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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Heads Up

It is official.....
The situation is trying to screw me, but I am holding my own!
Or is there any reason why my laptop chose this period,of all times to SAI GOBE me?...Damn traitor!
And my phone?..What a joker! It talks to me in encrypted language these days....What can I say?/...*Shrug*
I am working towards going to China for 4 months. You got tips...save a sistahz life by dropping them in the comment box.
I miss you guys sooo much....***Sobs***
It got so bad that against my better judgement,I attempted bloghopping from work, on the coy's computer. I have no idea of whose blog I was on when this scary Malware alert popped up. I had to call the IT department for help. So picture me, a green horn and girl who is only a 2week old intern, almost causing a security breach.....uhm....***the things blogsville will make me do***
I am trying to go buy an external hard drive to transfer my files onto before I take the lappy for repairs. I mean, if not anything else, I have pictures that tell at least 3000 stories. (No, I am not a photgrapher by profession).Hopefully, this will be over soon...cos I am this close to losing my mind.

Blog yawl soon again...and I miss u sooooo deng much!!!!


  1. Pls fix the computer oo.. Blogville isn't same without u :(

  2. sorry ehn,this was me some months back and kai i didnt get myself..hehe..fix it sharp sharp o..About china i don't know anything but i think buying english to chinese translation book could help maybe u can learn some basic terms.Take care.

  3. I miss you too Honeydame.
    Everytime I come on your page, the colours make me smile.

    LOL@ you causing an incident at your workplace.

    Re: China..that sounds really exciting. Good luck and take care of yourself. Hope you have a good guide.

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  5. Aw dear,sorry ehn! Don't worry,blogsville is going to pray for you.

  6. Eeeya, pele.
    The same thing happened to me a few weeks back...it's so frustrating. The only thing i thot of saving were my thousands of pictures too but unfortunately, I think I might have lost em.

    I'm counting on my 30 sumn albums on FB to save the memories.
    Hope u're back, soonest...

  7. Sorry about your laptop hun, hope you get it fixed soon :)

  8. Sorry about your laptop Honey. Thats why I kiss my laptop every night. Just to let it know how much I love it and how it had better not turn traitor. Hope you get it back as good as new :).

    You've been missed. hmmm China? wetin dey happen?

  9. Eeeya, sorry about your laptop problems, it can be really frustrating.
    Have a foboulous time in china and give us regular gist o.

  10. LoL @ ur phone talking to you in encrypted lingo--heheheh!
    Nice spot u got here, today has been my own bloghopping day and im thankful I havent had any malware issues yet!

  11. we miss uyou so much too! *sighs*
    omg girl you have to find a way to delete those pictures lol

  12. All is well...your computer will bounce back.

    So you are going to china? and your fone is speaking in encrypted language? C'mon! it's only trying to teach you the Chinese language in preparation for your time there. lol.

  13. Ohoh!! Sorry about this! I know how much it sucks! :( Good luck with the repairs. I'm sure China will be fun :D


  14. Very excited about your upcoming trip to China! Cant wait to read about it too!

  15. missed ya loads too sweetie!oh pls get that lappy up again as I'll be tagging you.... hope you ready to empty your bag!! :)

  16. Lappy BE HEALED!! :-D
    China awaits you! Have fun!!

  17. Missing you also! pls lappy get well soon...lol @ your green horned gal experience :D take care xoxo

  18. Awwww my honeydame...I miss you oh..wishing your laptop a quick recovery lol

  19. I'm back now and missing you. See you soon I hope.

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  21. these electronics ve their way don't they, they all get broken at d same time smh

  22. Oh Guys!!!!!....You make me sooooo happy!!!! I cant wait to be back.......I miss u soooooo much! I try updating from Ngor's Ipad but it isnt werking for me......**sniff sniff**

  23. Hope you are good. Thanks for commenting on my posts


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