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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Open Minds......??!??!

Uhm, all these things just have minds of their own, I mean gadgets. I have not had time to take the lappy to the Doc.’s but I wasn’t even ready anyway. I have finally gotten my pictures off of it. Funny enough, it is working better now that the memory has more space but I am still taking it there because na money I pay for warranty.

I wanted to do “My Bag” meme only for me to realize that my memory card was broken. It has the pictures of the bag and stuff because I had taken the shots weeks ago. Anyhoo, I refuse to let that depress me or stop me from updating.

How have you been my luvies? I have been doing some blog rounds and reading your amazing stories. You guys are just the bomb!!!

9jaFOODie, please put up a post concerning peppersoup using any type of meat. I used to make a mean pot of it but I attempted making it after about 6 years of “hibernation”. Let’s just say the Lord is the shepherd of all those who partook of the meal. Conveniently, it is still in the refrigerator and that tells me something since I live with gluttons 

       If you live in NY, then you probably know that your freedom of speech has been reduced, yet again, thanks to Cuomo (abi whatever his name is). Same-sex marriage bill has been passed. 

Whoop whoop for the LGBT group….(Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender), you are now official...legit………………..
…..but not for me. 

      Homosexuality is a sensitive topic, almost taboo but I still have an opinion about it. It still remains a “no-no” for anybody who thinks he/she matters to me. Pellet me now!!! There is not enough argument in this world to convince me that homosexuality is an ok thing. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an extremist but it just doesn’t strike me as a normal interaction for humans hence, I regard it almost as an ailment. While I don’t aim to be convinced, it is still very interesting for me to catch a glimpse into their lives. The confusion is endless and could be entertaining too.

       A couple in Canada had a baby but refused to disclose the sex to anybody, save the baby’s brother and the doctor (of course). Their reason? Oh, they want the baby to be able to make a choice of sex when it grows up ( I know I used it, it is just easier to used that instead of trying to be politically correct…what does that even mean sef?)

      In the same vein, a pre-school in Sweden called “Egalia” is the first school of that nature to try its hands at gender neutrality. The kids refer to one another as “friends” and not “him” or “her”.  They are trying to counter the society’s idea of conformance, based on gender. I particularly find it funny because they are doing precisely what they are standing against. Let me explain. The society, by Egalia interpretation says that girls are to pink as boys are to blue. So to counter this, they are raising a bunch of kids in nonconformance to societal “rules”. To me, what they are doing is precisely a subset of what the society is doing. The school’s management is imposing its belief/rebellion on these poor kids who don’t know any better. Can I ask, what is determines the sex of a child?! What the parents say? What the child says? Or what some over-zealous bunch say? As far as I am concerned, it is black or white……no greys! It has a vagina/putang/punany/pussy, it is a girl. It has a penis/dick/Johnson/wee-wee/whateva-fancy-name-you-call-it, then it is a boy. I know you all are smarty pants, so I know you are about to asking about what if it has both. Well, in that case, it is a “blessed”! On a more serious note, having the two is considered abnormal…shikena!

        Sometime ago, I watched a show. The star used to be a lady, might I say a very beautiful lady. She was even a model. I think in her 20’s she decided that she didn’t want to be a girl anymore so she got a sex change. That would have put her conveniently in the transgender group, right? Wrong! It later got married to a girl and guess what?! It got pregnant! It had opted to retain its womb (and apparently some other like organs too) during the sex change because it wanted to “experience child carrying/bearing”. So tell me why the caption for the show read something like “Man gives birth”. Does that even make sense?!!!

          Moving on swiftly, the whole situation reminds me of a situation with my younger brother. He was a very adorable kid. Growing up, he looked very much like a girl and had a thin voice like one too. I would dress him up in my gowns and use clip on earrings on him for fun. Now, he is much older than he used to be. He is still very adorable and even allowed me to put full make up on him on the eve of my departure to school last year. It was the most hilarious thing ever (at least to us). He was even brave enough to put up the pictures on FB. And yes, you guessed it right, several comments flew in, from outright accusations to disguised pleas. We were just siblings, having fun in our own way, hurting no one. But of course, everything one does now has connotations.

        It is funny to see how the dynamics of human relations have changed over the years because like a virtual person said the people’s “minds are so open, their brains fell out.”

      Oh well, at the end of the day, it is still you as a person (attitude-wise), sans your achievement/sexual orientation/position who still matters. But you can’t blame a girl for wishing for a life with less confusion.

