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Monday, March 28, 2011

Let Me Tell You!

I have a couple of issues to address in this post. Please stay with me:
  1.    I went home on spring break about two weeks ago. I couldn’t afford to fly because it was so expensive so I opted to drive with some friends of a friend. If you know anything about America, you will testify that indeed nothing is free. I was prepared for this. Also, prior to the trip, my friend “Lank” had told me that his friend,” Boon”, wanted $35 as “fee”. I agreed to pay it. Mind you, Lank and Boon are both Nigerians. When I wanted to pay, I didn’t have the exact amount on me so I gave Boon $40 and waited to see if he would give me my change.
About 30mins after I gave him the money, he gave me my $5 change without me prompting him. He had picked me up from my hall and dropped me off right in front of my house. I would have returned to school with him but he left NYC long before I was ready to leave. Lank then linked me up with another person who I could travel back with----an African American (I believe) who I shall refer to as Looney.

Lank had told me that Looney was requesting for $30 and that kind of made sense to me, considering that Looney expected me to join him in The Bronx (though I live in Brooklyn). I had to take a cab to Looney’s (Cos of my baggage). So tell me why as the journey progresses, I see us branching off into some town like that. I hadn’t been told/forewarned of anything and I sat there like a mumu, watching the proceedings. I later got to realize (on my own) that he had branched off to pick up his girlfriend (who seemed to live out of our way) and even spent like an hour after we got there.

Anyway, I found some conviction within myself that it was time to pay. I had not the exact change (again) so I gave him $40 and waited for my change. Five hours later, he made no mention of my change or proffered any explanation. Mind you, I was not the only person in the car who was paying him and from what I saw, the others paid him way less that the said $30.

I just smiled within my mind and said nothing of the money. Why you ask? It was not his fault that I hadn’t asked for change from the co-passengers before giving him the money. Also, I got some unexpected money that morning so if he would revert to duping me to take care of his needs, God had already blessed me in advance. Plus now, I have learnt my lessons.

So, moral is, if you think Nigerians are the only dubious ones, you are on a loooong thing.
  1. I was sitting in one of my classes, stiff-bored (that is another post since I still don’t realize the essence of some of the classes I am being forced to take in my major), when an idea popped into my cute little (and yeah I said little) head. I had been remembering YY’s niece who I met on my trip. She was only 3 years old but could recite the states and capitals. To cure the boredom, the idea was to attempt writing the Nigerian States and Capitals. I use the word “attempt” because that was exactly what it was, an attempt:
a.    I came up with about 20 states after 3 hours.  *runsawaybeforeyoustartstoningme*
b.   The capital for my Adamawa was Umuahia.
c.   Jos was a state.
d.   The capital for Enugu was Aba.
e.   The capitals for Kastina, Maiduguiri, Anambra and a few others were missing.
f.   About 16 states and capitals were still missing in recital.

Needless to say I am shamed! I then tried remembering what I learnt in my geography classes in High school. I came up short. Believe it or not, until I came to the States, I had no idea there was any other Black continent except from Africa. I always though Brazil was in Europe. I thought Europe was to the West of Africa.

I need not disgrace myself further with my geographic ignorance. My concern however lies in the question of “what then are we being taught in school?” The average American Child has a rough idea of where other countries are located (at least they can tell you in which continent it is). Can the same be said of an average Nigerian Child?
Yet, we aim to compete on international levels though we have little or no idea of our neighbors, talk less of the rest of the world.

I am going back to my drawing book and relearning the states and capital. Try it and let me know what you discover.

The World in Our Hands
Abia- Umuahia
Akwa Ibom- Uyo
I’m out of here before you fully stone me…….:d


  1. Hmmm, we all know that Nigerians are not the obly dubious people, but the bad eggs have made it our trademark
    As for geography, do you know many young Americans think Africa is one massive country? so.I don't think they are as enlightened as you say o. They are just opportuned. A lot of them have not left their country also, maybe it is because they have all they need to survive.

  2. I hope looney has boilin his nether regions as he spends your $10, and may your pocket never been short of money. Amen.

    As for your state and capital, you are right....maybe you need to run fast before you are pelted with frozen sachet water :)

  3. Some human beings are dubious, doesn't pertain to countries although some countries such as Nig and India are known for very dubious people.

    About Geography, I have to disagree with you. I know kids in Nig that know about continents,countries and the location of places on the world map, I guess it has to do with the sch

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  5. lol....i laugh in Japanese. The average American child can tell you what? Maybe when they are children they know these things but as adults.....believe me when i tell you that they are very ignorant of things/places that are not USA or Canada. Believe that.

    As for my knowledge of Geography, I never took a single geography class and i know that i'm very lacking in that area. VERY. Oh well, i have more pertinent issues to worry about now. That's what google is for. If that fails, i'll just look stupid or plead brain failure....i can't remember or hmmm....i'm not sure.

