I have been having a lot of mixed feelings. The school structure is all that I have been about. I don't know how else to structure my life. However, thank God for the wonderful people around me, I am highly encouraged to just chill out a bit and live for me myself & I (as opposed to expectations and the society)...for a change. So after this semester, I am definitely leaning back to smell the roses.....then, we can get back into the sucking tubule of education.

I am deeply saddened by all the gory news making their rounds in the world these days.
   "People killing people dying.
    Children hurt and you hear them crying"

BlackEyedPeas asked us to practice what we preach but I am not even sure what we preach anymore. Our sermons seem to be full of so much ambiguity and innuendos. These days, only a few things indeed make me happy. Quite frankly, I am updating because I hate to see that I did so just once so far this month. I have so much, yet so little to say. I don't want my melancholy transposing here because that is not the theme of this blog, plus, I am genuinely tired of complaining all the time anyway.

I dropped a food entry on avartsycooking.com here. Head over and show some love joo! 9jaFoodie, you will proud of your girl's presentation.

By the way, where is everybody? That I am too melancholic to update doesn't make me melancholic enough not to read your posts o, so you people better deliver!!!

Many thanks to everyone for your continued virtual support....I can't explain it but it helps me find a balance, somehow.

P.S: If you know/have links to academic journals, write-ups, etc concerning the Oil Subsidy....everything about it, kindly drop them in the comment box. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ripping my Hair Out!

Sting, how do you do it?! How did I get to this point? Oh, I remember, overachiever that I am!I just couldnt be satisfied with high school diploma, WAEC, GCE, NECO, ba?!  I think that is even an insult to those who hold the real title, since I lack the tenacity to wear that belt...I am tired....plain and simple....Again I ask, how did I get to this point? This is the most ridiculous of my 3.5yrs college career. What has been said about saving the best for the last? Apparently I missed that memo. Since it is turning out that I saved the worst of my classes for the last of my semesters. Shall I talk about my 40+ page thesis which is due very very soon but doesn't even have the foreword written yet? Oh or the Math class that I have been putting so much effort in but receiving discouraging results on?

 Ok, let me shred the over qualified man who teaches the class, perhaps that will make me feel better. Seriously Prof. XYZ, you are better off working with the FBI or NASA! No disrespect, but you have no business teaching in college...you are way too qualified and are doing a poor job of dissemination!!! Maybe if my final grade wasnt depending on your really obtuse grading structure, I would have cared less...but unfortunately, it does and by extension...I care...cos from the looks of things, you are about to ruin everything I have spent years building with your sadistic grading structure and obtuseness!!!! Don't you just get it?! Aaaargh!!!!

As for you, Prof. Employer! I do like your enthusiasm. I just hate being on the receiving end of it because I dont necessarily share in your vision. We need to get this straight, I am NOT an employee of yours so please stop telling me  (as well as 30 others) that you are going to be managing us like employees....we are your STUDENTS....meaning we don't know what the heck we are doing and we need so damn directions! I get that the exercises you give to us are supposed to be practice of the decisions we will be making in the real world. But the catch is not all of us are finance majors and by extension, not all of us will have the "grande" opportunity of making key business decisions of which international bid to consider for drilling....(Again, I ask, how did I get to this point?). It doesn't help that you have so many years of experience with logistics because somehow, you have been deluded into thinking that so do we. I throw up a little each time you mention that this is what we are going to be doing for the next 40years...sorry sir, transfer pricing,  hedging, forward contracts and detecting bubbles with financial facts is NOT what I see in my horizon!!! So please, let's keep it concise, simple and relevant! For Pete's sake, yours is not the only class I am taking this semester so my life can't and shouldn't have to revolve around your silly enthusiasm for playing "real world"!

You both should be proud of yourselves....without even trying that hard, you  were able to "both-handedly" give me a migraine.......never before have I had one!

Lord, if you please, let this cup pass over me.....

PS: I am not depressed, just tired...just want all of this to go away!

Sigh.......send some positive energy my way...tell me some stories of the great things happening around you!
And a happy and prosperous new month to you.

UPDATE: Thank you so much guys. I feel better than I did yesterday, in part cos I go home on Saturday and also reading your comments made me forget my troubles, even if momentarily. My friend suggested that I just go sit on the lecturers heads. That that should teach them a lesson. For good measure, I have decided to go on beans diet for the next one week, peradventure I need to make real of my threat. A couple of farts here and there while sitting on their heads should pass the message across to them and if that doesn't work.....oh well, I will be back here crying on your shoulders....again!

Thank you so very much! I will respond individually shortly