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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Business, Church and .....

One of the topics trending on Yahoo homepage especially, is the picture of Beyonce.  For those already used to seeing her on magazine covers, this one is different. It is different because her face was painted black for a French magazine in commemoration of Fela Kuti. Now, people all over the world are irked. Naijapals, Facebook, (you name it!) for a variety of reasons. Some feel that it is an insult for her to paint her face black, some think people are being petty, some wonder what the theme of the photo shoot is, asking if Beyonce isn’t black enough to be used without having to paint her face even blacker. Some think she is being hypocritical since a picture of her was seen a couple of days/weeks ago and she was even whiter than before.  Non –Africans are laughing at the situation because it almost seems like an intra-black-society-racism, Beyonce is black, but not black enough? Some belief a “real” black model should have been used, say Alec Wek. Some even believe that Beyonce shouldn’t have accepted the contract. To some, it is a societal ridicule in that being that black is not seen as cool but when a model paints her/himself black, it is cool for that reason……. Confusion!!!

As for me, I don’t even know where I stand, because for the most part, I feel Beyonce is in business and wetin concern agbero with overload? On the other hand too, if they really wanted to depict a person that black, are they insinuating that there is no “black” person who is as beautiful as Beyonce? Or maybe they just wanted the WorldWide Celebrity endorsement thing…..My people, what are your takes?

In continuation to Looking Glass of a Nigerian Immigrant’s Post on churches, I decided to regal you with a story of my own on the subject matter. Apparently, to curtail our ever growing population in Nigeria, the government must have connived with some Christian religious leaders. Otherwise, why then would this certain pastor ask people to bring 750 naira per child for prayers? On getting home to Nigeria last December/January, my mum had gone to a revival service and when I asked my younger brother why he hadn’t gone with her, he said his spirit didn’t go with the invited pastor.  At this point, I kind of understood, because from time immemorial, invited evangelists would come and before you would realize what was happening, the focus would have gone from revival to sales of certain tapes, be it preaching tapes or music tapes. In this particular evangelist’s case, he had started siphoning money from the congregation form day 1. The next thing he said was for them to bring 750 per child for prayer!!! Ha!!! So what happens to those Iya Eleja with 7 and half children? Do the maths with me people, that’s about 5625 naira, for prayers, in the house of God?!!!!! Whatever happened to free salvation?

In personal news, I am going through that time in the Long Distance Relationship life cycle. For about a week now, it has been one issue over the other. Hardly would we have settled one before another would come up. Long story short, I am tired emotionally and I am just letting go. I understand that this might just be a phase, but I also am cognizant of the fact that we may or may not get over it. Either ways, for now, I am DONE. **Naija accent** I cannot come and kill myself. A Yoruba adage translates as “an eye that will stay with one till the evening (end) will not start emitting pus in the morning.” So if I have to spend the best part of our courtship years diffusing one flame or the other, I probably will be a firefighter for the rest of my life with him, mbanu, I have other ambitions. For now, I am back in the market, but merely spectating. Once I am ready to participate, I will let you people know, perhaps you have cousins or brothers or in-laws or neighbors, who by some stroke of luck  are emotionally stronger than I am.[In fact, I am even contemplating lesbianism, that way, I kindda know what to expect……..I kid I kid].

In conclusion, spring break is around the corner and I am just a few breaths (and exams) short of breaking out in a dance of relief! Phew….


  1. lmao! you had me seriously laughing my azz off!
    I am also torn on the whole beyonce thing o. maybe the editors felt she was beginning to look more white than black and to drive the point home, they decided to paint her black? lol! me i would like to hear what she has to say about it sha.
    Pastors asking for money is one prevalent issue in naija churches nowadays. I find it very disturbing! Its almost like there is a silent understanding that they must be paid at the end of every consultation.
    There are churches where the congregation rarely put efficient amount be it with tithe or offering and donations aren't sufficient....I sometimes understand while churches like those go the extra mile to extract from the congregation. But paying before prayer isn't the way forward at all.
    about your bobo situation...hmmmm! i will keep my mouth shut before una use me settle quarrel :) hehehehe

