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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This Is NOT a Fluke

I cannot believe my presumptuousness!!! Really?!!!! A whole month without a post?! And then, all these wonderful people thought me worthy to be tagged. Yet, I, in my faux loftyness decided to take my sweet time to respond.....tsk tsk! Something must be going on! Oh! Something IS going on ------> @honey_dame is the culprit.

Please bear with me and consider this a bribe ----->The sequel to the 11s

Questions from DHK and Ibhade
1. What hairstyle are you currently rocking? My hair in an updo (broke girl situation)

2. How long did you spend in primary school? 5years

3. What is your naughtiest moment? Naughtiest ke? Shall I tell you about the time I operated my own bookstore/bookloaning agency (which involved money) in Primary 6 outside of my mother's knowledge? OR maybe the time I hid a boy in an abandoned car in my house from Ma Petrillo and then had to play hide and seek for about 30 mins because she could smell something fishy. Are these instances even naughty sef? I am not sure but don't be fooled into thinking I was a model child!!! It is just unfortunate/fortunate, depending on how you want to see it, that I can't remember the legitimately naughty moments.

4. How do you express your anger? I typically start out by being very quiet. Then depending on the situation, I can either remain chillingly quiet or rattle off how I feel in rapid English and wild gesticulations

5. What would you spend your last penny on? food, I think. I am not really sure.

6. When was the last time you treated yourself to a niceeeeeee warm food? About a month ago.

7. Who was the last person you said “I love you” to? Ma Petrillo

8. What is your favourite take away dish? Favorites sha? I don't have favorites but "asun" isn't a bad take away dish.

9. How do you eat in public, spoon, knife, fork or hands, loud, quiet, slow, fast etc? Usually, I use any cutlery accessible and depending on the food and quietly too....loud bawo?! Hian! I think I am more of a fast eater than a slow eater. I drink slowly though.

10. Do you polish your shoes? Very very rarely!I haven't polished any shoes in the past 5-6 years. I even hate ironing sef (Oh consider this last tidbit as number 8 of this post)

11. What are your thoughts on after life? Are we gonna go back to pre-sin era? Like are we going to be nekkid and all? Will our memories be wiped? Is singing all we are going to do all day, all night?

            Toinlicious' Questions
   You see, Toin just had to outdo herself on this one with all them philosophical questions, hian! *serious sideeye and partial grumbling*
  1. What’s the one question you would ask God if you could? Why did He banish devil, instead of destroying him?
  2. What is your most embarrassing moment? I had this love for underpants with slacked elastic when I was younger (don't ask me why please). Ma Petrillo tried, she really tried. But on this day, I "outsmarted" her. We had branched at her friend's place after a midweek service in church. While sitting, her friend summoned me over to the other side of the room. I got up to response to the summon, and so did my peg-held-slacked-underpant. It responded to the gravity summon at my feet. I succesfully embarrased by 7-8-9 year old self as well as my mother.. Oh, I think my sister, Ngor, was there too....#shrug#
  3. If you could change one thing in the world right now, what would it be?
  4. If you could say one thing to the current pope, what would you say? How did you reach the decision to be celibate for religion sake?
  5. What’s the one thing you wish you could "un-invent" in d world and why?
  6. What’s the most terrifying moment of your life? Armed robbers came visiting one time, and yours truly was the only who was "fortunate" enough to have to go answer the door. I opened the door and the first thing I saw was the nozzle of what looked like a dane gun. I was so terrified and shocked that I found my way back to the living room backwards, in slow motion and with my mouth agape.....*shivers*
  7. If you were to be recognised by posterity for one thing, what would you like to be known for?  Ha!
  8. What colour best describes you? Black (Its compatibility)
  9. If you could commit one crime without being caught, what crime would you commit? Frankly, I am not sure there is that one *punching fists in the air for emphasis* crime that I so want to commit.
  10. If you had to name one lesson of love that took you the longest you learn, what would it be & why? *scrunched up face* Truth is, I am still learning. I don't even think I have reached the optimal level of love I should be capable of because I still find myself rationalizing a lot. Ok, I know the last sentence may not make any sense at all, but that's the best way I can explain it.....
  11. If you could be guaranteed one thing besides money, what would you want? Long and safe life.Oh you said one thing....safe life.

Promise me you haven't given up on me? Ok, thank you and I love you-----tube


  1. tsk tsk. We are here. Milz you!! and I love you--tube too.

  2. nice knowing more about you..

