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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Finally Stylish and Versatile

I am very overgasted and flabberwhelmed with the comments on my last post. Thanks for the congratulatory messages....You are the best...and did I spy Emeka Amakeze there?! Ha, better days are here!

Now to the crux of the post, I think I have done this before, but I am definitely not aversed to sharing more.
Big thanks to Priscy, Deolascope, Toinlicious, Barby1923, CherryChatter, DestinyYNC and Missy Tee for awarding me.
I am amazed by how much I have managed to put off doing this which leads me to the first thing about me I wish to share:

1)     I can sooo procrastinate. It is a major vice of mine. I have been trying all my damned best to reduce the intensity. So far, maybe little progress has been made. But the confusing part of it is that once I decide to be up and doing, I am like a bulldozer, I just go and you better not get in my way! This leads me to my second peek-a-boo.

2)     I am a bunch of contradcitions. This manages to make itself evident in everything I do. YY thinks I am a pessimistic realist, some others think I an optimistic realist. At least, there is a concensus in that I am realist. I always have the urge to attempt exploring possible turnouts of an action and sort of develop a plan B, just in case. It doesnt always work , but for the most part, it has worked for me because I end up getting unsuprised by the end results of certain actions. I think it is all Mama Mia's "fault". You see, she pretty much was the only who brought us up and she is a bbbbbiiiigggg realist. So I dont know how differently I could have turned out since I grew up hearing stuff like "I will come and pick you guys up from school, but just in case, here is some money for transport fare if I am not able to make it down here." She is very big on diversification of everything. I dont think there is anything about her that goes straight without some "iyana" (branches). I always have a problem filling out assessment forms, eg, my housing form for China. I was asked to describe myself and I said "I can be extroverted, yet introverted, organized yet disorganized.....etc." because this is indeed true. And I hate a situation where I would not be able to defend something that I have said, so it is better I give you all the possible scenarios. I can't explain it but it all makes sense to me.

3)      I dont know how to keep still when I hear "good" music. Every (work) morning and evening is guaranteed entertainment for my easily amused chinese co-commuters on the bus. Since I don't understand any announcements, I just plug in my earphones and I off to Naija land. By not keeping still, I dont mean that I Kaffylise or Jacksonise myself on the bus o, but the not so subtle head-bobbing and neck sliding coupled with subtle hips swaying count as dancing, aye?

4)      As far as music goes, I am very biased to Naija music and then Carribean music. I know some of you are thinking "before nko?" You will be amazed at the number of Nigerians who pick western songs over Nigerian music, not that anything is wrong. I think this is partly because as far as Western music goes, I have a hard time even deciphering what they are saying. All that nasal tinzz....abeg abeg! So when I hit a Nigerian club or Nigerian event, please please and please, stick to the theme because refusal to do so makes me want to slap the DJ upside down!

5)      In line with that, some years ago, I was sure that I had been switched/imported at birth. I had this maddd love for Jamaican culture/people., not that I knew jack about them. I just loved them and I was sure that I was Jamaican at birth. I even went as far as friending several of them on hi5. Speaking of which, does that site still exist?
         However, moving to the States has changed that. I still like them but not enough to wish I was one at birth though I can still like to have the winding blood infusion. Those girls are by default low-weisted-body-twisting people...maka y!

6)       These days, I am pretty sure that I am a South South babe....forget that I am full bloodied Yoruba...Something must have happened at birth. Ok, there is a logical explanation. I was born of South South blood, but conceived in Jamaica and delivered by a Jamaican midwife........in my first life. I can't explain it (I can't seem to be able explain anything). Something about those people just feels like home to me. I am almost sure that if I will marry a Nigerian, it will be South Souther! Even Mama Mia has resigned to fate.

7)       Still on South South tinzz, I am a polygynist. I am mentally married to Timaya, but soon to demote him to 3rd husband is Duncan Mighty. My gawd! Great things are happening in that part of the world! Kilode? 9ice and Asa still have keys to my heart anytime but I just discovered Duncan Mighty (apparently my head has been buried in sand for a long while). I feel something special between us so if you know him, please tell him that he is under mental-marriage-lockdown...#teamWeneMighty# PET Projects, I picture you shaking your head at my choice of music....hehehehehehehe. In my 3rd husband words, I don't give a shot if your ikebe dey shoot catapult! You dont know what I mean? Ok check this, 