    Or you still think it is not confusing? Tell me, for what reason do we have male and female bathrooms/bedrooms separately? With the newly accepted dynamics, isn’t the purpose defeated now?! 

    Go figure…….


  1. I think people are taking this whole gender neutrality argument and blowing it way out of proportion. Gender neutrality has nothing to do with choosing a sex (since thats not something you can chose even if you have "gender reassignment surgery" because no one can make you produce eggs/sperm if you weren't born with the appropriate equipment) and everything to do with breaking the stereotype of gender roles. While the two cases are extreme, they are not really taking away rights or opposing them. They are simply saying that just because you are a girl doesn't mean you should be forced to wear pink, play with dolls and grow up to be Susie Home-maker and likewise because you are a boy doesn't mean you have to wear overalls and play with tonka trucks. That's the message i've taken away from it anyway.

  2. True hermaphrodites aka Blesseds are very rare. What is more common is people with ambiguous genitalia. What would you call those. It's not as black and white as you would like it.

  3. @Lady Ngo, I totally agree that the examples are quite extremist, but my point is that the state of the whole sexuality issue leaves enough room for such ambiguity. For example in the case of Wgalia, if what they were doing is just to help facilitate an atmosphere promoting healthy and balanced growth, it would have been good. But they go as far as reading mostly stories of homosexuality and all that stuff to the kids because Snow White is too "fairy-tale"!They are making the environment conductive for a sect, as opposed to the other.

    @Madame Sting, thanks for that sidenote. I have been waiting for someone to bring it up. In the case of ambiguous genitalia, have we considered it as normal or a medical/genetic/biological condition?

  4. Whewwwwwww *wipes sweat off brow*

    I don't even know what to say...the World is coming to an end jare!

  5. Very opinionated, factual post.
    I love it.

    long time...nice to have you back, I hope it's more than a glimpse of you.

  6. LOL @ your pepper soup experience.

    We humans have complicated gender with all the gender roles, gender specific behaviors, etc. Having said that, I think it's deeper than just the type of genitalia a person has.

  7. Lmao! omg, i was peeing tears from laughter while reading this! I could literally feel your frustration about the whole issue. I do see your point and I am beginning to believe more now that we are coming close to the end times. May God help us all. Welcome back :)

  8. “minds are so open, their brains fell out" is my fav line.

    While I can't judge people with views/convictions/experiences that differ from mine because I haven't walked in their shoes, I am convinced without a doubt that if we choose to go God's way, we can't go wrong.
    Things are changing. What was socially acceptable a few years ago will not be in a few years. God's word stays the same. I choose to make that my standard.

  9. I love the quote you put up, “minds are so open, their brains fell out.”
    The wrold is going through a decadence. I am not so surprised is the end times are...

  10. I chose to look beyond sexual orientation and look at the people behind them. Your sexual orientation should never be an identity. So, as long as I identify you as Honey what you choose to do rock your world isnt my business, so long as it doesn't change the price of fish. It sounds too simplistic, yeah I know, but it makes for a more peaceful world. Sex has become subverted even within heterosexual circles. There's a lot to judge if one really wants to go into that. For me, it is simple - to thy own self and thy maker, be true. chikena

  11. I choose to keep my mind closed on this homosexuality issue because I want my brains intact. From every direction I try to view it, homosexuality is wrong. Imagine 2 male chicken or dogs doing it. Tufiakwa!

  12. hahahahh! I was reading this post very fast, like i was rushing. I dunno if it was cuza the handwriting tho, but the pace I read it was ridiculously fast, it would be nice if that was how u were typing tho, then id say we are in-sync! LoL!!

    Yh i saw that line a while ago, i saw it as a comment under those parents that hid the sex of their child--whooosh, i laughed so hard. Ever since then, once in a while i tweet it. Open mindedness is good o, but too much/too far of everything isnt, hence the brain falling out.

    But then again who draws the line of too far/.too much? it is you!! I decide for myself, you decide for yourself--honestly having the basis for your decision also is key. Me when it comes to this homosexual thing, i would never be so open minded to say it is okay, this is the case for my own "too far". But like the same basis for my close mindedness(the bible), hating them who think it is okay is also my "too far/too much".--really like Ginger said, too each his own. *sigh*

    The matter dey heavy for mouth o jere! LoL

  13. peppersoup recipe coming up soon ( I am currently on holidays, so it might take a minute :) )

    hummm... On Gay/Lesbian thingy, I am on the other end of the spectrum from you, moral and religion aside, I think everyone has a right to be happy and if they find happiness in someone of the same sex, well good for them. looking at it from a religious point of View, look at the 10 commandments, the 10 things that God single handedly forbids, Gay/lesbianism is not part of them, Yet ALL OF US ignore the 9th commandment on a daily basis. my point is there are worse things in the world.