  2. I dunno about the Beyonce drama drama jare...all I know is that she's making money...whether she's too light...or her face was painted black...she's getting paid!
    750 naira per child for prayers? na wah oooo...smh...this is truly the end times!
    I'm so sorry about you and YY...I really wish that u 2 can work everything out...but made u both need some breathing room. What the case may be, I pray that God's Will will be fulfilled *hug*

  3. i think the magazine people wnted sumthing controversial and photography is a form of arts so i understand they may want to go all the way with their artistic thingy.
    dnt see y people are making it a big issue, i think the pics are definitely "interesting". they wont have gotten half as much publicity if it was jst a regular black model.
    #okbye.. i haff said my piece, my job is done,lol :)

  4. HD! you are such a beautiful clown!

    first, i don't see why all the 'noise' about Bey, she is just doing a job , & i see it as a homage / honour paid to a legend..shikenna!

    secondly, churches??????...i had never had love for the church...now, i had completely lost faith in it! ..i don't attend such crusades or programmes, even in the RCCG church i attend. Night vigil sef, i no dey go! weekly activities, i no dey go!, so no maga can trick me in paying for prayers from all the past experiences i don get.. CHURCH IS AN ORGANIZATION, WITH A TARGET TO MAKE PROFITS,...shikenna!
    750 per child?...dem don take style style count the total number of children nah come for the programme,then divide it by the total money them want =750!..Q.E.D..hahahahaaa.. dem know say mothers don't joke with their children, hence capitalized on it. If dey had place it on adults, dem know say, NATHING FOR THEM!

    As for your *back to the market* issue.. am not surprised o... i dey always talk am.. LDR hardly works out..abi no be 9ja man?..when babes fall ground repete, then he go keep his sugar stick for freezer till anytime you visit? glad you don 'understand'..so whether i get pesin?..yes o! i be get one cousin, but the guy too razz o jare...i no want spoil our friendship becox of the boy kolo ways..so NATHING on my side..hehehehhee..goodluck on your new search:))))

  5. The Beyonce issue is a publicity stunt and it is working, cos you are even blogging about it and making it more popular, even though you won't be paid. I never knew about it, now you have publicized it to me.
    750 naira for child prayers, some pastors have really gone too far o. Well, I think people should know God for themselves and learn to pray for themselves, salvation is personal.
    As for YY, sorry o. I believe LDR works but it takes every atom of commitment on both sides. If you think it is worth fighting for, then fight with all you have. If not, then there is no point.

  6. the byonce thing is ridiculous,ignore the whole blackening of the face to the original point,choice of her for the cover of the African roots edition,its like there are no other African women who have gained international acclaim. i guess she sells many copies.
    the churches thing is too much, it happens even here but ive never heard of come with *** amount of money,too much. sorry you had to let go maybe its for the best. o love how you write.

  7. Im so sure it is because of money making innovations like these that Governor Fashola of Lagos has been contemplating slamming religious organizations with huge tax.

    Sorry to hear abt the break up, LDR has never being my thing. Hope u're aight sha?

  8. OMG!!!! R you serious about the 750 naira per child? and I was complaining about Christ Embassy and their gate fee. This one looks like plain ol' business in the house of God. I've never heard this one before.

    I liked your analysis on the Beyonce issue. It's more like an intrablack thing now. Black is black abeg. We have to show oyibo people that. All this light skin vs. black skin blackness was started by oyibo people and we black people should now support it.

    Sorry about your relationship... it will be okay.

  9. Beyonce vex me sha, but she's still my babe. The fact is the contract couldn't have gone to someone else. It was her husband that funded the FELA! Broadway show that the entire shoot is promoting. All the best to them, the good thing is Naija is being remembered through Fela and all that.

    As for you and your LDR, fingers crossed. I met my hubby online and we're together now. We had one or two fires, but only you know whether yours is what you can live with.

  10. I dont know where we are going to with religion in our country. I have blogged and blogged and ranted. Just look at this story


    As for Beyonce, i cant criticise her as she is one of the few global stars that have identified with Nigeria. Yes they could have used someone darker but still this woman deserves a chance. And just like Myne said, her hubby is in charge of the whole thing. Full stop.

    Even the 'outrage' will still make money for them. Sharp business people as far as I can see.


