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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Color Me Content

At times like this, I cannot help but love my YY more. To me, he seems to put in extra efforts into maintaining us, i.e., our relationship. You see, I am here and he is there yet I feel like I know the minutest detail, like what color if tie he wore to work today. Well, not precisely that minute of a detail, but close enough.  Before you begin to snicker and mutter about how much I am deceiving myself and ignorant of the evils of an 8,000miles-across-the-ocean-type-relationship, I have my own take on that.
Rewind 3.something years back, I was one of those people who you would have seen at the forefront of the “Movement Against Long Distance Relationships” (MALDR). When my cloth was cut for me by YY, I rescinded my membership to the movement, fast fast. It wasn’t like I necessarily wanted to, especially since I relocated only a few months after I had met YY. When we met, trust me, we both had different ambitions. I wanted to make some sales, and guy probably wanted to get some piece of the chocolaty-mousse-pie….yeah, that would be yours truly! Anyway, I digress and lie a little bit. I am pretty sure about what my ambition was at that time, can’t speak for him though. Needless to say, I made my sales alright but still stuck around. Why? Give me a guy who can engage me in a 5hour conversation (not centered on sex or how his life will be incomplete without me) and I will trip 200 times over. YY beat my imagination several times over, as far as that was concerned so yeah, I did trip over 200 times over.
Well, 3 years after, with several thousand of miles of distance between us, he still manages to make me prefer his “company” to the chagrin on the many shallow minded folks around here (who cannot last in an intelligent 5minute conversation with me without uttering something extremely honey-dame-unacceptable). I am not saying he is the best there is or it is a happily thereafter, or that it will even be the case tomorrow, but for now, COLOR ME CONTENT.    J

What are your takes on LDRs? (Long Distance Relationships)


  1. I used to belong to MALDR too but an LDR landed me in a wonderful permanent as-close-as-you-can-get relationship so i won't knock it. but it's not easy sha. Enjoy yours dear..

  2. LDRs can be rather annoyin especially if d dude doesnt put into cognizance, the situation of things at d chick's end...its all a convoluted tubule jare

  3. @Myne Whitman, thanks, I plan on doing so for as long as it lasts
    @Beanie, yeah, convoluted tubule it really is!

  4. So i was super hesitant with sharing my thoughts on a long distance, being that i had a negative experience per say with someone who "WAS IN" a long distance relationship (mpshewww Foolish men) . However, i will just say TRUST your INTUITION! Love is not governed by distance or boundaries, so as with everything put it in GOD's Hands if it is meant to be IT WILL BE.

  5. @IFNA, trust me, I do appreciate your view and take on this and pls, dont ever hesitate to express your views in way of comments on my blog. I am almost too aware of this side of LDR so much so that YY considers me pessimistic,I have just made up my mind to enjoy it while it lasts...Thanks so much for taking time out to drop your comment...

  6. One thing I know is this, both parties must be really matured and should be ready to invest a whole lot of time and money for it to be as successful as the normal ones. I did LDR for 2 years.
    Long and short is this, if you think the person is worth it, then the distance is a small price to pay for few years.
    Check dis link out, I wrote it when I was far away from my fiancee and I thot I would lose my mind


  7. @ilola, I know where you are coming from o. It is extremely pocket draining, not to mention the stress and the time difference...to mention a few. I know the way these things work and that is why I ended the post that in the last paragraph. It is the sad truth. You were on for 2years?! That is a feat! I am off to check out that link. Thanks for dropping by.

  8. i'm still registered with MALDR and i'm not sure im stopping my subscription anytime soon, but then never say never abi?

  9. Awww, how cute *sigh*
    I was in a LDR once....and even though we were only 4 hours away from one another...I hated it!!! But he we were both younger than...I dunno if that's what made it so bad...but I prefer to have my significant other close to me so that I can see him in diff moods and seasons...

  10. @P.E.T Projects, lol, I can understand your sentiment. It was a rude shock to me too that I could ever stop the subscription. Hopefully, I wont have to pick it up again. I learnt never to say never from the experience tho'.
    @Blessing, ahh!! what would I not do to have him just 4hours away from me?..**sad smile**
    The issue of seeing each other in their element is a big issue for me too. He was us to be engaged but I argue that we do not even know each other enough to take such step, he thinks I have a game up my sleeve...drama, wahala and more drama...**big sigh** Good LOrd help me!


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