  14. Hmmm...hot topic indeed. I have reserved comments about the subject, but I do know it starts with imbalances in the womb during creation. Interesting blog..

  15. I can never condemn a gay person because I feel we all have things - we do and say - that go against the rules laid down by God.
    I cannot even pretend to know why some people choose that lifestyle but what I do know is that everyone deserves some happiness. I really cannot judge them. To each his own

  16. Much as i do not agree with the concept of lesbianism or gayness, one cannot really be blamed for their sexual orientation sometimes. If being in a same sex relationship makes them happy, it's their life. Only God has got the right to judge. But what I do not understand is why someone would consciously go under the knife in a bid to change his/her sexuality? I saw this documentary once, where this chic vagina was surgically constructed into a needlestick dick just so she could feel more like a man. Its just weird. Be a man or a woman in your heart, where it matters....do not tamper with the sex organs. Shikena!

  17. I hate the talk about sexually cos it's annoying.You said it already,it's either a boy or a gurl,a guy or a babe so the is nothing like gender equality.Can't they just shoot epople with these ideas?

  18. Thank you guys for taking time out to comment on this post. It is always refreshing reading from you. However, I want to point out that this post wasnt written from a religious or moral perspective. Also, the intent is more on the side of expressing my confusion about the topic. While I think everyone is entitled to their own happiness(within reason), I still maintain that homosexuality is not a normal state of mind. Biologically, it is male to female. Think about it, if this were to be a norm from creation, the human race would not have existed. Hence, my take is that while the practice/way of life doesnt really affect me directly, it still should not be passed off/imposed as if normal because that is what I feel the society is doing.

  19. east coast?? Hola!!! Nah just jk - cant wait to get the hell out of this place!

    nice blog btw.

  20. homosexuality is a very touchy subject. I'm against it but at the same time, i dnt think homosexuals shld be scorned. they shld be given freewill to do as they please as lng as they dnt disturb others.

  21. I totally like the way you wrote this- giving your opinion but still accepting that people are who they are and should be free to do what they want. I think some people take it to the extremes (like the examples you gave)- that's just weird.

    Anyhooo, happy for them. Sorry about your lappy :(

    Your stylist seems like she knows what's up! Good luck on the hair journey :)

    PS. I've changed my blog url! I decided to keep the blog on Blogger after all. Check out the link: http://museorigins.blogspot.com. Sorry for the inconvenience X_x

    Muse Origins (formerly The Corner Shop)

  22. “minds are so open, their brains fell out.” Love!!!

    I tire for this homosexuality n sex change issue.......its like telling God he didnt do a good job..

    Amen to dressing up kid bros for fun.....hehehehe....my sisters n I would put our kid bro in our gowns, clip earrings, weaves n make up....u couldn't fault us, he looked too much like a gal.....check out his eye brows n eye lashes....dude is all grown up now tho :D

  23. I laughed so much reading the post, kai! where do i start from sef?... apologies?... been many things happening....then...gayism?. still not open minded about it,no matter how hard i try to reason it from their angle..gender neutrality?...how does it make sense??...are they 'arguing' with GOD that HE didn't know what HE was doing when HE created the world?..too much 'freedom of expression' is not good sef!as for the hermaphrodites, it's clearly a medical problem, it can resolved as such...how is your internship going?

  24. i have to agree with omoregge..... Hermaphrodites aint no issue,that can be solved with 1 simple operation....

  25. i'm so with you on this, there is nothing natural about being gay and if you have a biological condition, you can either fix it or take it as a blessing, shikena!

    lol @ your peppersoup experience, i'm just learning how to make it myself.

    this is my first time here and i love your blog already, pls blog more often

  26. HD!Nice write up...and @ all that dropped comments..I feel y'all...#okbye

  27. ...Or is this where it all started?

  28. Thanks everyone, Mstizzle, I would hope not o. I highly doubt it sha.

  29. I remember reading this post and feeling u totally. i lol @ "minds are so open, their brains fell out" hihihi

    As much as i try to steer clear of topics like this, it really is one of those thing i'm not sure i'll ever understand. i guess it is what it is.
    Thanx for checking out my blog and following


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