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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's Intentional!!!

There are many reasons why I am updating.
1) To do "Ntoi" to the naysayers (who I secretly think deliberately took this stance in order to get this reaction). Hi Atilola and Nma
2) I actually want to
3) There is much to say
4) Why on earth should I need a reason to post on my very own blog? Why?!
5) I can!
6) The stars aligned (stars of time, content, resources (Hi NEPA and SmileCom)).

This year has been very very eventful. A lot of growth...inward and outward. There are certain books that I have read within the past year and half ( or so) which have changed, and are still changing my life.....almost dramatically.

Goals by Brian Tracy

The Secret by Rhonda Bryne

and most recently,

Story Story by Kola Olaosebikan (BTW, whoever knows her,tell her I am a fan!)

I have known for about 4 years or so now, that nothing about my life is coincidental. While I may not be too enthusiastic about admitting it (in certain instances), I know, that all things have been intentional. There is definitely a higher force directing the affairs of my life and helping me out when it is obvious that I have no idea what to do, or how, or when,or where. Before then, whenever events occurred, it was "life happening". Now I know slightly better and I am better off for it.

The summary of all these aforementioned books in a nutshell (as it appeared to me) is simply that "You are what you think ". Isn't it the Bible that says that "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he"? There has not been any other point in my life, when philosophy and theology have agreed, other than concerning this summary. My job is to desire...and think things. The feasibility or logistics is above my pay grade and should not be my concern. Incredibly amazing stuff!

I do strongly believe, that someone, somewhere, is supposed to see this post, be prompted to read 1 or 2 or all, and experience some kind of "a-ha" moment or something. If you happen to eventually read these book(s)and feel/get nothing,worry not, maybe it is not the appointed time for you. I can't tell you how many times I had come in contact or had a chance to read one or two of these books, prior to now, which I didn't take up or pursue. Now I know, that the time and order in which I read each of these books was the ordained time; not earlier, not later....just right! The texts would not have been as profound to me then, as they are to me now, and I am grateful for that....all of it!


The other reason for this post which I failed to mention earlier is that Lola tagged me in this award. And we all know now, that I am a sweetheart (if you don't, then you need to read this post). I don't want to have to relinquish this sweetheart position so I decided to get right on doing the needful. More so, who doesn't like an award?! Certainly not me!

1. What is your biggest pet peeve?
I am largely accommodating. I have many pet peeves. Circumstances determine which of my pet peeves becomes the biggest at that point in time.

2. What does your last text message say? 
On which of my lines (I'm Nigerian, duh!)? Ok here goes:
"Wow, Get unimaginably low rates to US, Canada, India, China and UK (Fixed). Recharge with N500 &dial *170*25# to get 50% off"
Glo is bae! *mops lone, baeless tear*

3. Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and coke? Which do you prefer?
Nna men!! These days if I am taking soda, it is because I need the sugar rush. I haven't given thoughts to which I prefer,but I do believe that Coca Cola is more readily available, now that I think about it.

4. Make a confession about anything.
I have been told that I snore while sleeping. I don't believe them.

5. Name one item on your bucket list
*scratches head* Is it a sad/bad thing that I do not have a bucket list?

6. If you were another person would you make friends with yourself?
Ez like you didn't read my previous post here. You tell me, wouldn't you make friends with me? *Flips hair*

7. What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex, boyfriend, husband, potential?
Lmao!!! As per, Lioness!!! At the risk of sounding vain, I do not...have not have/had to lure the opposite sex. Lure them into what exactly anyway? A romantic relationship? Sex? You either like me or you don't! If I have to force you to like me, that places the burden of sustaining that "likeness" on me. We all know I am too lazy for alladat. Aint nobody gat time/energy for that!
I don't know, maybe lure is a strong word.
This was such a funny question to answer!

8. What do you want to know about the future?
I don't want to know about the future. I have confidence in Him who owns the future and I am now aware that I can think/verbalize them into existence. So, I really look forward to how my thoughts/desires will be exponentially delivered. *does birdman hand rub*

9. What would you change about your experience in secondary school
Maybe I would not have swapped schools when I did. But then again,everything is intentional. Upon changing schools, a new level of academic excellence (which I didn't even know existed) was unlocked.

10. Scary movies or happy endings?
It depends on the time of the day and the day of the week, biko.  I am an equal opportunity movie-watcher.

