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Monday, October 11, 2010

Facebook Decorum

    Uhm... I am not about to launch into how much havoc facebook has wrecked or  how many relationships it has built. The koko of my confusions lies more in the "social codes" of facebook. The other day, I was on my own jeje. This person sent me a friend's request. I saw that we had mutual friends and I thought, "I am not too sure if I don't know this person, let me accept and then check out the pictures". Needless to say that got me in more wahala than I bargained for. So I added ma guy o and totally forgot about this transaction. A few days ago, I am online ( which I rarely ever am) and so is this dude. He goes "Hi" and I go "Hello". Trust me...kiakia, I jumped on his profile to know wot's up. Lo and behold, I see a comment that says something about Dude getting married secretly...(well, maybe not secretly, but definitely without this person's knowlegde sha)... I decide to call upon my Sherlock Holmes impression and went on to older posts. At least, if you are an avid FBer and are getting married, there will sha be some tell tale signs?..lailai... not for dude..Walahi, I searched and searched , I no find.
    Anyway, dude wants to strike a conversation with me. It is my polite day so I decide to be courteous. He then says he would not mind knowing more about me and that gets me wondering......Where is the charm? Se even if you want to get fresh with me, na the first time wey me and chat na hin I go give you a full Bio without much goading. So me I just say, sorry o, I don't roll that way. Dudes says so "why then did you accept the friend request?".Chei! still polite, I answer, saying "I dont think it is too late to remedy that." Guy finish me!!!! Counters me by saying "It will be my pleasure." And before I can say Jack Robinson, I see the prompt "Add as Friend" on his profile. I guess you are confused now, considering that Guy was not even rude to me. I just wonder,human beings sha! Friend from somethng somethng years ago, if I dont accept your friend request (cos I cant recollect the face),please, dont be upset o. Just send me a message becos Dude has put me off accepting some friend requests............................###justsaying###


  1. Lmao...people can be funny at times..

  2. lol. saw ur comment on linda ikejis blog im eshan too!

  3. @ Onose, Lol.. I am assuming you that you are referring to the Cecilia Ibru Story.. I am actually not Eshan "genetically" but believe me, that was the eshan in me coming out..shout out to all small n big eshans!!!

  4. Oh wow...wst a jerk! hissssssssss

  5. @Blessing, I know right!!! I began to question myself as far as accepting friends request after this episode...I agree with the jerk aspect tho'

  6. Woah...'dude' needs an overdose of chill pills lol.
    He fails to realize that not everyone is a maga to just give out their information to everyone!
    Good riddance in my opinion!
    P.S I don't really accept people I don't know on FB, even if we have 2 million mutual friends lol

  7. People can be soo effing rude. there was dis 1 that i hadn't accepted but he sent me a message and we kept going back and forth, only for the guy to request for my number to which i say not yet, shuo, he yabbed my life en. i jus shake my head comot my mind for the marra

    1. AS IN!!! etire me... I dont even have time for that thing anymore jare....Kent be bothered!


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