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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All Done Baby!!!

So my exams for the semester are officially over….Whoop Whoop!!!! I am SUPER DUPER excited!!! My finishing the exams is just one part of it, but, the real thang making excitement flow through my veins is that in a couple more days,
My oh My,

In a couple of days,

The skies shall part, and the big metal shall pass through it at an altitude unachievable by human jumps, whooshing by like bullets from an AK47, across oceans and seas,

To reunite HONEYDAME and YY………quadruple Whoop Whoop!!!!

Oh boy, my heart thumps in anticipation and trepidation. 

   Leaving him a couple years ago, I hadn’t expected that when I would have to take this trip, he would still be in the picture. It has been very very very very very ROCKY. The quarrels have been baseless, trivial and extremely flimsy but we have somehow (and I believe with Godz help) managed to sort-of wade through it, not necessary unscathed, but with more knowledge of how things should not be done.

   I am not anticipating running into trouble with him. BUT, some part of me, Gbeske[1] feels I am taking a journey to a road of broken heartedness. I haven’t seen this guy in more than 2 years, my waistline has expanded, stretch marks have taken residence around my muffin tops, my hairline now competes with Iya Ijebu’s receding own, some of my thinking processes have changed (for instance, why can he not just wash his plate and let’s call it a day?), my boobs and buttocks are bigger (no complaints there)..The list is endless…….Long story short, I have changed. The person he sent forth years ago is not the same person who will come back to him now, in almost all ramifications. 

   No, I do not have inferiority complex.  My concern lies more in the change is not unique to me because so has he!!! Shall I like what I shall see? If I don’t, how shall I tell one, who is literally toasting me to consider having an introduction, that I cannot go further because I now find some of his habits…errrr…not too pleasant? I am having issues compartmentalizing habits which can be managed and those which should not, so for the most part; they all get tossed into the “should not” compartment….

I think I am confusing myself!!!! OHGAWD!  
 **head in hands**

What I shall do
Enjoy my stay
And enjoy him
While it lasts
If it is forever,
My Bonus it is!

But if I get my Yoruba heart fed to the wolves, I have confidence in that blogsville will be there to help nurture it back to life.


[1] My pessimistic alter ego


  1. Ahahahahahaahhahahahhaaaaa.......am laughing so hard here ooo...gbseke!!!!....where do i start from now?...the first poem na wa o?..k49?..oh congratulations on your exams...happy for you. Stretch marks?...muffin top?...is doing me in ooo!

    Abegiii!, lef dat maata, & have fun o jare... no worry, we dey here to lend a shoulder IF it does not work out....but which i hope & pray does... 2years?.....well, just prepare your mind for anything sha & catch your fun.

    In btw, thanks for taking to my suggeation, do appreciate it....have a safe journey & merry xmas.

  2. 1st time here, n i lv ur template , d fonts r so easy to read.
    'CON' on finishishing ur xams, u ll get d 'GRATS' wen i c ur result :)

  3. Babes relax jor. U'll be surprised he'll arrive wit a belly and some funny looking hair cut too. *fingers crossed waiting for more gist*

  4. @NG, how I for do now? That Gbeske babe get big mouth o and na bad mouth too hence my command for her to shut up...lol
    @Mummy LG....***with my tail between my legs** Yes ma..lol....Yeah, what i just do is type it on Word, using any font and size on my choice and then copy and paste.
    @PET Projects, eeeeeeo!!!!I will just turn right back into the airplane...for where?lmao

  5. Yayyyy!!!! Exams are done, where the party at???...LOL
    Aww about you and YY....just go with the flow...hope for the best and prepare for the worst...and have FUNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!...Don't stress it hun, ur 2 fly for that...stretch marks...muffin top and all...shoot, real women have real curves jare!!!

  6. @ Blessing, Yes o... indescribable joy is what I feel at that feat o...no be small thing. Exams just give me the hibby-jibbies. Lmai @ "real women have real curves jare"....I am not sure if muffin tops count as one of those real curves. Thanks jare my sis....I have made up my mind to do just that...I no fit kill myself!


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