  3. i too would spend my last penny on food

  4. lol.....honeydame!!! oya go back and answer questions 3 and 5. thank you
    missed you around here o, welcome back

  5. Hmmm,nicee.As usual you got me laughing hard.

  6. Nice!
    Your no 6: woozers! you opened d door for robbers, how come you didn't pass out? It must have been scary...

  7. ROTFLMAO! kai, i shoulda read this after work o! My boss actually came to see what i was laughing at. Honeydame, underpants with slacked elastic???? I hereby handover the naughty crown to you. You can make your speech now hehehe

    So you speak English too when you're angry. Same with Michael. I need to make you guys really angry *thinking of what to do*

    I love your answers though. That God question makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks for indulging and answering the questions *muah* although i see you skipped a few questions *side eye*

  8. I believe you when you say @honeydame is the culprit. I started a post last night about how my affair with twitter is coming between my blogfam & I and guess what happened? The post is still in draft cos I was tweeting.

    How are we going to deal with this problem? Ehn HD? How?! If you have any ideas, pls tweet them @ me abeg.

    1. LMAO, I shouldn't write a blog post about it or email it, I should tweet it...LMAO

  9. LOL @ your panties...
    I see you missed out some questions ...Why
    Loved the question you'd ask God. Makes sense

  10. Hahahahahaha... *still laughing*
    Biko, don't you want to change something in the world?
    Sagging panties sha.

  11. I see you skillfully and blatantly avoided some questions. Naughty girl

  12. Nice new things about you. Bia, answer the ones you omitted. :-)

  13. omg at the arm robbers one. I would have pooped in my pants

  14. lol @ the underpants with slacked elastic. You know we are not done yet sha?

  15. hehee.i enjoyed reading...gosh i love the question you would have asked God.
    e ku igbadun ma :)

  16. The armed robbers part was not funny oh, I will just piss for pant.
    Biko why did you dodgefully avoid some questions...this was an interesting read.

  17. *Laughing so hard over my laptop*.....where is my omorogun, somebody need some spanking for being so naughty!..haba! elastic pants? my mama go grind your 2 ears in the Edo style!

    An enjoyable post :D

  18. Lololololol! Elastic Underpants! Epic!

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading and knowing n I think your answer to question 3 is incomplete!

  19. HD?! HD?!! HD?!!!

    To think that u've changed is to be decieving oneself, only a few of us know u've upgraded from slack pants to mature mischief - o kare laiye!

  20. Hmmmmm.....but this HoneyDame geh is trying me! Thank your stars for the slayck paynt story otherwise my face for remain strong like person wey miss flight. Get to my questions. Don't let me ask you twice. Don't start nuffin, there won't be nuffin. But welcome back beeebeeee

  21. Ha! Honeydame oh woow. You can like to break someone's ribs as in not even crack but break! Nahh we understand- duty calls and we cannot give up on ya. Impossicannot!

  22. imagine...LOOOOL...haba naw...u naughty gan ooo...hehehe...and u get mind...hiding a boy and operating book store and elastic panties!!!!!!>..wags finger at you...LOL...

  23. Your pet name for your mum amuses me no end..lol.

    We haven't given up on you and blogsville will surely remember you for your Ha's.

    Oh, I can help the Pope answer - So the priests will be more dedicated (less distraction from Rev Mrs and children) for economy too cause the Church wouldnt have to lose land through inheritance and welfare of the Priests family.

  24. You are just a classic... FULL STOP. too funny and too interesting. I love it..

    Everything made me laugh, i thoroughly enjoyed it.. thanks for doing it. xxx

  25. your matter has just reached Mountain of Fire!

  26. Lolz....very interesting childhood!

  27. You've been missed. Come back. Loved your answers. We had similar experiences with the 'nozzle.' scary! And slacked panties? Ha ha ha. I want an answer to that 'posterity' question. Maybe that could be your new post, no? :)

  28. hahahahah rotflmho! You lost me when your pata fell to the ground. You really must have been a nut case.

    Hope you've been good, chop kizz :*

  29. Girl - shame on you! A while month without a post and then another delay? (LOL...says the blogger who took 2 months off)...thanks for coming back to entertain blogland. I happily read you as well. (but know, sometimes Capcha won't let me leave a comment)..

  30. lmao and that slack pant bit was just omg

  31. lol @slacked short....horror, opening the door to a gun..as in a gun!!

  32. nice one....but what is the legitimately naughty one?

  33. Uhmmm Honeydame pls where are you? Hope you are good?

  34. been a loooooong time since i stopped by your blog. always refreshing when i do.

  35. I smell pleeeenty mischief tho...lol

    It's good to be here again.

    Thanks for stopping by ;)
    Don't worry...I have my ways :D


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