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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hi and Bye

Hi ya! How are you all doing?

I have been having a semi-dry spell. Somedays, I have so much to say, yet no time to put down the thoughts and at other times, I have little to say….and still not time to put thoughts to Microsoft word.

A lot has been happening. A whole lot.

Let’s talk about female bosses for a minute. The other day, I was joking on twitter about how I seem to be in a psychologically abusive relationship with my female boss. It is so complicated!!! Some days, she’s the next best thing since shortbread and on some other days, I takes the special grace of the Most High God not go bury my (*her, whichever you think serves the purpose) head in a beehive. She drives me nuts!!!!

What makes it more confusing is that in her pushing me, I have discovered some abilities that I didn’t know that I had…..good stuff…

Hmmm…YY….he is doing well. We usually do just fine until I’m at his place and we need to eat. This is the thing. EVERY SPICE in that house, I bought it! Some date as far back as 2011!!! Can you see where I am going here yet?  He is a “typical” bachelor who doesn’t cook much…..major side eye to Indomie. He is also under this very confusing illusion that I love cooking. Again, as per the fact that I am a bunch of contradictions, I love cooking, yet, I don’t. I am a spontaneous cook. I do not like cooking under duress and I do not like cooking in other people’s kitchens. I guess that means that I do not like cooking afterall.

 Lightbulb moment.  Tada!

 I hate having to shop to the minutest detail. So, say for instance, I plan on spending the whole day at his and decide to cook. That means that I shop for meat/chicken/whatever and then have to plan all the meals in my head so that half way through cooking, I don’t have to dash out again to go and buy garlic. Meanwhile, if it’s in my kitchen, chances are that I have all that I need. So, he finds it confusing that when he’s at mine, I can spend half the day in the kitchen without complaining but if it is his, I can barely stand being in there for 20 minutes…..pffffttttttt…Ain nobady gat time fo alladat!

Life has been interesting, somewhat. Some days are better than others. Does anyone know of an affordable Zumba class center in Ibadan? Hook me up abeg. These extra pounds I am carrying around isn’t “werking” for me anymore.

Where is everybody? Where are Hazel, Prism, Beautiful, Blessing, Okeoghene? Where is everybody?!

Till soon again. 

E go dey be!


  1. I hereby revoke that your side eye to indomie!!!! Indomie is the nectar of the gods and I heart it and eat it everyday. So I guess I am a 'typical bachelor' too. Lol. YY na correct guy jare. You should use the spices as a 'shady monitor'...you know, you'll be able to detect if a next girl has been there when you notice oregano spice that you did not buy...hmmm..hmmm..#thankmelater. Lol.

    Bosses are the pits but the one thing a good one does is push you to your greatest potentials. I had a love/hate relationship with my ex boss but he was a man (who occasionally PMSed with the best of 'em) but I'm grateful for his tutelage. So 'man up' and avoid bee hives...you'll be fine.

    Buy Zumba DVD na and use your terrazzo floor as a Zumba Center. I'm out!

    1. Ha! Che pls don't give my HD heart attack biko. Before you make this Ibadan girl go and start asking YY who bought the curry and pepper in the kitchen

  2. You better cultivate a STRONG LOVE for cooking. It is one of the greatest jazz’s God gave woman!

    1. chai!!! Now that you put it like that, I just might take coking seriously. Been procrastinating forever.

  3. I really don't like cooking in someone's kitchen. Some don't even have good pots. You'd be seeing small pots that can only contain one cup of rice.

  4. Lol *pulls ears* better don't listen to Cherry.
    There's a reason I always want to live in a house with close proximity to a "store", so if I remember ginger halfway through my cooking, I'll just run out n gerrit.

    I think there's on in Bodija? Not sure of d name now. If I find out, I'll hit you up on twitter :-)

  5. Lool i'm tired of this girl. Enjoy your boss jor. I had one like that and she was literally the best except on pmsing days which i learnt to read :)

    Cherry sef, lol and smh

  6. As for me, I am just happy you decided to blog after a long time.

    Why don't you just replicate your kitchen in his? That way, you have two kitchens, lol.

  7. We need to contact those Customs officers o, the razzness is getting unreal.. Oh wait, out of scope!!!

    Bosses, whether they be men or women have normal days, good days and crappy days. I am sure the shit you think you're getting, some people will happily baff in it. Former boss was a standard bastard. I still owe him 10k for that. The only... Wait o, again out of scope.

    As for cooking, if home boy enjoys your cooking, kindly establish cooking procedures. List all the things he has to do before you can cook for him. Any three of the following will be fine...
    1. Once again, out of scope.

    Let me be meandering they go with my wahala.

    Chinese Old man say, if you wan do exercise, no zumba, go pound yam. It good, real good.

  8. Looool HD o my friend enjoy the cooking!

    Bosses *sigh* story for another day.

    Why do you want to spend plenty money on zumba, just wake up and play better naija music and dance your heart out for an hour, that na better exercise joh.

  9. You gotta get used to cooking and getting used to your soon-to-be kitchen!!! I just started zumba lessons and my dear when i woke up the next morning i thought my back had dislocated. You can buy exercise dvd's or sweat out skelewu for an hour and the extra pounds will flee!

    1. LOL!!! You thought your back had dislocated.

  10. Lol.. love the post!
    Please post more often!! + I blame twitter for many absences on blogger lol

  11. strolling by lool..some boss's are just one kind. anyway for an alternative maybe u can try jogging..abi wetin u think?

  12. Zumba class in Ibadan is like...like..em...damn! Just doesn't sounds right,

  13. I saw Ibadan and the first thing that came to my mind was IB girls. Been a while since that phrase crossed my mind. They said cooking is our God-given jazz o so please program your mind to cook any and everywhere.

  14. Just do yourself a favor and buy all you need in his kitchen with his money....I hate cooking people's kitchen too.

  15. I love this post...just try nd turn his kitchen into yours by pimping it with all u desire, from the furniture to the utensils down to the spices

    Female bosses like me rock jare

  16. blessings.....
    bosses good and not so good is not about gender its about character. Like life at times you got to wade through to get through.


  17. As a rule (seems like it) female bosses are just f*&#ing annoying to deal with (I hope I don't end up like that when I'm boss one day). Maybe it's the hormones or something and we will all end up like that (whether we want to or not).

  18. I have always felt that way about cooking in people's kitchen too. When my hubby and I were dating, it was the same thing when I visited. In my kitchen I have almost all the utensils to make cooking fun and easy but in his I have to create my own chopping board, can opener etc! In addition to the spices not available..lol fun times!

    Like someone said.. Go shopping with him and load his kitchen for him :)


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