8)        I am not really an adventurous person but I could be quite daring. I am very comfortable within my comfort zone but once in a while, I get out. It has been interesting but I know for a fact that I have to be hit with a stick on the head, threatened with a life without "good music" and stuffed in a bagco bag before I try to go and live in another country alone without understanding the language. an example of the daring me was me going bald (African Queen style) several years ago. I had some Brenda Fassie ish going on at that time and might I say I rocked it too. I refused to go to this middle-of-nowhere-mountain-adventure with some friends here a few weeks ago. They speak a reasonable amount of Chinese but the trip wasnt organized by the program, they organized it by themselves with none of them having been there before. They were going to climb this mountain and see the sunrise and set.....You say wetin? abeg abeg, that kain thing is not my cup of tea. But below, you will find an example of my cup of tea...as if I don't attract enough attention, I decided to go golden/auburn (I don't even know the name).
So henceforth, for a brief while, you may call me the Black Ginger.

Oh, I sent a picture of the new hairstyle to my pet brov (from here) and you know what he said?
"Is there a carnival?"...you see why that boy can never be promoted from being a pet?

So I am going to feign ignorance at having a list of 8 instead of 7 and just pay this forward to the following super-fantastic blogs. I understand that some of you may not be able to partake in it due to the nature of your blogs but I just wanted to let you know that I just discovered your blogs and find them stylish and versatile.

Sasimalia - Super talented Sasimalia organized everything about her wedding..yes you read right...from the decoration to the cooking! I am still in awe.

Martha - Unlike me, she is definitely not hiding. She is out there and full of news.

Sasimalia - This is her other blog. The sizzling part of her url should give you hint. If it hasnt, let your tastebuds and nose lead you there.

Tunrayo - I am still in the proces of acquaiting myself with this musican-in-the-making missy.

Yolii - A lady with an exotic heritage...and she loves to do her nails herself! Fashionable and sassy, she seems to be.

Buzzer - She gives you a brief look into her life. I get the sense that it is more a journal of her corporate life but it is too early for me to say. By the way, she (as well as I) needs some business ideas. So head over and let's rub minds..(as if you people will tell us business ideas!).

Che - Let Che take you through her experience as a female banker. You know how stressful bank work is in Nigeria so head over to hers and show some blog-love.

Shereen - Let's just say I am getting the vibes of fuuuun times on this blog. It is exactly as the url says, the blog has a heartwideopen...#nuffsaid#

Okeoghene - I am yet to fully catch up on this woman but I have an inkling as to what to expect....the unexpected! I mean, what else can I say about a woman who eloped with her husband to get married and while she and hubby celebrate anniversary in April, people congratulate them about 8months after..You dont understand? Head over to hers!

Amaka - Oh Amaka, she has this really wide imagination and asks some thought provoking questions..sometimes they are hilarious too e.g what do you do when you erroneously slap your boss' butt while trying to slap off an ant? Me I dont know about you o but something about it is "thought provoking".

Oyindamola - This blog is deep..no other way to describe it. I found the posts on UNILAG very nostalgic. You should check them out.

Michael Onobote - I love to read from Nigerian male bloggers. It is highly refreshing that the blog is also not about stereotypical male stuff like libido and getting girls (rolls eyes). I sense lots of substance and standard in the way he writes.

Inyamu - Apart from the fact that I think she is drop-dead-gorge, I love the way she writes too. Oh, the sarcastic humor vibes I get from some of her posts have me holding my sides too.

TravelBuff - Need some pointers on your proposed trip? Or needing inspiration for a vacay/holiday? This seems to be a correct one-stop.

Miss Enigma - She is apparently a veteran blogger and I am still wondering how I had managed to miss her on my radar for so long....fun stuff happening on that blog.

The Rule: Link the person/people who awarded you
                  Write 7 things/facts about you
                  Award 15 new blogs you discovered and find a way to inform them

I open to discovering more blogs so if I am yet to get to yours, please leave a comment.


  1. I am so with you on #3,4 and 5!

    As for Duncan Mighty, you need to wait in line my dear because he has been betrothed to me for almost 2 years!

  2. You!!
    #3 - I nearly wrote about my head bopping and hip swaying instanta response to good music..lol
    #4 - If you don't understand the nasal twangs , come I 'll explain. just saying. Naija music dey gimme headache if played more than twice. Well most.
    Nice hair o jare. Is YY south south? Wonder wonder wonder wonder....ala Femi Kuti

  3. You sound like a very fun person to be around. I think moving to China is very adventurous for anyone, lol..

  4. im guessing the carnival hair would increase the likelyhood that the chinese would definately want to take pics with you.

    p.s. i would be homesick if i had to move to a country like China, where i cant seem to interact with too many Nigerians.

    p.s.s i must admit, im one of your followers that dont comment often, though i read you blog alot more often than i comment. its a bad habit of mine.