  11. @Mrs Newlywed, your take on the Beyonce thing is an interesting one,....uhm, very interesting. As for the churches, sebi we are all answerable to one Being, at the end of the day...each pesin go carry him own punishment. @ your last statement....lmmao...you too sabi the drill!

    @Blessing, thanks for that hug, I really needed it.

    @Kitkat, Where are you going to? My friend come back here joo!lol, thanks for saying your piece.

    @NG, ah, atutupoyoyo like me!...lol.Me I am not surprised at you o as far as the church matter is concerned, sebi na u!!lol.OSANOBOWA!!!Abeg o, I no want your cousin o, sosongo!!! *sigh* that LDR na correct wahala...Though I was being overdramatic in that paragraph....M not back to any market....lol

    @ilola,You are right about that Beyz issue.. that's what those people thrive on, publicity...yeye people.Thanks for the advice on d LDR stuff. We are working on it. I guess I have just as much issues as he does...*sigh*...Que sera sera, whatever will be will be...

  12. @Mbabazi, yeah, i guess they needed the International Celebrity status which she has. Thanks, hopefully, I will be seeing lots of you around here....

    @PET,*wide eyed*, really?! That guy sure knows what's up! */hugesigh/*....I am fine, M just not really sure what I am doing anymore. I am sure I will come to some knowledge soon tho, Thanks a bunch..:)

    @LG, yes o! and we are not even talking about a new generation church o! It is an old faithful baptist church! Can you imagine?

    @Myne,OH!!!! Figures!!!!No wonder! as for the LDR, I am just looking up to Lord Jesus for signs...sometimes it is soooo good and sometimes it is er.r.r.r. Thanks for the inspiration.

    @MEna, Thanks for dropping by. we are together in that opinion that it is business! Shikena!

  13. LDRs...been there...done that...can't say it doesn't work coz different things work for different people. Only still nursing my not so huge hrtbreak as well....so yuh welcm to the single ladies scene!

  14. Stories of most Nigerian churches amuse me,
    I'm just glad Nigerians are wiser now and the 'Ashawo church' that most of us used to practice has reduced drastically


  15. Man, I am SOOOO outta the loop on what's going on in the real world because I had no idea about the Beyonce thing. She had to have known it would be contraversial!!

    Sorry to hear you're relationship isn't going so well. You have to follow your gut, in the long run...and it seems like you are.

  16. @Tales of a Girl in Search..(Babe, abeg, my teeth/fingers are about to fall on this one!lol)....awww, I'd love to hear your story! thanks for dropping a line

    @Chizy K,We can only hope o

    @Helene, OMG!!! I am so excited to read your comment on my blog and find that you can actually relate with a couple of issues. thanks so much!:)

  17. My goodness! am rolling on my belly! Nice one! niceeeeee!

    BTW I have an uncle o! 45yrs (*wink*)

  18. I really don't give a hoot if Beyonce darkened her facial color,it won't change how i feel about her music.However,on the pastor collecting #750 for whatever,i'm not gonna say anything,God will take care of his business.Finally on your long distance relationship,i'm particular glad you are set for the worse cos it could happen and if it does happen and i'm in the market then,i'd scoop you up *grin*.Nice blog dear!

  19. @Nonye, biko o, roll on that belly small small o..Thanks for dropping a line. As for your offer on that uncle, I will pass on that one. Haba!! i be small geh na!

    @ 9ja Great, you are tew gbaski jare!The Bf doesnt like to hear me say I am prepared for the worst, but it is my own defense mechanism. Abi o!!!! We'll have a Blogsville Wedding and choose all the bridal train from here..lol.. thanks for dropping by.

  20. lol! I'm with @ilola and kitkat on Beyoncé’s Fela Kuti inspired "African Queen” cover. I think that was the whole idea, to keep us chatting about it. You know what they say.....any press is good press

    @ ur new r/ship status. Mmph!!! Why do I get the feeling you'll be telling us it's been reversed within the next week.......Just saying :)

  21. @Koinonia, your feeling is right o...lol..except it dint even take up to a week..maybe 2mins after I wrote the post..lol..I am unrepentant, I know. Thanks for dropping by


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