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Friday, December 24, 2010

Yellow Yellow Xmas…(MTN ad, remember?)

    I am grateful for this season, its significance and the whole “paparazzi” about it. Growing up in Naija, this season was very eventful. In elementary/primary school, it started with the decoration of our classes for father Xmas. Then we visited the father Xmas in his grottos and I can categorically say that my school gave the “bestest” gifts ever! My mother also bought Xmas clothes which I was never satisfied with. I felt she always bought “small geh” clothing. When I became a bit older, I would go and dig out recipes to cook for Xmas and we would have a jolly good time.

    Now the fam is not totally together and it is soooo different. Americans do not really care about that much~ it is all about the sales for them! It is Xmas eve here and I do not feel that special Xmas air I feel in Naija!...Chei…Déjà vu! 

    I take consolation in knowing that New Year will not be the same story for me this year…In the meantime, since most bloggers have run away from blogsville for the festivities…(don’t worry, we kindda  understand)…this is to wishing you a wonderful Xmas celebration and remember that it is not all about the chicken and what-not, make it significant by endeavoring to impact someone’s life positively.

   Still not feeling the season, hit the play button on my play list...:)



  2. Yea I'm not feeling it neither!

    Hope you had a nice one nonetheless!

  3. Awww......@Not feeling the season.... I do understand.
    I re-discovered the Xmas feeling after acquiring god-children and then having my own kids.
    Hearing kids count down the days to Xmas and shriek with excitement everytime they see anything connected with Xmas (Xmas lights, Pantomimes, carols, school mass, nativity plays etc) - has really made me realise that Christmas is best appreciated through a child's eyes!
    Lots of hugs to you xoxoxox

  4. Is it too late to say merry christmas??? I said it already abi?

  5. Is it too late to say merry christmas??? I said it already abi?


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