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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Resident Doctor

I am having a moment here so allow me wallow in this bit of mushiness. By the way, happy new month.

I grew up with a personal doctor. No, my family wasn't rich by those standards but my doctor was and is rich by the intangible standards. Matter of fact, up until now, that is still my personal doctor. You see, this realization has been brought about by the fact that as "grown" (using that word loosely), I still can't completely fend for myself for the simplest things medically. A few weeks ago, I suddenly felt dizzy. My school's health center was of no interest to me. I just had to talk to my personal doctor. A few days later, I had toothache....to my phone I went, to call my personal doctor. I had a cut on my atrophied sixth finger. I thought it was strange so of course I had to call my personal doctor. I didn't realize how dependent I have grown on that system and how under appreciated & under stated my personal doctor is. This personal doctor is also a resident doctor who has no medical degree. She is Ma Petrillo, she is my mother and being a doctor is only one of the numerous roles she plays. This post is just a special shout out to all mothers for the numerous  and thankless roles they play in the lives of their children. May the good Lord bless you abundantly!

While growing up, there was this book titled "Where There is No Doctor". I loved that book.I had an unusual fascination for pregnant women then. I always looked around for them...in pictures, in books, on the streets...every where. They were just a wonder to me. So of course, I am sure that the pregnancy section in the copy of "Where There is No Doctor"  in my house has my fingerprints embedded in the prints by now....lol. Essentially, this book assisted Ma Petrillo with non-serious health matters in the house....#goodtimes#

Yes, I am aware that this is a totally random post, just take /manage it like that..:D Did anyone also have that book?

Ha! a "Smh" worthy story! When this whole abbreviation craze started, slacker that I can be, I didnt catch on early enough. However, after seeing "btw" a couple of times in similar contexts. I started using it too and assumed that it must be a usage that I wasn't familiar with. Imagine my shock when I read someone's post where these abbreviations and their meanings were explained. All along, I thought "btw" actually was "between".....did not realize that it was "by the way"...ha,......smh! I hope "Smh" really does mean "shaking my head" because that is what I am doing for myself now. Just in case you want to join me, the direction is horizontally.