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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It Is Not An Easy Road We Are Travelling

Good Morning, Afternoon or Night (depending on when you are reading this) Blogs-ville,

   I am a little bit shaken by a post. I was on my blog-scouting rounds when I stumbled on this post. People, suicide, frustration, depression and all of those horrible sounding ailments do stem from situations like this. Pay attention to the fact that this lady refused to allow comments for this post. It is easy to swat this off and claim that an overtly dramatic person wrote this post. It may be true, but it is also possible that she feels exactly the way she claims. The essence of this my particular post is to enjoin you to say even if one word of prayer for this young lady, irrespective of your religion. We do not know how much our prayers can achieve for others; neither do we know how long they go.

    Nefeemi, if at any point you read this, I want you to remember that “He (God) couldn’t have brought you this far to leave you.”

To gain some more understanding of the situation, read some of the older posts……..


  1. Now this is one of the reason why we need to create a platform to care for one another. despite being anonymous, blogville has become a part of our lives and its only proper that we give a shoulder to a sis/bro in times like this.

    I pray she gets out of this (whatever it is).

    BTW Ladyguide you need to revisit the issue of blogs register. I'm sure someone knows Neefemi peersonally and I hope they are there for her this trying times.

  2. I do 'follow' her blog but after a while i stopped.....because of the issues i brought up in BLOGGING;BARING IT ALL. she is a sister to another blogger i believe?..or am i wrong?..she has very close friends, hence she had warned against mails being sent to her...*sigh!*

    There is a kind of politics in blogsville that would not make the blogs register thing work because SOME blogs are laid on the foundation of LIES!SPEAKING FROM 2-SIDES OF THE MOUTH, SELECTED CLIQUE...which i have observed for the 18months i have being blogging now...my heart goes to her & pray GOD would have mercy on her. AMEN.

    p.s...please my dear, can you do something about the music....kind of make it optional becox the noise can give people away in the office who want to snatch some time for themselves during working hours & as for we at home, it can disturb a child /person sleeping/reading as it did mine now...pls no offense intended tnx.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this post HoneyDame...I follow neefemi's blog and she's been going thru so much. I pray that God will indeed minister to her and that she'll come back to testify...*sigh* God dey sha!

  4. Thank you so much Honey, i appreciate this... you have to read all the previous posts though, i'm not overly dramatic i promise. lol, i just write how i feel all the time. Thank you so much though, i really really appreciate it. Thanks for stopping by on my blog though

  5. @ Neefemi....Aww!!! good to see you are back on your feet! Trust me, I wasn't thinking you were being overtly dramatic, I was just trying to make readers realize that I had thought of the possibility and found it not to be so. It is a cliche, but it is indeed well with you...Take care hone...;)

  6. @ NG, thanks for the piece of advice, I actually wanted someone to just reinforce that concern. I always have to keep my volume on the bare minimum too. So your concern is very legitimate. It is now optional so dont run away from my blog for the fear of my music waking up the whole estate.
    @Blessing and PET Projects, that's why we are here for one another (or atleast, that is what I believe). I am glad she seems to be more in control now. God dey!


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