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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rave of the Moment

Here I am again, your MIA-always promising-HoneyDame. What can I say? E go better. Little bro. came and I asked him to help put some songs on my new phone (different story). He did and some days later, after he had left, I was listening to the songs. I fell in love with this one and it has been on repeat ever since.

You know what they say about sharing. So here I am attempting to share a song/beat that manages to put a smile on my face anytime, anyday, anywhere. Everything about this song makes me want to get a hold of two hankerchiefs, two wrappers and a slim waist (which  I don't have).  I mean, you need to see me on the train when the shuffle gets to this song. Enjoy

Thanks for your cooperation all the time....You guys are the very best.

BTW, is anyone of you in possession of Irene's husband. She seems to be searching for him desperately. Mbok, for the love of life, return her husband so she can give those of us on this side some rest. Sosongo


  1. I love dt commercial...and yh, it does make me wanna get my naija dance on!

  2. lol you're a clown for that part about Irene's husband...

  3. cowbell? dang! it's been a while..

  4. Very upbeat song, lol.

    I hope you're keeping your head down from the angry lady. Stay safe.

  5. How come i'm the only one who's can't listen to the song? Na wa o!

  6. Oh my daze- the beat had me smiling. From the days of the old Cowbell our milk ad to this...
    Funny I kinda wish it could be longer that a minute.


  7. Awww...they did a great job, made me smile :D

  8. Its cowbell ad that u poured all that accolade on hehn? Everyone except me seem to like the song *PET shrug*

    Abeg, stay safe and out of Irene's path oh, may God protect you and yours

  9. I actually have this song on my phone but i'm just seeing the ad...it def makes me want to move my body whenever i listen to it..
    stay safe miss..xo

  10. I played it for the kids at home and they watched it over and over till my batt went flat. Thanks for sharing...

  11. nice! Cowbell is one company that has always remained focused on who its target audience is.

    who is Irene? 'lost'

  12. Thanks guys! I knew you'ld forgive me and accept my token of apology.

    9jaGreat..ha! U shud endeavor to find a way to play it o. Only PET doesnt like cowbell **side eye*! And to think I HATE cowbell milk itself...lol.

    deolascope...nice to know that the song sorts of transcends ages.

    Ginger...haa!!! so that is how Irene would have carried yours truly away and when they put out the condolences you will say "ehn? A girl beat up and killed HoneyDame?" (iKid iKid)..Irene is the(name of the) hurricane that swept through the East Coast this past weekend. Gingerswaggger, Nne menh, it wasnt even funny.
    Missy Tee, I dont know why o, but the one on my phone is longer.

    PET, dont mind me jare..I just loooove the beat. Thanks for your prayers. I stayed safe alright, I even refused to be sent downstairs to empty the bin during that period!

  13. Glad, irene calmed down o!....did she find her husband??...those cele woli's for bar beach for dey handy oo! {joke}..on a serious note, am glad you are safe with others...i like cowbell milk o!

  14. LOL..funny story - hope she finds her husband! And its okay to take a blog break now and then. (I did, lol!)

  15. Lol! This was one of the first 'gist' my mom gave me at the airport when I went home recently. The boy playing soccer goes to our church in Naija so she was all hyped about the song and the ad itself. I couldn't stop listening to it lol

  16. NG, she eventually did o, but I dont trust she has gone permanently.

    @itsjustmedaringtodream, good to have you back..:D

    @Tobi, as in!! I tew love that song...I deliberately skip over it when I am on the bus or in a situation where I can't dance..It is that bad..lol


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