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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cast Away Your Sorrow

Hi people, thanks for all your comments especially on my last post. Yeah, I am apparently still yet to learn my lesson on LDR,!!! *sigh*
Anyway, while internet surfing, I found these, it might seem long, but I promise, it will be worth it. It is funny as heck, yet still a serious matter. Listen well to the disclaimer o.
Oh the hilarity!!!
Oya say something, all my Adelakuns, Danladis and Nwosus....:)

** all videos were gotten from youtube.com**


  1. LOL.... so stereotypical and funny. I found myself laughing at everything the yoruba guy chief Adelaku. I enjoyed the video the first one more :D

  2. hahahaha!!! i haff dead!,lol
    this is so hilarious..

  3. lol...funny characters...but the message (1st video) is sound: register and vote, before u complain.

  4. buhahahahaha! pure hilarity! Chief Adelaku cracked me up in the first one...and dt Igbo guy..lol!

  5. LOL...Chief Adelaku cracked me up!

  6. I just reread my comment... gosh, this my computer sef, the "upright bar that blinks and tells where to type" (don't know what it's called) inserts itself at different positions while I'm typing. So let me retype what I meant to say.

    "I found myself laughing at everything the yoruba guy, chief Adelakun, said. I enjoyed the first video more."

    Alright, just thought I should clarify b4 pple be wondering what I was high on while typing :)

  7. hahaha that was funny especially the fist one.

  8. hahahahahahahaha! chief chief!! funny stuff!

  9. lol funny video...btw thanks for commenting on my first post :)

  10. LOL!! cheif adelakun na my guy..too funny

  11. lolz ... very funny video

    follow me:

  12. Gosh! how did i miss this post HD?

    wow! like your new layout oo..

    sorry, couldn't watch the vid..too slow..& impatient today..busy cooking.

  13. I am glad you guys found it as funny as I did. Cheif Adelakun was my man too...that accent is killing!!!..lol
    @NG, trust me, you gotta come back n check it out o

  14. @Iwalewa, you are welcome. Hope to see more of you here..

  15. chaiiiiii.....LWKMD!!!! hahahahah.....where did you find this stuff. I am officially in like. lol

  16. Hahaha, this is hilarious! I always saw these videos but never bothered to watch them. I'm glad I did now!

    First time here...nice blog! :)


    P.S My last name is Adelakun lol


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