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Monday, September 12, 2011

OMG...Ni Hao Blogsville

   CHOI!!!! Na me be this?    ***Doing a twirl***... I swear with the over grown nail on my pinkie finger that this (my inconsistency) has not been intentional, however hard it is to believe that. Well, I had planned on updating like I used to pre-summer-internship after I leave for China. Only to be slapped with the reality. I got to Beijing and realised that blogger was one of the blocked sites in the Great Firewall.

    For all those who don't know, China censors social websites and makes some of them inaccessible to its residents. Facebook, twitter and some others are part of this blocked sites but I had no prior knowledge that blogger was too. I had been going through withdrawals from being unable to check in here and blog hop (particularly my daily fix, Linda Ikeji) until this angel   *takes a break and gives courtesy* came to my rescue and provided me with a proxy to override the censorship.

    I have no desire to bore you with all those technicalities. I am just sooooooo glad to be back here....like really, you have no idea how glad I am right now. I am kindda euphoric. How have you guys been doing (without me, I need to feel a tad important)? Not to well abi, me too! Ok, let me catch up on all that I have missed and then have a "likkle" reunion with you all.


  1. You've been missed me dear. Hope you are allowed to write things about obodo Beijing. biko no let them arrest you for spy activities oo. Naija no be USA.

    Down china ..very apt Doll

  2. What?! Censorship my foot.They must be out of their damn minds! In fact i ain't going to China ever.

  3. But what happened to the Freedom Of Information Act.... *Pause*.... who am I kidding?

    At least you have a way around it now #NaijaNoDeyCarryLast!

    Enjoy yourself, eat a few frogs (or not!) and bring back pics and juicy details for this space.

  4. Welcome back!!!!! mehnn... all these censorship business sha..it's like they are trying to control every single part of their citizens existence.

  5. Enjoy yourself for China. Don't forget to bring back some 'made in China' stuff for us.

  6. Really? I never knew this about China ooo. Sorry o, I am happy for you now

  7. remind me not to visit China for too long...Or at least get my fix of social sites before i leave. But hope u having tons of fun out there...?

  8. You need a VPN to get around the firewall in China. Try and see if you can get one from ChinaSmack.

    Take lots of pictures and be ready to tell us all about Beijing.

    Stay safe and shine your eye. China is dangerous.. Especially for black people.

    Sorry but it's the truth.

  9. yay! welcome back dear...do have a great time o!

  10. whats new? my blog: http://lucianochinwe.blogspot.com/
    hope ure havin a gud tyme wit d chinkos?

  11. hey, make sure u try lizards and gators (still have the memory of that lady in Indiana Jones in the temple of doom fainting) try everything and take lotsa pictures.

    tot i was the only lindaikeji stalker. so u found a way around it huh?
    lol@petprojects, naija no dey carry last o

    Pls check out my blog too http://toinlicious.blogspot.com

  12. Doll and Ginger, you couldnt have been righter..down down china. dem nor go let me talk wetin? I nor dey seek asylum for their country o! I go just call my babalawo from Naija to turn to to toads for me!

    9ja Great and Aseni, and it is not that bad o, If you get a vpn or proxy before you leave for China, you are set. I just wasn't well informed.

    PET...I had a good laugh at that one...Freedom of gini?! You know me now, I have already started compiling my albums, that they will end up here remains to be seen. I am planning on putting some up sha..

    9jaFOODie, that's pretty much what it is.

    Prism, that "stereotype" holds true o!!! there isnt a something I havent found the replication here apart from human beings and I am even sure that if I look hard enough, I will find!

    @ilola, haba, sounds like u are making fun of me...:(..lol

    Sugabelly, yeah, I only got to know that after I got here. Someone was smart enough to download on a flashdrive before coming. So he gave me so that I could also download it hence my ability to use blogger. Ha, I dont even need a soothsayer to tell me about that one. I have gotten all sorts of looks.

    NG my NG, thanks ma and I will

    Madame Sting, Hey to you too...this one that you have gone on a self imposed hiatus, I fear for those courses this semester. Good luck Miss

    NikkoSho, thanks my own personal beautician

    Luciano, funny I came back to see your comment here. I was in your space earlier today and went through all the posts but didnt comment because I was at work and didnt want to sign in. Thanks for dropping by here. as for the chikos, I am a curiosity to them...

  13. wow!really,didnt know china censors like that.Well, not going there then,My blogging career would be finished..


  14. What the heck? I can't live there o. Infact Naija people can't leave there if not all our blackberrys will be useless :p

  15. @Emeh, thing is once you get a proxy or vpn before getting there, you are set. The VPN make syour IP look like your location is elsewhere (outside of china), hence no restrictions.

    @TObi, Funny enough they now have BIS/BBM..I brought my blackberry with me but the language barrier has prevented me from activating it yet.


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