  5. LOL
    RE: No 6...when you mentioned 'South South' I thought you meant Deep South America!
    Your list makes you seem like a real fun person

  6. lol at how u described me.afi musician-in-the making na.

    anyhoo, i will try my best to do dis as well on my blog sha. interesting stuff u got here.

    oh yea i am one of those who prefers western music to naija. i like some naija songs too tho.

    i'm speaking off key...good nyt dear.

  7. Thanks for the award and the kind words... i'm pretty sure my dark self went all pink when i read the good stuff. God bless you loads.

    I used to be a number 2, i think i still am or not... this things get confusing:)
    It's a brave thing you did... moving to china.

    i once flew with timaya on an abuja-lagos flight, i thought he looked good and had a momentary crush on him...i got over it soon enough:p

  8. You got me from smiling to laughing. You're just a natural fun person. ahn ahn! I mean who relocates to China.

    Thanks for the award and as for the comments...went a long way.

  9. you sound like a free spirited person. I used to do 1 too a lot. It was soooooo bad, but i'm better now. I'm with you on 3. Once i hear a nice song, i sing along if i know it, or i tap my feet and bump my head. lol @ "that kain thing not been your cup of tea". Wetin dey fear you babe. Free your spirit and soar like an eagle. :-). I wouldn't have gone with them ooo. I can see the sunrise and set from my balcony. :-D
    Thanks for the award dear. It means a lot to me.

  10. lol........you really sound like a fun person.
    as in yu really shaved all your hair? hmmm..........dont think ill ever get around to doing that

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. ol Honeydame, what in the world could be thought provoking about slapping ur boss on the butt??? No 'provoke thought' for ur oga bum bum,i no dey ooo. lol. i get ur drift big time on the 'I can be extroverted, yet introverted, organized yet disorganized' part. that is kind of the way i'd describe myself too.
    Muahhhh for naming me one of the stylish and versatile you have discovered. You are DA BOMB!!I could say 'love u' right now but i wont. lol

  13. lol. That head shaving somthing, i would love to try but i dey fear say the hair will neva grow again. The history of my hair is a post for anoda day. I have literally been having a bad hair year(wateva dat means)

    Still lmao@ Kaffylise or Jacksonise but i gerropoint. I do dat too. Even my boss knows not to mess with me & my music.

    I totally get ur #1 & 2. I think ur #2 explains ur #8. ur just full of contradictions which is major fun cos pple'll neva know wat to expect. Lurrrved reading about u jare:-)

  14. lol...I could imagine doing a personality thesis on you.
    lol@mental marriage...how u take think that kain thing?

  15. Thank you! Ill write the post asap.. But im still a bit sick (have a cold) ... Intresting facts about you.. I'm one of those "traitors" hahaha.. Funny thing is, I'm so used to listening to West Indian music and I have trouble understanding what they say in afro beats.. (read: I dont understand it at all) .. Oh well.. Have a lovely evening xx

  16. looooool at kaffylise, o wa funny sha, Just like me I love my comfort zone so much, my Dad even tells me to try new things, lol..
    Yay!!! to south south, teamwenemighty oh!!!

  17. i LOVED reading this..i swear we are alike with # 1-3,then 4 just that only naija music and 7 i have been planning on coloring my hair for the past 3months but i will probably do it after i get my next relaxer...hehe,this is sooo nice :D

  18. pheww! just finish checking out the bloglist..interesting blogs :-)
    LOL @ 5... I like the black ginger look tho..

  19. Thanks for the compliment, but omg.. you shouldn't!! I just put clip-ons in hun.. easy peasy but im too lazy to do it everyday.. Take Care & have a great night xx

  20. OMG....thanks to pieces!!....and, i can completely relate to #1

  21. LOL @ #5, but as far as most of them, I think we share a lot in common :)

  22. thanks love for the award.but try and increase ur font before i go completely blind,lmao i already wear an extra two eyes o i don't want to add more to it.

  23. You're hilarious!And i love the fact that you write the way someone (you?) would sound speaking

  24. i thot i commented
    liked your random post...

  25. So I'm just seeing this! X_X Thanks for the award hun! Will try and get to it soon...:)


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