  6. pple don't learn from skool only, u learn at home, from tv etc. It is a fact that the only educational TV we had in Nigeria was 'speak out' and after a long long while we had 'bornvita brain march', no documentaries n nothing educative, what do u expect kids to learn wen all they watch is 'papa ajasco', 'fuji house of commotion'
    Even the ones lucky enough to have literate parents are still surrounded with dumb, illiterate relations, neighbors and friends.
    And when they gather for a chat prefer to gossip instead, so there's no knowledge being passed. but i can say times are changing, there are now more educative n yet interesting pro grammes on Nigerian TV, the social networks despite there obvious disadvantages ve been helpful too

  7. I ain't surprised that the Nigerian proved to be trustworthy and credible,we have lots of Nigerians like that regardless of what people believe and i can proudly say i'm one.The fact that you couldn't recite the state and capitals of Nigeria is somehow sha,go learn am o...hehehehe

  8. Hahahahahahahah.... madame honeydame, you want to kill person with laugh???

    Umuahia capital of Adamawa... chai.... You have embarrassed social studies and geography teachers.

    Okay I need to stop talking coz I'm not any better. I've totally forgotten how it goes...

  9. haha...u're a crack up
    Why r the two points numbered one tho? is there a significance?

    As in ehn...whoeva is deceived is on a serious long ting...cuz I think the so called, "people from abroad",...lol...r the most discreetly dishonest of them all.

    Re: ur geography, my dear...it's a Nigerian affliction for real...It's the same way many of us took French for both grade skool n high skool n yet, still can only have the "how are you?" and "what is your name?" convo.

    Oh we can conjugate and say good-bye as well...

  10. buhahaha!!!

    As Sting said, i think a lot of Americans are ignorant of the world around them... Case in point- an american asks whether Africa is a country.

    So dnt be so embarrased...i thot everyone in america was white...lol!

  11. @ilola, true that. But my point is they at least know it exists..

    @Mamuje....Amen o..Lmao.
    You see, i knew people like you would wanna do that. I know i deserve it.

    @Anonymous, I initially thought it had to do with the school too. but then it got confusing. the high schools I attended where supposedly top-notch ones and apparently they failed at imparting as much knowledge as I think they should have.

    @Sting, that's "strange" o. Maybe the American Child is dependent on location sha. A child who grew up in NYC probably knows more than the counterpart in say..Louisiana..Lmao @laughing in japanese...only u!!!

    @Chizy K, uhm, that's another angle to it. And very true too. I just say we overhaul the system...Wait...people have been saying that for eons...*sigh*. I can only hope that things get better

  12. LOL@Chizzy's comment
    Well, I dont think the average American is that knowledgable about the outside world.
    i get irritated when I hear some of them refer to Africa as a country. Even some of our mumu Naija brothers in US do same...as in...'I travelled to Africa last week..' Where exactly *hisss*
    Regarding Naija education, I do feel that generally, kids all over are much too concerned about 'MTV cribs', 'Super sweet sixteen' etc and less about geography, current affairs etc

  13. lol @ ur geographic ignorance. while u r right, there are children her who do know the continents and some of there countries. They know England is in Europe and US in America. I used to think America was in England and the Queen ruled all the countries. lol.

  14. i dnt think the average American is really that smart when it comes to geography. Like naijamum said, some still think Africa is a country,lol. I think Nigerian high schl education is pretty good, that's why most of us excel outside nigeria :p
    Omg Loony is such a duper!..so sowi. i bet u musta been super pissed. i hate when people try to take advantage of situations to dupe me or play me ..so sowi!!!

  15. I hate when I have to ask people for money! Even if it's my money! I'm glad you appropriately named him Looney lol

    Hopefully, he wasn't a rough driver or anything?

    About the states, I can't stone you (unfortunately) because I don't ever think I was able to get all the states correctly haha

  16. I live in the States. I understand everything can be had at at cost (and nothing good is really free). But moreover, when it comes to money - great friendships and blood relatives have crumbled at the mix of the two. So its not limited to a nationality...its human.

  17. Is there another black continent other than Africa? I didn't know that o. I did geography up to ss3 so I like to pretend that I'm quite knowledgeable but that 36 states don pass me.

    As for dubious people, they're everywhere.

  18. shhhhhhhhh..... Do not tell anyone i was here, i'll be back to blogsville soon. Thanks for checkin up on me.

  19. @ a9jaGreat, abi o.. I am working on it. trust me

    Prism, you see yoursef?!..lol..Maybe we can compare notes sha.

    H, no o. there is no significance. I usually type up on M.word and then paste on the Blogger note. but it didnt transfer my numbering and when I tried using the blogger numbering, it gave me one again. So I decided I wasnt going to sweat it.:D. LMAO at the allusion to french. Please o, Me I can say I am sorry in French,so therefore, I am more french than you are.hehehehehhehe Au Revoir.

    Just Toluwa, uhm, You people are right o, but me i still say at least they know it exists.

    Naijamum, I am so with you on those ones who should know better but still say "I went to Africa". I makes me think, "Oh really, you did? Now that's interesting!"..mchewwwww people!

    @Uzezi....lol...ok, I am suddenly feeling better, knowing people are comfortable discussing the errors of their geographic knowledge too.

    @Kitkat, I agree with you on that one. and that is why I restricted the post to the discussion of geography. I, for one, know how many Math classes I got exempted from even though I am not a science student. As for Looney, Mamuje has helped me to deal with him.

