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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hold/Control my Hands, Mouth and Legs, Lord!

Hold my Hands, Mouth and Legs, Lord!
Where is HD (HoneyDame)? asked R
She is asleep, said M
***with voice several decibels lower***   Oh! Can I drop her shoes? asked R
Oh yeah sure! I’ll give it to her when she wakes up, she is always sleeping, dropped M
**Shuffling of feet as R leaves**
A couple of minutes later, I decided to talk,
HD to M >>> What did R want?
M to HD >>> She wanted to drop your shoes
HD to M >>> Ok
This excerpt above is about all it took to set me off today. You see, I live in a 3room suite, sharing a room with another girl, M, and together, we share the suite with 3 other girls, one of whom is R. In as much as I am not too much of a private person, I also can be very private…..confused? Welcome to the club!I think I confuse myself all the time.

Anyway, I had set up our room such that our two desks separate our beds and the room altogether.

The parallel rectangles are our beds, the alternating rectangles are our desks and the divided rectangle by the door contains our closets.
Sorry for the poor photography skills, please bear with me. Anyway, I took the picture to help you develop near-accurate images as you read. So I was on my bed ,M was on sitting by her desk  and R was by the door when this dialogue ensued. Why am I writing about this? Because I am PISSED!!!
In one of my earlier posts, I wrote about YY (my YoriYori J). Overtime, we have fallen into some communication pattern whereby we chat everyday from like 11PM-1AM my time (thank God for BB o). Before the daylight savings ended some weeks ago, it was from 12AM-2AM my time. As a result of this long practice, my body system totally refuses to go to “sleep-mode” before 2-3AM, irrespective of what time I need to be up. M is always long gone in la-la land by the time I am spreading out my bed for sleep (5 out of 5 days) and still under the duvet on 3 days (out of 5 weekdays) when I get up to go to classes.  (For the rest of the two days, we wake up around the same time). Yet she still thinks she has a right to tell me and all who care/don’t care to listen about how I sleep so much! As petty as this might make me sound, I am sure nobody wants to hear someone like this lace every discussion with how much you sleep. In the excerpt above, I keep wondering, was the “she is always sleeping” part of the sentence necessary? I think it is such a condescending statement to make, because each time she says it, I feel like she is hinting at me being lazy or something. Initially, when she started saying this constantly, I would just laugh or shrug it off. But more and more, she had me trying to defend/explain my reasons for catching 1-2 hours of sleep during the day (at nobody’s expense o). One time she said something about my sleeping habits, I responded with “Really, this is coming from you R, who sleeps long before me and wakes up long after I am gone?” You would expect that she would get the message and shush her trap, but mbanu, sarcasm is lost on her! In fact, I think talking about my sleeping habits seem to be her mantra.
Can’t I just give her a piece of my mind? No! You see, when I said I contradict/confuse myself, it wasn’t a joke. Much as I do not like how she just talks talks talks (making talking motion with my hand) about stuff she doesn’t know, I can’t bring myself to blatantly telling her off. I hate awkwardness and that kind of conversation will definitely bring about awkwardness and remember this is someone I am stuck with till the end of the academic year in May. We usually do not have issues. The ones we usually have are petty ones like this. For instance, I have seen her looking at me over her desk severally, I mean, staring! It screams CREEPY!!! Like what could be that fascinating about me? Our towel rack is right by the door, so most times when I go by the towel rack; I feel her eyes on me. I do not know what to interpret this as. When I had this discussion with my friend and my sister, they concluded that perhaps she was scared, curious or just doesn’t know about looking etiquettes. (I am thinking, could she be a lesbo who is still in the closet? ***Shivers***). I mean, it is for reasons like this that I set up our room like that before she came. Oh, did I mention that she is white?
The point of this post is I want your prayers o. Help me pray that I won’t be on hair trigger the next time this chic talks about me in this manner because I cannot guarantee that I won’t summon my caustic tongue, utilize my hand in distributing slaps across her face and top kicks to her rounded rump as dessert. Kí Olórun yà mí ya àsètáńì! (May God take the devil far away from me!)
I am sorry for making this a venting and long post after vanishing for so long. Na school work no gree let me enjoy meself.speaking of which, now that I have gotten this over and done with, I better get my ass to drafting that 15 page paper. So long Blogsville.  :*
Remember to drop a line, 2 lines or an essay (if you are like me) in the way of comments…Ciao


  1. yh. yh.. yh... dnt we all have people like dat who tend to just wano chip in their negative 2 cents about other people. a lotta times, people like that av issues rangin from low self esteem to outright beef and dey resort to constantly demeanin others... their place, nowhere in anyone's mind..meanin shez not worth a penny of thoughts...chikena