Lola, thank you very much for the award.

Ladies and Gentlemen, per usual, the award came with rules: Here are the rules
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site;
  2. Put the award logo on your blog;
  3. Answer the ten questions sent to you;
  4. Nominate five blogs;
  5. Make up ten new questions for your nominees to answer.
So, I hereby tag:
Chantel Martha
And for good measure, a 6th person, 9jaGreat

My questions:
1. What is your secret weapon to lure the opposite sex, boy/girlfriend, husband/wife, potential? (hahahahaha, for the heck of it)
2. What was/is a major deciding factor in your choice of career?
3. What was/is a major deciding factor in your decision to be with or not to be with your current significant other?
4. What does the colour "black" represent to you?
5. Toinlicious vs HoneyDame, who is saner (Aha, now you gotta read both blogs!!!)
6. Novels or Movies?
7. Your favorite season of the year is?
8. The 8th Wonder of the world should be ___________
9. How many of your current friends were made in elementary/primary school?
10. Do you believe in the power of thoughts?

Now humming Travis Greene's "Intentional"


Saturday, September 5, 2015

What Makes HoneyDame Lovable?

You didn't know I was lovable? Good morning to you too!

I saw this post earlier on my juicing inspiration’s blog the other day and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind since then.


What makes HD lovable?

I am lovable? I am thinking of myself as being lovable? Such narcissism!

Google Image

So, am I actually lovable? Just like Seember, I had…and am still having difficulties answering this question.

Perhaps I am lovable. Sometimes.

I like Seember’s categorization so I will lean towards that style too.

My Mother: I am a lot like her. This is both a good and a bad thing. But as far as she is concerned, I think this means that I can easily understand her, even without words. This also means that she trusts that I will be on top of any task that she has assigned to me or that needs to be done. There was a part of me that had wondered if my tendency to get things done is borne out of my “middle-child-syndrome”, hence the need for me to want to compensate or gain relevance by being the more reliable one (to a large extent). But I have since seen that just like her, I like to get things out of the way as soon as I can afford to (for my peace of mind, mainly). She has also thrown the word “considerate” around a lot of times.

My Siblings:  I am not even going to attempt to vie for the title of “World’s Best Sister”. My take on “siblinghood” is a bit damaged. My family set up is a bit unusual, but I love my siblings, all of them, in many different ways. However, from my experience, strong ties just because of blood relation is not a given, especially at the latter parts of our lives. It is what it is. In view of that, much as I;d ideally like for us to remain close-knit and one big happy family, I don't make demands of them. I let them decide how much of themselves they want to give away. Despite this, my communication lines are always open. Everything and anything can be up for discussion. So, I’d say that my siblings find me approachable and low maintenance and that’s probably why they love me. I’m also a largely friendly/fun person. Wait, Clan, you guys love me right?!

My Inner Caucus: I have to admit, as far as this category is concerned, I am probably more blessed than a blessing. In spite of that fact, I suspect that my most endearing characteristics to this group of people are probably my sense of humor and my accommodating mien. I am a “long rope giver”. Again, I am low maintenance and usually undemanding. I'm not a fussy or forceful person. I let you choose how much information you want to give, how close you want to be (I must be willing to be close to you too, by the way, but I let my people set their paces) and adjust as needed. We don’t have to talk every day or night, but I am there when you need me.

Google Image
Acquaintances: Well, when I am in my element, I can be quite fun to be around. That works most times. I also tend to have a high threshold for crap most times. So, it takes a while before I severe associations.

Co-Workers: I have gotten feelers that I am perceived to be approachable, knowledgeable, reasonable and fair, for the most part. They know that while I may not have the answers for them, I will steer them along the path of the answer (the much that I know). Again, I am not sure that this is a good thing, as I am currently in a position where I am not supposed to be humane or reasonable. LOL.

Men: This one is a laughable category. I don’t know which man “loves” me from the one who “loves” me. I mean, have you seen me?! I’m all that and a bag of chips, what is there not to love? *Flips hair*  LOL.
I have gotten varied and sometimes contradictory pulses from this category. I have had the word “fair and reasonable” thrown at me a couple of times. There has also been “intelligent”, “open”, “easy to talk to”, “real” etc etc but I have also heard “uptight”, “difficult” and “unapproachable”. But I  digress, we are keeping it positive, yeah?

