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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finally, 7 things about me...Stylish & Versatile Blogger Awards

    I know this is a long time coming. I am terribly sorry for the delayed posting and the time lag and everything. I promise to do better next time (as I am hoping that you won’t hold this against me next time). As a rule of the Stylish and Versatile Blogger Awards, here are 7 things about me:

      1)  I have an OCD of brushing before taking a shower. If I am in a rush to go out and someone is by the bathroom sink, I brush in the tub BEFORE taking a shower….can’t explain it.

  2)  I am horrible with decorating. Give me a space, bed, rug, laptop and maybe some novels and I will be one heck of a satisfied chic.

  3)  Also, I do horrible with hair styling. Due to this, most times, I am on braids. And when I am not, within days, it looks like I have a mop on my head.

  4)  I love the idea of aesthetic cooking. Ironically, I cook for taste, never for aesthetics. I am trying desperately now to add a little bit of swagger to my cooking (especially after I painstakingly cooked for YY the other day and he told me it didn’t look palatable, I swear, I could have beaten him upside down!!!   ***story for another day***).

  5)  I never knew it could be this hard to write about myself.

  5)  Ok, numero 5 again. I love languages, but I do not think I am blessed with language acquisition or linguisitics or semantics or whatever-the-heck-it-is-called.

  6)  I (and probably a couple million others) am in love with the good-looking Indian men!!! Dang! I drool after one of my MARRIED professors (making cross sign).

  7)  In as much as (most of) my life is an open book, I am quite private too. Long story short, my life is a bit complicated and fully understanding me is an arduous task as I don’t even fully understand myself yet.

First I give accolades to those who tagged me,

In paying forward this award, I am  tagging

It is a short list because for the others I would have tagged, they have already written their posts on this…..**sad face**, blame it on my lateness…
Thank you, thank you


  1. lol @ no 4...i cook for taste also!

    Tnx for the award.

    an easily satisfied chic with a space, rug, bed & novels...yay!...*hi5* sistah...so with me o!

    it's a pleasure knowing you....oh! i also brush my teeth in the kitchen sink when the bathroom is occupied! :)))

  2. lool.. i luv ur first Number 5 :p
    ..oooh and i'm soo with u on gorgeous indian guys. dunno bout married professors though :p ..i still like my guys young :)

  3. Lool! i brush before I bath too, even when i'm running late for class. my friends just can't understand me. if i ever bath without brushing for WHATEVER reason (its barely happenned), it means i'm not gonna brush that day...the last i can remember was on my sister's wedding day and i was her chief bride's maid.

    nice to read more about u.

  4. LMBO @ #4!!! Plz let's work on that! Gotta keep YY happy!

    Thanks for the award...if you check my archives, I've done a post already :-).

    What's up with the 9ja/YY gist nau? Ur holding back!!

  5. Finally eh? LoL.. I cook for taste too, and that's why you won't see me putting pictures of my cooking on my blog, lol...

    Oya bring gist...

  6. i like this already, and if Myne Whitman is here and Honey Dames, i guess i better get in line.Lol

  7. @NG, lol...nawa for us o!!! It's a pleasure knowing you too...:)

    @Kitkat...lmao...it is just a passing fancy. I do not meddle with er..... married men...I just u know, appreciate Godz work in them, shikena.

    @Beautiful: It's inexplicable, right?....Nice to have you here also.

    @Blessing...rotflmao....yes o..."gotta keep YY happy"...sometimes!!!lol. I am not holding back o. I wanted to get this out of the way before continuing with the YY gist. You can bet there is no stopping me now.*wink wink*

    @Myne: Lol..I think I will begin to assault people's sights with pictures of my cooking henceforth.

    @Dianah...aww thanks, I see you clicked on that nce "follow" button, believe me, that makes me happy. Don't forget to read some of the earlier posts. Myne has been there too..lol. Thanks again.

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Number 4 killed me!!! ohh maa gash!!! you are tooo funny this babe! I did mine already boo! check it out!..:)

  9. chaiii.... I am late ooo. non the less... Thanks for the tag. LWKMD @ nO 4 .... hummmmm... I think as Africans, we put taste before aesthetic. you can do it sha....Let me challenge you to do an aesthetically pleasing/ extremely delicious dish for M.A.C!

  10. @LohiO, Of course number 4 cracked u up na! Sebi you are a "prolific" cook. taste and aesthetics inclusive. ;( I will get there somedayy.....I will...lol

    @9jaFOODie, chei!!!! You are challenging me?!!!!! I will RISE up to that challenge someday soon... vewy vewy soon o!

  11. I like the first no.5..u're one hilarious blogger!

  12. @Nonye, I could say the same of you o. thanks for "revenging"..


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