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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A letter To My Lover

My sweet potato, I wanna tell you my mind I wanna tell you my mind o,

   I do not know where to start this from, I really do not know. Is it that I have so much to say? Or is that I have soo little to say. You have been my sole and primary lover/soul mate for the past 3years. I have no regrets whatsoever. It has been rocky, yet it has been fun, you have been silly, yet you have been sweet. For reasons unknown to me, you decided to brave this long distance thing, even against all odds, even though you had rejected it earlier on when it involved another lady. Tell me, what surety did you have that I would keep in touch? Yet you remained my friend, sounding board, bank, opponent(sometimes), companion, fan and lots more, transcending even the physical distance. I know I have my moments of total unreasonability (if that's a word), but somehow, you see past that and help get us through those period, with God's help of course.

   It would be nice to be able to celebrate this day physically together but truth be told, you have shown me times without count that we need not a special day set aside for me to know how much you love me and vice versa. We need not a special day for me to show how much I love you. We need not a special day for "special" gift giving. You know why, because with you, everyday (well, almost, when you consider those crazy days) is valentine. Every day, you are still my lover, friend and all that. Every day with you is some form of gift in itself.

    I want you to know that I appreciate you. I may not be able to show it like you would have wanted, but I feel very strongly about you. So even though it would have been nice to be together physically in commemoration of the day  (even if it is only for the sake of *winkwink*), from 8000 miles away, I bid you/us a wonderful Lover's Day and include my word to be your woman all day, every day.

I woev you my Sea Lion.


  1. Awwwwwwww......so sweet..e-y-a, e pele about not able to be with him physically..hmmm...let his voice comfort you from the 8000miles that separate both of you....HAPPY VAL DAY.

  2. Hmmmmm, Hmmmmmm, Awwww, Awwwww, Hmmmmmm, Awwwww,(to be contd.)

  3. Awwwwww...I hope he knows he is much loved and that we will get his head should he mess up--lol.

    that was sooooo sweet! love is the most wonderful thing!

  4. @NG, Thank you jare my blogging sister. You dint update for today o, and I was anticipating it. Abi you dont want us to know wot u are up to today with the MR?
    @PET, ***blushing*** I am not yet sure what the exclamations are for o. Continue soon pls.
    @Betrayednaijawife, OMYGAWD!!!! How are you HON? You just went MIA...I am believing everything is getting better,abi? Dont worry, this is your year! Possessing of possessions by fire by force!!... Thanks for dropping by, and yeah, guy knows his head will be on a platter of wooden slab should he wanna try s**t..

    Love you guys,......<3

  5. chaiiiiiiiiiiii... c love oooo. I am gonna cry ooooo.... awww.. too cute!

  6. HoneyDame,

    Lovely!!! I hope you have a beautiful day!

  7. aww this is cute
    wish i had sum1 to write this kinda letter to :( lol

  8. Awwwww....love nwantiti!

    Really lovely!

  9. Yeeepa! you are mouthed!#winks

  10. Eeeeya, this is so sweet. I hope you are making plans to permanently stay in the same zone very soon.

  11. my head is swelling on his behalf oh!! see love.. lol @ "his head will be on a platter of wooden slab".. that's some gangsta ish there girl!!... enough to put the fear of God (or of HD) in him!

  12. awwwwww
    i'm stealing this. hehe
    Where is YY if i may ask. from what i have read so far he's in Nigeria right???? or not....
    Hope you had a lovely valentines hun

  13. @9jaFOODie, **blushing** thanks

    @Just Toluwa. Thanks, tho' it was just another day for me..:(

    Kitkat, ah, I have a cute brother o, and lots of cute male cousins...lol

    Naijamum, na from all of una we dey learn o..

    Ms Yellow Sisi, Thanks

    WB, you are just sneaking in and out of blogsville ehn?

    @ilola, that is a very imperative step to take. We are working on it o, but ultimately, na God get the blueprint of everything.

    @Gbemisoke, yes o!!!Gotta instill d fear of God in him o, so that it wount be easy for him to blame the devil..lol

    @JAne Doe, steal away jare... YY is in Nigeria, poor-deprived-me!:((..Thanks for stopping by

  14. this is some serious luv nwantin tin...
    Aww...sorry bout him being 8000 miles away, at least u know the feeling is mutual n distance is no barrier.

    Interesting read

  15. @ H, Thanks, In God I Trust....Hope you like it so far. and thanks for following. I am headed to your blog right away.

  16. errrr eheeem!!!(clearing my throat o!) "*wink wink*" abi??? :)LOL

  17. @Nonye, madam, you berra go get baba blue...lol...hope to see more of you on here.


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