One-off Contacts: My default mode is friendly but very lane-conscious.

On the whole, I know that I am a very patient person when it comes to relationships, all of them. I believe strongly in natural progression so a lot of people feel comfortable with that. Also, I may bitch, and moan, and rant, but I still hold on. I hold on until I feel fully convinced to let it go. The letting go eventually usually occurs in different stages of demotions. By this time, I must have tried all within my power so that it doesn’t get to this point.

An interesting addendum to this is that I also fortunately happen to have a semi-forgetful mind. I don’t believe in burning bridges. So this means that even after letting go, after a while, the lines may be open again. I hardly ever close off completely. Not so much because I don’t remember that the situation was stressful in time past, but more because I have probably forgotten the details of the stress, so, I may be willing to mount again. I am told that this may be synonymous with forgiveness, but I dare not lay claims to being that magnanimous.

Now, this post has brought me to a place of self-awareness and that makes me very interested in what your thoughts are of me. Ehn, I agree that I have shortcomings, let’s save those for another post, maybe the next.

P.S: Is this enough penance for being away for so long? I'm forgiven? Awwww, Thank you! :*

Those of you who know me, please feel free to remind me of my other awesome traits. Flourish in the comment box!

I highly encourage you to do your version of this post. When you do, please linkback here or drop a comment with the link on this post and Seember's.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

2014 in Hindsight

2014 review

Can you tell that I didn't type that with a straight face? 2014 review in April 2015? Heck yeah!!! Who says I can't?
Can you also tell that I am trying to use "ògbójú" for you?


Truly, never say never! I didn't think I'd be that blogger who would abandon her blog for months...almost a year, innit?
I am ashamed of the posts I 'refused' to let past my head. Some were borne out of pure, unbridled laziness, some I can't even explain why the heck they never got written down, but I can tell you that it's not like my life has been without events.

Anyhoo, let's quickly see how well I did with my 2014, sebi I reported myself to you people in this post? Oya bring out your pens and papers to score me:

Punctuality: I made pointed efforts... Some were a hit and some were a miss. Again, still a work-in-progress. Oh, but I do remember this one time when it was Toinlicious who kept me waiting, for hours, like a bride/groom whose spouse developed cold feet on the wedding day. Well, the gentleman she brought along + the Chinese meal we had + the twin babies who wouldn't stop freaking Toin out by smiling at her all-meal-long, totally made up for it. Oh wait a min, she hasn't told you this story yet? My apologies. Wait a min, this happened in 2015 - consider this part an "advance 2015 review"

Health: see ehn! 2014 was a very lovely year health wise! I can't even remember if I caught anything other than my occasional bouts of flu. My fitness resolution didn't play out very well until around November. I wonder if this is a good time to say between then and now, I have gotten 22lbs lighter. I have the Cambridge diet plan to thank for helping me jump-start that movement. And then there is GBBlog giving me juicing life recently. I mean, I couldn't recognise myself when I felt too lazy to crunch on cucumbers & carrots, and chose to juice them instead with some other stuff.  And then there is Antabobo's weight loss Insta journey steady inspiring me! She recently started blogging here and I suspect she may touch on that part once in a while. I started taking walks because of her but I have since stopped that aspect when someone put the thought of me getting kidnapped in my head. Times are hard biko. Ain't nobady gat ransom money inna mi house.
My edges... See ehn, that one deserves a post of its own. Edges not so great but at least I retained hair length! Glory!
And then, my nailsssss!!! People of God, I made it! I think I can categorically say (without my oga at the top saying something else), that I bite my nails no longer! Ask Toin, I have caught her one too many times glaring lustfully at my lovely talons. Tehehehehehhehe. I can't even lie, my inner beauty got a promotion. A mean, I raise holy hands in church without hesitation now. God is real yo!
Grow some balls: lol...I did. I had my moments. Cut off some relationships, put some in their rightful places. Made peace with the fact that I may not be to others what they are to me and others may not be to me, what I am to them.....and, it's OK, really!

L.I.V.E: I can't say that I didn't try and I can't say it didn't yield results. It may not have been as much as I wanted to but hey, I still have about a century ahead of me.

Let go and let God:  Jesus loves me, warts and all, this I know. He's still working on me.

