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Thursday, May 2, 2013

An Attempt at an Update

*attempts to peek, draws back…….makes a last attempt*

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    Even I am scared of the ghosts, vampire and tarantulas lurking around this space. Goodness! How did I let things deteriorate to this point where are those “comment-marketers” got a hold of me?  I have to admit, full time workers cum regular bloggers in Nigeria are the real heroes/heroines (NDLEA, please move over, I don’t mean hard drugs). My gawd!!!!I cannot count how many times I attempted surfing the internet either for pictures to go with the blog post or for inspiration to blog and I would meet with a road block – Internet Connectivity. The evidence of my decisions at those times is what you see on this blog…..that’s right, EMPTINESS! So, for those who actually blog quite frequently and live in Nigeria, you guys have my utmost respect, no kidding! I am going to blame the internet with like 3 sentences and then blame my laziness with this 1 sentence……that’s all!

    However, it is in this same Nigeria that the Good Ole Lord, blessed my bosses in order to bless me (indirectly) with a nice internet connection……wifi o….no unnecessary wires here please and thank you!

    So essentially, I should be able to up my game as I don’t have any reason not to anymore, I mean, now there is internet and with all that happens day in day out, there should be inspiration for blog posts for days.

    I decided to go through my dashboard and see what I am being searched for…….People of God, someone got referred here because he/she searched for “Rantings of a G-Spot”!!!!!! Too hilarious!
  So apart from Beautiful getting married, Sting going on hiatus, hair wars, Hazel steadily documenting the Househelp Chronicles and Prism going MIA, what else is happening?

  Shout out to all of you who still believe in me and my blogging skills, you rock! (insert Yimu smiley here for me)


  1. Na internet conectivity abi? No wahala... all the same, its so good to have you back, hope u will stay for a while before you go MIA again. Best wishes!!! U have been missed.

  2. Big Yimu. Please do a proper update *Sahays small ass out*

  3. Hey Babe, it has been ages..welcome back :)

  4. See you o, better come back with a proper update asap

  5. My Honey is back!!!!! LMAO @ hair wars. That sh*t is real!!!! Househelp Chronicles, Dame? Really?

  6. Do we say welcome back or hold on till we get a proper update...you surely have been missed around here.

  7. Lol. Welcome back. I hope you stay this time o. Please, don't run away again.


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