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Friday, January 21, 2011

Testing Testing

*Sweeping hand gesture*…..With an acute feeling of misery, tender-heartedness and mad love-drunkeness, I reluctantly announce my arrival back to this “gaddamn” country where my heart so doesn’t belong right now.

Ok, let me shed a bit of my emotional baggage and stop being a “beyatch”. I am back Blogsville. As you may have already surmised, it was all that and lots more. I didn’t see all the people I planned on seeing but I did get a smoother adventure than I envisaged.

I have looooooooooooooooooots of gist for you, but first things first. Thank you so much for still dropping by in my absence and even during my MIA/incommunicado days. I am highly overgasted and flabberwhelmed with the nominations and I am running to all I am highly overgasted and flabberwhelmed with the nominations and I am running (in the literal sense o) to all your blogs to do the needful.

I will be back with all my naija gist so DON’T TOUCH THE DIAL…(wait, isn’t that supposed to be for t.v stations?.........whatever, shall come back sha) :)


  1. Welcome back. I am sure you had a great holiday and you finally saw YY.

  2. YAY!!!! Welcome back boo!!!! I want gist! I want gist!!!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Welcome back and Happy New Year!

  4. *laughing*..welcome back sweetie!...such missed you & also your yarns oo..hehehe...thank GOD for safe journey to fro. So am waiting patiently for you to offload your emotional baggage & begin the gist!..*wink*

  5. Welcome back. I'm not touching the dial... just make sure u don't keep us waiting for too long :D

  6. Thanks all, don't worry, it wont be long. Lemme just get my acts together

  7. Welcome back dear, but dish on the gist abeg, lol...


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