    @Oluwatobi, Are you sure you are not a male me?!funny thing is after i got to school,Boon texted me to ask if I was ok because he knew that Looney was a rough driver!! I sat there thinking to myself, thanks for giving me this heads "down" AFTER the trip was over! By the way, I will still report Kitkat to you....:D

    itsjustmedaringtodream, true that too. I tell my friends that all the time,especially when we have to go into business. Ngor, my sis is NOT a good business partner but my mum is the best business partner there ever is.:)

    @Myne, hehehehehehehe, I would say Central America is another Black "continent" and I guess I am using the word continent loosely here.

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I like the partners-in-crime- feeling I got from reading the comments...:)

  20. ha ha ha....icant even tell 6 states and capitals in 9ja soo u did good oh! As for dubious people, they r so many everywhere, regardless of country or tribe or whatever, its just that nigerians are popular for it.lol

  21. P.E.T Projects, *with a broken voice* COme back here...soon? how soon is soon? :(

    Sisi Yemmie, ha...oya cover your face more than mine!

  22. Naija people are not the only scammers in the world...how people self are still learning.

    As for state and capital, ever since the states were changed,i know them again. I still have the old states in my head, and shame dey always catch me if i sister ask for capital of some states.

  23. Hmmmm... Looney is one of those 'favour 419' people, God help us!

    As for American kids knowing their geography more, the impression I get from talking to yankie dwelling Nigerians is that Americans are ignorant about all things non-American.

  24. Hopefully one day, people will realise that there is no one race/nationality that are all angels. Scammers and dubious characters abound.

    I am not brave enough to attempt that states/capital thing....I am not sure I will like the result.

  25. I'm glad it wasn't the Nigerian who ripped you off, but sorry you were ripped off @ all...thank God for your prior blessing.

    I don't agree with you that the American youth are better informed than the Nigerian youth...In fact, I find many westerners very limited in their knowledge of the world...many think Africa is a Country...some say Ghana is the capital of Nigeria...many have never left the shores of their own country...in this day and age, some still wonder why my english language is "so" good.

    Many Nigerian youth/children on the other hand, especially those born in this millenium, are very well informed thanks to internet/dstv exposure, and can hold their own in world conversations...

    That said, my own world geography is not great, and I only learned many of the things I know now when I started travelling internationally/moved to the UK...but Adamawa - Umuahia? honey?! LOL...

  26. @Lara..All I can say is thank God for google.

    @Naijalines, abi o. Even though technically, it would cost me as much to take public transport, I particularly opted to go with him for some "social" reasons. Then he goes and dupes me...mcheeww

    @natural nigerian, lmao.. try it and see what you get. You never know....

    @Anoda Phase, I know right, I kept thinking like " What if I really couldnt afford to part with that $10?" It would have been very awkward for me.....oh well..I dont know, maybe the crop of kids I have conversed with are just a little knowledgeable on such topics sha. But I do agree that it seems like the Nigerian child is evolving with respect to that.

  27. Up Naija!!!!!! hungry Looney!

    and ehen for not getting Nigerian states and capital: shame shame shame, shame!!! LOL LOL

  28. Ha! don't be ashamed o! i am worstest {see my english sef} than you ooo! Exactly! what do an average kids know? Teachers leave the foundation & lay bricks instead! International standard ko? international ni?..mschew!..just don't let me start..if not.....

    hmmm...so not only 9jas ehn?...good to know this ooo :)

  29. On the geography issue, I disagree. Most Americans don't know jack about anywhere but America. Some even think neighbouring Canada is one of the U.S. States. It was in that U.S. that someone asked me whether I was going to take a bus to Nigeria. And she was serious. She was at least 22 years old.

    And it's probably the younger generation of Nigerians who are having trouble with the country or the world's geography because they taught us all those things in primary school.

  30. Hahaha.... if Jos is a state, then we have more than 36 states. But it hasn't gotten to that yet. But u got the first three right. How about the next three?

  31. Chai! I confess, i had to write states recently and i was looking at my paper like a mugu! Had to even google some X_x

    Lol at the first story. Everybody na crook oh. See why we shouldn't generalize


  32. Funny!! I know my states and most capitals 95% :). But like you I was inspired by seeing some child reel it off. Meanwjile I am surprised you think American kids know Geography better. They probably do now but in our days when public schools were good, I doubt if they could have matched up to a Nigerian kid. Our teachers were good then. There was all those quizzes and shows. sigh..dont let me start...
    I'm enjoying the reading..

  33. Nonye, madam. don't judge joo!lol

    NG, yes on every count!

    Os, Lmao!!! Really? you should have told her that you would walk some and then swim across the atlantic! Ode osi!

    Deolascope, I am shamed enough for myself joo...lol

    Adiya, we should re-learn together o! and put the devil to shame..:d

    Ginger, uhm, I do have a vague memory of some educational shows (though my childhood wasnt to long ago....lol). I just guess that my knowledge of the states and capital were not applied well enough to help me commit it to memory like say, the times table.

    Kitkat, hey deawie, I yam back now...:)


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