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Monday, October 11, 2010

Testing 1,2.....3

***Singing*** Introducing, to you now, HoneyDame!!!!
I must say I find this extremely errmm... disconcerting. You ask me why? I have had friends who blog and have made a solemn promise to read their blogs once in while (whenever I can afford to), without having one myself. I bet you are wondering who forced me, my people, ko kuku si anybody to force mi o ( nobody forced me), the blogbug has finally caught up with me, bitten me and overtaken me.
Ok... a few facts, some fun, some not...I am a student.. I am a warm-blooded-drop-alive-gorgeous-heterosexual-naija-chic. I am definitely not your average blogger, becos I come here,not with some pre-conceived idea of what this will be about. However, it is a promise, my life is evry eventful. I am very sure things will definitely be coming up once in a while. That said, letz get this show on the road....


  1. You're welcome to blogsville, feel free to rant, provoke thoughts, LOL, LMAO,hiss,etc etc as much as you want cos up in here.... there are no rules, hence, no sins

  2. @P.E.T Projects, Thank you. It has been so much fun so far..

  3. awww u came around the same time i did. lol

  4. Kitkat, yes babe, except you shot up way farther than I did! Blame it on my laziness

  5. So this is where it all began...ok now


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