P.S: I am suspicious of Toin. I dont know how she has managed to get mentioned so many times in this one post. More so, I dont like the way she's looking at me right now. Oh! I think it is because I am typing this post from her laptop. Help me tell her Thank You!

Not to sound cliche, but I did miss this place. I intend to be back for real this time, so help me God.
Now tell me what you guys have been up to!!! Which of you got married, kids, heartbroken, a cat, a dog etc?!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

PSA: The Story of Yoboro

I know....I seemed to be doing better and POOF, off the radar I went again. I have no excuse really. Forgive me and receive me with open arms....ok, maybe one open arm, yet again.

Let me quickly tell you about Yoboro though.

Everyone was out of the house, save for Ma Petrillo and I. As a background, we moved into our current location about 10 years ago, when the area was still more "foresty" than habitable for humans. But over the years, expansion and gentrification have smiled upon our area and the "foresty" days are like folktales. In all those years, we had contended with snakes, scorpions, alligator/some other big lizard, amongst other animals whose habitats we had invaded, but never had we had to contend another human being.

On this unforgettable Sunday morning, I had forced myself to fall asleep around 1am in order to be able to make it in time for a 7am Church service without looking like something the cat dragged in. I woke up around 5:30am to pee and that was when I noticed that a (sliding) window in my room had been open about 5 inches. I rolled this around my mind for a while and when I couldnt rationalize it, I filed it under "perhaps I did this unconsciously". The plan was to head back to bed for another 30 minutes before giving up on the sleep completely. I had barely been back to bed for 5 minutes when I heard Ma Petrillo shouting my name. For a while, she had been sleeping in the living room. According to her, the living room is better aerated.

I was grumbling at the fact that she was waking me up by shouting several feet away from me until she uttered the words which heralded the fear I lived in for weeks after this Sunday; "We have been robbed".
F-I-A-M......sleep cleared from my eyes as I ran to where she was.

Our house had been broken into and raided while WE SLEPT THROUGH THE ORDEAL!!!!
LOL...I laugh about this now, but really...it wasnt even remotely funny. Thankfully, we were both fine. I'd like to regale you with the theatrics involved but the short of the story is that our fence was scaled, sliding nets were torn from outside, burgalry proof was pounded out from outside, and access was gained into the house by so doing.

Bottom line is this, since we are living in Nigeria, we cant be cautious enough! Lock your sliding windows for the night, unplug and stow away handy electronic appliances for the night (tablets, laptops, phones) and most importantly, cover the 4 or 8 or 10 or \infty corners of your house with the BLOOD of JESUS. Because day by day, these people get more and more sophisticated and let's not even discount the use of jazz or chemicals!  I mean, how possible is it that 2 grown adults slept through the pounding out of a burglary proof?!!

Obviously, a lot of things could have gone wrong but thankfully, other than a few items stolen and some psychological and mental confusion left in the wake of the ordeal, nothing else was in jeopardy.

Please dont even get me started on the Nigerian Police Force.

This country is just not it!
We generate or own power supply
our water
pay for our health services........ I dont know precisely what works.

Yet, we dey here, singing "e go better"

I guess as long as there is life, there has to be hope, abi nor be so?

Meanwhile, this post on Nitty's blog is making my leg shake unto this my desire to have twins matter. In all of my thinking of having twins...I had never even given thought to the potty trainning part. I can imagine how hard it will be with just one baby....not to mention 2! Chukwu biko!!!
Since we are still on that matter, biko, how do you breast feed twins. Do you tell the first one "hey, dont suck too much, you need to remain some for your twin"? or do they get the memo from heaven?
Infact, thinking about caring for two babies at a time just gave me a headache.

Wait a minute, people actually birth triplets, and quadruplets and quintuplets!!!!!

Please, I am out of here!

Mothers of multiples, I  want to hear from you!!

Oh, sorry, I forgot to say "Yoboro" is the name we coined for the "skillful" perpetrator of burglary and theft.

And my heart swells for SisiYemmie for being the poster child for LDRs (Long Distance Relationships). God bless your home, darling!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My 3am Bread and Akara Meal


It started as a dull ache/pain/throb on one side of my big toe. My elasticity for pain is quite high. Pain is welcome, to an extent. It means I’m human. I thought it’d go away by itself. It didn’t. A few days later, I probed it, something came out. I’m my mother’s daughter. We try to sort things out by ourselves before bothering others. I applied pressure till it bled out. It was beginning to seem like a wound. I rationalized that I probably hit it against something. I wasn’t unable to walk so, life went on. It went on until I realized that 3 weeks after, this wound hadn’t healed. There was a progressive blackening around the edges too.

