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Sunday, December 12, 2010


DISCLAIMER: This story is not mine. It was written by a “friend” and partner –in-crime whom you might all soon know…***drums rolling***. This is going to be a series…***Big Grin***…I can so like to keep you people in suspense. Anyway enjoy, AND DO NOT FORGET TO LEAVE A COMMENT(S)!!!

I was crying so profusely as I looked at the faces of all those in attendance and saw genuine happiness and joy. I heard a woman close by whom I couldn’t recognize due to the torrent of tears rolling down my face and robbing me of a clear vision say, "Awww she must be so close to her parents and siblings that she doesn’t even want to leave them for the man she loves". The statement made me cry harder and my Mum kept saying, "Omowonuola Adetutu, we'ld still see u so y r u crying so much?"
I looked into my Mum's eyes for some kind of comfort which I usually get there but for the first time I was filled with dread not because of my situation but because what I saw was not reassurance as I expected, but lack of understanding of how I really felt. I smiled amidst tears and said, “Mummy thank u so much for always being there". This brought fresh tears to my mother's eyes and they rolled down while she mouthed "I love you".
Those words meant much more than they usually did. I felt as if she knew what I was going thru but I knew that couldn’t be true after all only a few people really knew and she wasn’t one of them. As I walked towards my new husband, I searched for the face of my friend 'Toriola but she wasn’t in the crowd. I took heavy steps towards my husband; I looked into his face and saw raw undisguised love, unbridled passion and sheer admiration for me. This realization which was supposed to reassure me made me feel even worse. I took one heavy step after the other. Aunty Rola met me on the way and said, "Wonu I’m so happy for u my dearest niece". I hugged her and held onto her like she was my life and she could save me from this blessed woe.
Yeah, I know you all must be wondering about what I’m talking about or more so about whom I am. My names are Omowonuola Adetutu Anthony. I’m a young lady of 25 years old with a lot of titles you’ld think I should be fifty. Anyway, I come from a house filled with academicians and that gave me an early consciousness of education and its value. I attended various schools and I have behind my name a master's degree in aeronautical engineering from a prestigious Ivy League university in the United States.
I am presently married to Mr Ayomide Bolarinwa,the C.E.O Tumid Oils. The "Tu" being from my name Tutu and the "Mid" from his name Mide as I prefer to call him. Between us, we live extremely on the luxurious side, so the previous part of my story might not add up or what else will a girl be looking for? A good looking guy with a lot of dough and worships the very floor she walks on.
The previous part of my story was an illustration of my engagement day. A day that I was supposed to be filled with so much joy and happiness yet there I was crying and taking heavy steps like I was being led to the gallows rather than the arms of the man who loves me. What could be responsible for this rather contradictory situation?


  1. Waiting for you to tell me! & u berra don't take long o!...*tapping my feet impatiently*

  2. @ NG, Sister take it easy o! Did I not tell you I want to get thrills from giving you suspense? Dont frown...hehehehehe
    @P.E.T Projects, wont be long...:)


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