  2. No, you didn't mention she was white oooo..*grinning*....hmmmm.....let me start by saying your sketch was good, could already picture it in my head...did i mention by chance am an estate surveyor?.....n-a-y! [shaking my head]....alas! what has this gat to do with my comment sef?....ITK na dey worry me... heheeheee...so as i was saying my dear, YES! saying 'You are always sleeping' means you are lazy jor! in 9ja, mothers use it often to abuse their kids! 'YOU ARE ALWAYS SLEEPING O JARE' no sugar coating or diplomacy here. She is suffering from 'superiority complex' me thinks....you black, she white?... looking at you is more of curiosity...'you must be good-looking' OR 'what's she up to now?'...about the 'leb -thing'...well, you MIGHT be right o...so it's a good thing you did that demarcation & when dressing, don't go around in your birthday suit as we gals tend to do in hostels. I won't want you to confront her becox she might out of bad-belle go complain to the authority on a flimsy excuse & you don't need that! SO MY DEAR, SILENCE IS GOLDEN & THE BEST ANSWER FOR A......, just bear until may next year, & continue to sleep anytime you want to, anybody na no like am, MAKE IM TAKE IM HEAD GO JAM FOR TRANSFORMER!...Take care & goodluck in your studies.

  3. @Anonymous 12.37AM, na so I see am o. Thanks for your 50 cents.:D
    @NG......NG NG!!1 I hail o!!! I don sabi say you no go dissappoint me sha! My sketch is good? Merci **blushing** (oh yh, blacks do blush)
    WOW!!! U neva mention that o....estate surveyor! chei, i wan be like you small when i grow up o. that na course for the efiko na.
    Thanks for the pieces of advise o. i no sabi if them send the girl to me, buh na so so look i go just dey look am sha. Thanks...:)

  4. Wetin you too carry wey dem dey stare at you? Oyibo for that matter? hahah

    Please don't raise your hands against anyone o... it gives you a kind of image you shouldn't be portraying as a civilized person. God will help u.

    First time on your blog. Cam here through NittyGritty's blog.

    - LDP

  5. @LDP, I no carry anything o, except Holy Ghost Fire wey go help me pursue anybody wey look me anyhow.
    I am sure the Lord will control and hold my hands.lol, Thanks, I wont be hitting anybody, it truly doesnt speak well.
    Thank you so much for taking time to drop by, I appreciate it. i hope you had to read the other posts too....Have a blissful one.:)

  6. You can be rest assured I'll put you in my prayers! Abeg, avoid as much as you can and do not let anyone distract you from your studies! God pass them!

    I like your blog!

  7. @Dee! Oh my, Thank you so much. I am sure the prayers will be answered on my behalf. Indeed, God pass them o. Thanks again.

  8. Without sounding like a troublemaker, I have to say that some Oyinbo can provoke sha...... and the bad thing is that when you then react; they will refer to you as 'aggressive' *hisssss*
    Please take it easy and maybe you should give her something to really stare at.
    Next time she stares at you ask her if theres a performance she is waiting for?! :)

  9. I just wanted to drop by your blog and thank you for commenting on my blog. I enjoyed reading this post and I like your blog! It's always tough living with many different personalities, I will keep you in my prayers. Sometimes people allow the devil to use them to make us act out but the Lord will keep you, just stay prayed up!

  10. @Naijamum, abi o. At some point, I factored that in too, the Oyinbo factor, I intentionally deflected the focus on it by mentioning it as a side note, but in the real scheme of things, they are just mostly nosy people...ahnahn!
    ROTFLMAO at your advice...That is definitely an option, I might try it out, for the heck of it. Thank you for following, it swells my heart to see the numbers grow.
    @Dominique, Aww... you are very welcome. I believe commenting on people's post is one of the ideals of this bloggong world. I am glad you like it. Hope to see you here more often and you can bet you wil be seeing me at yours too. Thanks a bunch

  11. you can bet she has already stereotyped you to her friends, you know, black =lazy and be sure that aggressive will enter that list ASAp should you attempt to answer her back in kind.
    God will give you grace..

  12. @betrayedwife, I am pretty sure she has such discussions with her mom esp. There was a day I was siting right there in the room and she engaged her mom in a full-blown conversation about me concerning some other matter!!!Needless to say I was shocked!Amen o... dat grace, I need in abundance...Cant wait for your next update....:)

  13. URG!!! I can't stand roommates!!!! I really think that you should mention it to you sha...cuz that could be annoying...

  14. @Blessing,uhm...I am having a heck of a lesson about co-habitation! E no easy!


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