Was I diabetic and didn’t even know it? I had heard stories of how people would have small wounds which would continue to expand and ended up having to amputate a part of their bodies..sometimes because of undiagnosed diabetes…and in other cases, they’d have known

Was I about to die?

Why hadn’t this small and simple wound healed in 3 weeks?

 I figured it was a good time to head to the clinic and I did. First prognosis had me taking a tetanus shot and directions to take antibiotics for a few days. 2 days later, nothing seemed to have changed so back to the clinic I went. 2nd prognosis, by a different doctor, saw me ending up with a toe-nail-removal procedure. It was an ingrown nail and that was the best solution according to him. My first instinct was, “thank God, it’s not diabetes….take the damn nail out so that I don’t have to take a toe out!”. 

I won’t bore you with how I felt during the procedure or how I already made a mental list of possible surrogates for when I am ready for child bearing. This list was inspired by the pain I was feeling. When all was done, the moment of vanity stepped in:

Oh, that was my finer toe!

Will it grow back?

How long will it take?

Will it grow back normally?

Can I walk? Bla bla bla bla

Doctor assured me it’d grow back….he said in 3weeks. In retrospect now, this is funny.
I had it dressed and again, life went on. Or so I thought until I needed to dress up to go to the gym and realized that there was no way I could wear my sneakers. Until I turned an acrobat, trying to take a bath without getting the toe wet. One leg on the wall, balance on the other leg…scrub….twist to scoop water, pour carefully…..all day every day. Until I started balking at having to take night showers because of the logistics of not getting the toe wet. Until I realized how slim my options were in footwear choices. Until the thoughts of risking being stepped on alone was enough to induce migraine-like headaches. Mundane things that I had always taken for granted.

A few days after, punishment-glutton that I am, I went on Google to see what I could find. I ended up depressed. The regrowth of the nail is not a given. Its proper regrowth is definitely also not a given. Did my doctor mention 3 weeks?  LOL…. Most information online said 1 year for full regrowth. 

I felt depressed.  You know those dresses you wear knowing fully well that the look isn’t complete until you slip on a pair of nice close-toed pumps? Well, according to Google, I have to re-orient myself to completing them with open-toe flatees. I haven’t been to the gym and if Google is to go by, I may not be going for a while. Fear of infection nko? Realest.

Yesterday afternoon, I saw a lady. Probably just coming back from work. Nice shirt, nice skirt….lovely black pumps. I envied her! I envied her not because she has a job, but because she can choose to wear those shoes. 

And then, Jos happened!

I woke up to a throbbing toe in the night. I probably hit it against something in my sleep or not. Whatever it was, it was a reminder of my mortality. While I cradled my throbbing toe at 3am, I was grateful. I was grateful for the pain. I apologized a bit about my vanity because while I have a chance at the regrowth of my toe nail, over 100 lives lost their chances at life in that market at Jos. While I have a chance at re-growth of the nail, however imperfect as compared to what it used to be, 200 girls might be losing hope at getting anything close to what their lives were before being kidnapped. I'm sure many of them would have gladly taken my "nailess" toe over being blown to smithereens or hacked like wood to death or kidnapped

The 3am wake-up-to-a-throbbing-toe helped me put things in perspective, a little.
I cant walk into Sambisa to get the girls.
I cant face Boko Haram.
But I can use my discomfort/vanity/pain/fear as a point of contact…for those girls….for the families of the deceased….for Nigeria…..for us.......and say a prayer each chance I get.

And beseech you to do the same.

Because while a part of me, s’ope temi (I give thanks for me), and another part of me is still vainly worrying about the regrowth of the nail, there’s still a part of me that remembers that we all are oku to’n sunkun oku (the dead weeping for the dead).

Jos can easily be Lagos in the blink of an eye...or Ibadan...or Port Harcourt.

I have no more words, really.

*plays Asa's Fire on the Mountain till fade*

Monday, April 14, 2014


The Real Problems of joblesnessness Working from Home.

