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Sunday, February 6, 2011

This is My Story 2

For the first part to this story, go here

When we woke up the following day (which if things went according to plan, we would fly out), it still looked as bleak as the previous day. Most flights from JFK had been canceled. There were projections that JFK would re-open by 2:00pm (Our flight was for 4:25). This gave me a glimmer of hope and when we got information that the trains had started running again, we decided to brave going home in that weather. We eventually made it home by like 2:00pm. At this point, it was almost obvious we weren’t going anywhere as the roads still hadn’t been plowed, hence there would be no way  of transporting ourselves to the airport. Eventually, after taking a shower and some random/spontaneous/impromptu/haphazard packing, my sister was able to call one of her “Ayaj” to come pick us up. 

People, there are crazy people in this world. This so called Ayaj is married with children but still wants to play field. My sister would not give him the time of the day hence, when he received a text from her asking for help in getting to the airport, this man LEFT his wife and kids to come get us.**Shaking head in disapproval** I mean, this man had refused to go to work that morning, claiming that it was bad outside, yet it  wasn’t too bad to come to a chic’s aid? Who am I to complain at such display of magnanimity? *Snorts*

Anyway, en-route the airport, sliding and gliding on the snowy ground, we got a call from a friend telling us that our flight had a backlog and they were only flying people from the backlog. In short, we probably would not be able to fly out. We decided to take a detour to one of our Sistah’s house, since it would be remarkably easier for us to the get to the airport from there than from our house. We got there, joked and everything. YY was being updated about all this though and together, we were trying to be optimistic. The following morning, I called the airline and they told me I would not be able to fly out until Jan 4th. I was sitting there thinking to myself, Scuse me?, I might as well cancel this trip= Demise of the love relations between HD and YY, after all, there is only so much physical distance a man can take, right?”

After much harangue, we got cracking to the airport in some ambulance looking van like this. Again who was I to complain? The flight was scheduled for 7pm but guess who didn’t fly out until 9:00am the following morning? At this point, I didn’t even care what time we flew out, provided it was guaranteed that we were going to fly out.

The flight to Istanbul was quite uneventful. The food was as “eeewy” as you can expect and all. The wahala started when we got to Istanbul. Our layover was to be for 12hours. We had been promised accommodation but we weren’t given eventually. Needless to say we had to find something doing for 12 LONG hours. There were highlights tho’. Like some Turkish fellas, actually, the cleaners, calling out to my sister and finding it amusing. Actually, I personally found it amusing too at some point. They kept standing in strategic points and shouting out “Merhaba” meaning “Hi”. I mean, I was sitting there thinking about my predicament and there were this bunch of short and flat-headed bald men shouting out to us in a foreign language!!! One of them had the nerves to come by our table, pretending to clean up, to either
1. Get a closer look at the African wonder
2. Be a nuisance
Here is one of the culprits....short man devil osi!

Either ways, they were drawing unnecessary attention to us so I shouted at them and asked them to keep a distance or I was going to report them to the authorities for “constituting to be a public nuisance”*…..I laugh at myself now*. By the time they called the flight for Lagos, oh boy! I had no idea there were that many Nigerians in Diaspora!!!!

Come and see film show! Loud and Over-Bearing Nigerians!!!!At some point, I had to recall the baggage requirements. Sebi hand luggage consists of a bag that can fit in the overhead and a bag that can fit under the seat? Walai, it must have been that these people could not read, because I saw people with like 3 heavy duty bags!!! Ahnahn!!! They were loud, showy and unnecessarily quarrelsome. All these while, I refused to say anything or identify with any culture. I was almost ashamed of them. And I could notice some people looking at us surreptitiously like they were waiting for us to say something. Eventually, we got on our connecting flight to LAGOS!!!!  Finally…..

>>>>>>>>>>>>>Begins to heave breathes of relief<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

So tell me, what have your experiences been, travelling on a plane filled pre-dominantly by Nigerians? Because for me, that’s another post entirely. :)

**Pulls chair and sits with a plate of buns and a cup of cocoa drink, waiting to read your comments of course**


  1. Lool! i went home for xmas too and it was jst as eventful :p
    first, my flight got cancelled and we had to stay at one razz hotel for a whole WEEK!!.. when we finally got to go.. the flight didnt depart at the scheduled time so we waited an xtra 2hrs.
    Nigerians are ALWAYS at airports,lool.. i saw many with ghana must go bags.. some women even wore their traditional outfit,lol.. my conecting flight to lagos had 95% of the passengers as nigerians and they were making noise and discussin naija politics thru out the trip,lool

  2. HAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAA....u sabi nack tori o!...shiooo!...married men?..smh! ..You gals are hawt tehn for the short devils to be hooting you..hehehhee....9jas! i experienced the same thing when returning back to lagos o! See heavy bags, so tey fear catch me! [i wrote about it in an older post ;NA WA FOR 9JAS SEF!...nov]..you sure had fun from he tone of your writing.

    *so na only you wan chop the puff-puff & coco finis ehn?...hehehhee

  3. LOL @ the Turkish men
    To be honest, I find them very ...*cough* ..very 'forward' when it comes to ladies..*smile*

  4. To be honest if I could afford a first class every time I was going to Nigeria I wouldn't mind. Nigerians are so rude and impatient when going home especially the economy class ones (excluding me of course. lol). Urgh!!

  5. Lol...@ short devil oshi...ha ha haaa

    I've never traveled with a whole flock of Nigerians b4 but I've heard some unpleasant things from others...pretty similar to what you've mentioned!!

