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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The World in an Upheaval at the Death of Paul

What is with all this Paul the Octopus this and that? When the Paul the octopus rave started, I did not join the bandwagon. No, I was not trying to prove any point, I am just not a soccer/football fan, hence, I do not generally identify with things associated with it (except my man, of course!) In fact, I always thought the Paul the octopus was actually a human who wore an octopus costume, I was that ignorant (you can blame it on the Facebook application that has a human in an octopus costume to iconize “Paul the octopus”).So imagine my surprise when my yahoo homepage tells me today that Paul the octopus is dead. I could care less actually, but, since I thought it was a human, I proceeded to read the story and find out what happened to him/it.
My people, my jaw dropped, came up, dropped and came up severally. Like seriously, these people actually dedicated time and energy and talent in writing up an article this long for an……octopus?! Guess what, it was even given “human” attributes. For instance,
·         Paul the octopus is English by citizenship/nationality (***Big Grin***I did not know that!)
·         He died of natural causes, though many people feel an autopsy should be done. After all, it is very possible that he was murdered. He was only 2 and half year sold for heaven’s sake! What two year old dies of natural causes after a few months of fame? (Apparently, Paul the octopus, duh!)
·         He was extremely popular and had friends both home and abroad.
·         Did I mention that he was appointed the ambassador to English’s bid to host the 2018 World Cup? (Now, I second that he must have been murdered, otherwise, how could they project that far into the future for him in octopus years…sorry, I forgot we were humanizing him!)
The hilarious parts of it are:
Ø  The Gaelic people do not care if he is turned into humus for the soil or cremated or buried with Winston Churchil, they want to know much a plate of Paul with beer will cost!.....(sounds like my Naija people, during the shark-on-the-Lagos-beach-era)
Ø  Some of the commentators/ commenters/commentees,(get the idea?) remarked on how touching the write-up was and how they cried………***double take*** how they cried?.....Somebody pinch me, but were these people actually referring to the death of Paul the Octopus or did they “mis-post” the comments?
To think I made this story up? Check out for yourself~~~~
PS: Please, if you know any Gaelic person, tell him/her that I am a major shareholder in the remains of Paul. Kindly give the person my email address to contact me for that plate of Paul and beer. Make una no worry, I go shower the blessings for your end.
Remember to smile often today; it takes less effort than frowning!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my story. It pained me that Paul Octopus died on my birthday, but I had no hand in it o..lol...

  2. OMG OMG!!!!!***hyperventilating****...........MW commented on my blog!!!1 You have no idea how ecstatic that makes me feel!!!

  3. HoneyDame, this post of yours is really funny, I am so surprised people did not comment. When Paul died, it was such a busy time for me at work that I did not know what was going on.
    Niways, to be honest, I can't really be bothered cos it does not change the price of pepper in obalende market.

  4. @ilola,...lol...I was hoping it would be funny. I think
    1) Most people read the later posts or
    2) People just dont find it funny enough to leave a comment....lol
    No mind the yeye people o...because of octopus....OCTOPUS!!smh...

  5. lolllll....wait the octopus something was actually real...lol...I neva paid attention...hilarious!!

  6. @Blessing, I am telling you...I was just as surprised as you seem to be!


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