Whooppeeee!!! NYSC was over in February. Don’t even ask me about it. I wasn’t a model Youth Corp member and everything was just a blur. Bottom line is it’s over. Done and Dusted.


May or May Not be HD
Contrary to what I was told….I am not HOT CAKE. I am NOT POPULAR DEMAND. With my “good grades” and “good head”, I have NOT been SNATCHED UP by Deloitte or Addax or KPMG or BAT or Accenture or Phillips or GLO or the likes.


Well well well, unlike some of the bloggers Atilola has been meeting, I’m just another girl from the rapidly-drowning-Nigerian-middle-class with no Uncle or “Unku” in high places. Someone hand me a handkerchief please *sniff sniff*. 

The different politics that play out in labour recruitment processes are best left unsaid. Anyway, that‘s not why I am here/blogging this post/posting this blog. Whatever!

While I am deciding on what next to do with my very bright life, I have been jobless working from home. Y’all know how an idle hand is the devil’s workshop and all. I have been taking on some small small projects like that. Let’s discuss some of the problems inherent in this set-up:

Explaining the difference to most family members:
“Ahnahn! HD! You did not make lunch? Nonsense!!! What have you now been doing at home since morning?! Ehnehn? Se you could not put the beans to boil while you were “working” ni? Mchewwwwwww”


“Oh Gooodness! HD!!!! These clothes I spread on the drying line since 8am are still there by 2pm. Are they supposed to get dry like prawn crackers before you fetch them in? Hian!”


“HD my dear, please I forgot the bag where I keep the registers, at home. Please bring them to me at work. I need them. Bring them fast o” …..as per…you don’t kukuma have work.

Biko nu, can’t we just pretend like I am not here?! Ghost mode please!

Everything calls your name – your government name!
From Telemundo (when PHCN lets) to your bed, to oh Lord! the refridgerator to….everything. Need I tell you how many times I have heard the fridge call me while I’m within earshots “HDchukwu/OluwaHD, come hither”….surprisingly, no matter how many times I open it, additional food items do not miraculously appear…so confusing. Oh well!!! *Shrug*

Explaining why you are dressing up/dressed up:
While this hasn’t yet happened to me (probably never will, since I am a placard-carrying nudist in my house), I can imagine that a jobless “work-at-home-girl” might have some difficulties explaining why she is dressing up to go to her workstation within the house. See, some of these things are psychological. One may want to replicate an office setting within the house for optimal concentration and productivity. One of the ways of replicating the office setting is by dressing up…….. Can you tell that I didn’t type this point with a straight face?

Different names, same problems.

Do I need to spell out that working from home requires some great dose of self-discipline?

Of course, there are perks to joblessness working from home too, but let’s leave that for another post

I discovered a blog…quite new. I love the way she writes.. like monologues. Thinking about her posts is even making me chuckle. Check her out: Keji of Mo'Rounkeji

Toin asked a question in her last post. While I fear for what I may read in the way of comments, I also wish to ask the same question: “What comes to your mind when you think of me? How do I come off on this blog? Tell me what you think about when you hear/see/read me.” Please, TOIN, SNM and COY are exempt from answering this question.

Sincerely, for me these days, the thought of being a paid housewife isnt as repugnant as it used to be.

*image gotten from google*

Friday, March 7, 2014

Disillusioned: The Flag at Three-Quarters Mast

Boko Haram
Scarcity of PMS
PHCN (Electricity-providing company)

I am not sure of which of the above mentioned menace is the most of my problem at this time. All I know is that in my heart, at this moment, my love for Nigeria is at three-quarters mast.

I dont even think I have the energy to be Nigerian right now. This forced optimism, this
image from here

Good night abeg!

Tomorrow is another day..... Another day to wake up, shine teeth, pray for Nigeria and hope for the better. At least, now I have a tank full of fuel in my car...and then some for the generator....but how about those who cannot afford it? How about the ripple effect on prices of essential commodities?

God bless Nigeria

 Heyyyyyyyy!!!! You people did not vote for me to win the Chinchin from 9jaFoodie's giveaway?!!!! You people are not nice AT ALL!!! This realisation has made me even sadder! :( . No light, no fuel, no Chinchin?! No love on these streets, yo!

Coldstone is coming to/now in Ibadan....This makes me happy, somewhat