  6. lolz...U can never miss a nigerian on the way.

    I traveled to Naija by myself when i was 17. Back then i can never sleep in the air and this was a direct flight from JFK. I was seated next to this woman that just went on and on and on for hours about all sort of topic as if she was my mother and I'm siting there saying no word but still she did not get it...it was my first time back to naija then and i found it interesting the way they all scream and started clapping with joy for safe trip :)

  7. In fact, the story continues.....

  8. "short devil oshi" had me cracking up!!!
    Now to that travelling with naija peeps and too much load bizness... I no get mouth cos I did thirteen bags (four of them were ghana must go) recently *hides face in shame*.. guess what? I'm not remorseful joor...
    one of the flight attendants must've been running the naija route for a while, cos she kept saying "lasgidi people, this is not lagos" and "no wahala" I'm sure she gets a special bonus for enduring our naija drama!

  9. @Gbemi, haaaa!!! So you are a culprit ehn?!!!! Provided you dint bother the other passengers, you are out of that league! lmao @ the hostess. It is not an experience you an forget in a jiffy as an air hostess is it?

    @Chizy K, thanks for taking time out to come and read this one too...Feels very nice..:)

  10. First of all, Lol @ the caption! 'short man devil osi! haha!

    Kai, don't get me started with Nigerians in the airport/plane!
    On my way to Nigeria, our people were loud, did not line up (after being told to line up like kindergaten children), people were cutting the line, arguing. Kai! One lady was on the phone, so embarassingly loud! The oyinbo beside me asked if I understood her, I quickly denied understanding the lady o! Shap-shap!
    Any small turbulence, the Nigerian that sat beside me will start casting out demons and principalities. She will bind and break! Lol. Nothing she didn't cast out!

    Let me finish my textbook of a comment! I loved this post!

  11. lol. my naija people....same everywhere

  12. Ok, so I think your blog is absolutely awwZome! If u ever have time, check out mine too tho I'm still fairly new at this blogging thing. I can totally relate with your not wanting to identify with Nigerians on your flight. It happened to me once on a flight from London to Lagos on Virgin Nigeria. Not only were they talking loudly about having fried the "processed to within an inch of it's life" meat that they were going to eat in Nigeria for 2 weeks, all the way from London and other stupid carrying ons, when it got to the time to board, all the economy class people almost stampeded the business class people that had been called to board. It was so bad that they shut down boarding for two hours. The white lady said boarding was shut down "until you people behave yourselves" I couldn't wait for the ground to open up and swallow me. My face was like a cat's bum thru out the flight. Love Naija and Nigerians, hate the ignorant behavior they are prone to displaying from time to time.

  13. oluwatobi, lol

    doll, e tire me o

    cherrywine, aww.. thanks ma'am. I am headed straight to your blog. thanks for dropping by. Consider being a regular..;)

  14. LOL. Ok I know I am coming 6 months late on commenting on this post but I've gast to sheya (share) a couple of Naija trip experiences.

    To cut the whole drama drama short....the plane as expected was packed full with Nigerians and I kept staring at the few foreigners on the plane, feeling extremely embarrassed by the lousy Nigerians. Anyway, getting close to Las Lagos (as I love to call Lagos) the announcement was "Ladies and Gentlemen we will be descending into Lagos in a few moments". All of a sudden from nowhere, this ibo man wearing leather jacket when I was already melting on the plane just started talking at the top of his voice about How overseas is better than Nigeria by far- "My brother, you no see any police for dia wey dey carry gun but for Nigeria hia you go dey see them for efen bank den go they carry gun. I just dey look their road, no gallop or anytin. No go-slow for road" "But for Nigeria hia, you go dey see the police dey carry gun they waka for road say then dey protect person" bla bla bla. Myself and my companion looked at each other and said ah this must be his first time overseas,who woke him up now ehn? and he kept quiet until he was close to Nigeria so he doesn't get arrested or in trouble or something for talking that loud and comparing..
    He did not shut up and when I say he was shouting I mean he was SHOUTING. Everybody could not help but laugh and say bushman. It was hilarious. I can't even explain it well. The other unforgettable one was when this man was waiting to board his plane. He kept asking round, are you going to blablabla? No- Okay thank you.
    As a typical las lagos girl that doesn't wanna miss her flight, I listened attentively to the announcements at the airport and then they called this man's destination but he wasn't listening, he was busy chatting away. I just could not sit there and watch another man miss his flight and get lost or left behind. So I waited for a few secs to see if he'd respond by getting up and walking to his gate. Honeydame, this brother did not stand up. He glued his butt to the chair, talking and talking. When I eventually approached him and informed him that they just called his flight and gate number, that it is gate bla bla. He almost carried me and hugged me tight. So he left for his gate and then came back all the way from his gate to say thank you AGAIN. I just couldnt help but chuckle and say welcome. LOL. I love trips like that because you get to see how funny Nigerians are. ;-) Ok this is a real long comment 6 months later after the post. Anyway yea.

  15. MissyTee, ROTFLMAO...are u serious?!!!!! A person talked till he almost missed his flight?! That is epic!!!! I dont know how you got to this post o, but I LOVE that you read and commented, even 6months after! Please do that anytime you feel the need to do so, even 2 years after sef!
    I do it too. in fact, I have been known to drop congratulatory messages on a person's engagement post after the wedding and birth posts have been put up sef. When you get to see it is when you get to see it, shikena. Thanks for sharing.


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