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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rising Up to the Challenge

  So in my earlier post about seven things about me, I wrote about how I do not know how to cook aesthetically (may my teeth no fall comot!), no matter how hard I try. I said something about how I was trying to improve on this. By the time I am done cooking, I am usually too tired to then start “dressing” the food. However, with time, I have realized that the “dressing” of the food is almost just as important as the taste. Though I am not Japanese, I have been consciously putting this into effect. With 9jaFOODie  of “Modern African Cuisine” challenging and “molete-ing” (for my Ibadan peeps) to make an aesthetically pleasing food, and LohiO  of  Lohi’s Creations”,  being another source of “cookspiration”, 

I present to you……..**drum rolls**

HoneyDame’s first conscious, albeit lame attempt at aesthetic cooking.

As if on cue, opportunity came when a friend wanted me to help her make some Nigerian dishes for her Nigerian boyfriend as a surprise dinner thingy so I made 5 dishes.
Fried Rice, Jollof Rice, Buns, Grilled Cajun-Spice Chicken, Stewed Beef (peeking in the corner)
 And another view:
Oya dont be upset, I left some for you people na...mbok, dont vex
Jollof Rice, Fried Rice and Stewed Beef.
 What excuse has YY now? I tell you, guy is a goner!
ehn ehn! oya ratings!!!! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly......:)  ***rubbing hands in glee, no fall my hand o*** ;)


  1. Not bad HoneyDame...u tried small...lol...btw since has Grilled Cajun-Spiced Chicken been considered 9ja food?...*raises eyebrows*

    That stew beef looks mighty tasty....mmmmmm

  2. I just had dinner, yet I'm salivating at this your cooking... like for real. And you call it "lame" *rolls eyes at you.* You did a good job :P

  3. The 'Rices'(jollof and fried)look good, hope they tasted good too?

  4. gush! now i am beginning to crave for rice instead of the okra soup i had in mind since morning:( good job! keep it up, the more one cooks the better you get at it.

  5. Really good job
    Totally agree that presentation is key when it comes to food.

  6. *hand outstretched with plate*...oya begin dey dish am sharp! sharp! make i whack o jare!.. weldone HD!...you really try o!..gnashing?... ha! definitely not with my eba & okro soup sha. heheheahahhhaa...yes o! YY don enter am!.. excuse ke?..

  7. Now you've got me salivating liek those blogs do, lol. Very aesthetic indeed! And delicious I'm sure!

  8. wow.. it looks so goood! i'm so hungry! i want some :(

  9. hayaf laff tire!! HD, you are one correct geyl! LWTMB!! "moleteing"??? hahaha

    Glad to see I've got company rising to 9jafoodie's challenge. Here's my own attempt:

  10. Blessing, Blessing, Blessing, How many times I call you?..No fall my hand o!!! Ow you go talk say I try small? if I wan try big nko?..lol. As for the grilled chicken, chicken is chicken is chicken, all na effizy...

    @LG,Thank you jare, uu are unlike some people, I am not mentioning names o, Blessing! LOL

    Jaycee, haba, dont make fun of my cooking o. Martha Stewart abi what is that her name sef? started from somewhere o. Thanks for dropping by.

    PET< the guy said they tasted good o..

    Mrs Newlywed, I am glad it could have that effect on you. It means that I have done something "aesthetically right"....lol..thanks for dropping by. I also see that you clicked the "follow" button. "preciate it.

    Naijamum, yes o! hopefully I go on an upward trend from here.

    NG, hehehe, i don sabi say u no go fall my hand! Oya take! Thanks

  11. MW, tres delicious, from the guy's account.

    Kitkat, the small portion in that bowl is alll for you sis!

    Gbemisoke, I just got back from you blog too...you see tha 9jaFOODie ehn, we'll show her pepper!! and thanks for following.

  12. For someone that does not knoow how to 'cook', I will say this is a very great job. On the other hand, I think you really know haow to cook cos the pictures are making me salivate.

  13. oh wow!!!
    NIce!! Looks lovely.. Well done girl

  14. hahahahahahahahah...... You have done well. infact hen... U av done plenty well. I want some oo... I actually want plenty. Hunger dey hang man like say no bow tie right now.
    Good job.... u and Gbemi :)...lol.

  15. that sure looks delicious.....well done!

  16. waoh, they all look really good, so good I feel like eating @ 1 am.

  17. @9jaFoodie, na u na!!! Ogbonge teacher, you are yet to tell us the afang recipe o. Thanks

    @betrayednaijawife, thanks ma'am

    @anodaphase, hehehhe, then you need to visit 9jaFoodie's blog, you go vex comot. Thanks for dropping by

  18. They sure look good....I also don't have the patience to 'dress' food but I appreciate good looking food.......it helps to fast forward the appetite. Good job!

    *First time here*

  19. @Omoregee, you and me both o! and you are right. But you know, I realise that I tend to eat less when the food is aesthetically pleasing...I see you clicked on the follow button, I am so excited! Hope to see more of you around here. Thanks

  20. Wait! someone who made all these cant cook aethetically?? foul! if u werent good ur friend wont come to u....xcept u're aspiring to be on the TV show Top Chef where u are judged based on "Culinary Eloquence" (heard that on the show :))

  21. @Nonye, haa, that one na biting more than I can chew!!! Top chef ke? Provided I hold that position in my household, I will be very content... Thanks.."culinary Eloquence"? Na from your mouth/fingers I hear/read am o!

  22. Awwwwww yay!!!! glad i inspire!!!:) you did well my dear

  23. Thanks LohiO...I have been waiting for your stamp too!!!..:) Bring it on...Betty Crocker!

  24. Oh my, my mouth is watering major. I love this!

  25. @stylishforever, thanks, that translates at success for me..:)


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