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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Long Time Coming 1

Ble Ble, my personal person, looked around and bestowed me with this wonderful award. She awarded me a few weeks ago,yet I am just posting it…*I yam ashamed of meself already*

Here are the rules :

Un) Mention five guilty pleasures
Deux) Nominate three bloggers to receive the award

  • ·         A black black man is such a huge turn on for me! It takes longer for a fair-skinned guy to get my attention and attraction. The “burnt” ones just do it for me.
  • ·         I am a shameless and chronic ice-cream lover. Can I have cookie dough, peanuts, oreo cookies and vermicelli mixed into my vanilla ice-cream and put in a waffle, please and thank you!
  • ·         #suemenow# I SOMETIMES like to check out total strangers’ packages….the males. So most times, I end up being that person who notices a guy with the zipper down or the guy sporting a hard-on..oops! I don’t do it all the time and I am as discreet as a fly on the wall.
  • ·         I love fragrances but hate floral fragrances.
  • ·         My fifth guilty pleasure is a pleasure that is guilty and thus, I proclaim it unbloggable, for now. #youshacan’tkillmenow+ I will take guesses#

I hereby nominate…………………………………:>

If you haven’t been to any of the above blogs, you need to “shek” them/it out!!!


  1. ooh i am a shameless and unapologetic icecream lover!..make it chocolate icecream and we cld be homies for life! :p
    i only check out guys i like,lol.. not random guys. i cnt help myself,lol

  2. lol @ checking out total strangers’ packages....ahan aunty
    i love ice cream too :D and i dont like strong fragrances

  3. strangers' packages? na wa ooo. lol

    as for the unbloggable? if it is that bad... well, is it mas......ion?

  4. hmmmmmmm hmmm unbloggable? hmmmmm again, u already confessed to unzippin with ur eyes....em lemme see, with ur hands too?? hehehehehehehe pls no mind me o!!!

    Thanks for the award, I almost feel like nominating you back... cant find many "worthier" bloggers :)

  5. Hmmmmmm,i know what it is that you consider unbloggable! Naughty you! hehehehehehe

  6. Kitkat,hehehe a girl after my very own heart! we can host an icecream party sometime..;)

    NikkySho, dont judge me o...lol..I am simply admiring God's creation. Afterall, some of these guys stare indiscriminately at my butt.what's sauce for the goose...

    @ilola, hehehehehhehe, my lips are sealed..but let's not rule dat one too out....hehehe

    Nonye,haba...wot is big-boy's function if I have to revert to my hands? buh again, let's not rule it out.

    A9jaGreat, tell me jare!!! *winkwink*

  7. LMAO at the last pleasure. Eya!! Share nau! :p I confess, i check them out too *blush*


  8. @Honeydame, I'm inviting myself to the ice cream party coz I'm def an ice cream lover as well.

    Hmmm @ checking out guys' packages.... Let your mommy catch those wandering eyes of yours....

  9. stranger's packages? ur kidding me lol.. thats just too funny

  10. Well ain't that sweet! :) Congrats on your blog award!

  11. Hahaha....I love ice cream too, but prefer lighter guys. On the others, my lips are sealed, lol...

  12. HUMMMMMMMM....what is this guilty pleasure ooo :D. ...CONGRATS ON the award!

  13. A big thank you my dear..sorry for coming late.. didn't know how i missed this post #sincerely o!#.

    i want to know #5 sharpishly o! ..me guess?...usai!..oya! *whisper it in my ears*

    checking guys 'below'..m-e-h-n! *where is my cane biko!*

    hahahahhaaa @ the burnt ones did it for you! so you like dudu ehn?..kai! my cuz no bad sha! *wink*

    ha! ice cream!..me likey!

    take care & have a stress free week ahead.

  14. Hehehe!! Burnt guys,sizing up people's packages.... As in endowment .....ehemmm!! Omo u baaad no b small ohh!!! .
    I love dis blog. I think I'm goin 2 b a junky n dis blog is going to b my fix. The honesty and sincerity of the blogger is beautiful.


  15. I love icecream and fragrances as well.

    which wan is unbloggable, if its spellable and typeable its bloggable jare. lolably me


    someone needs serious advice-->


  16. LMAO...Like I said, I am exercising my right and therefore pleading the fifth!

    @Yeoal, Thanks..I hope to see more of you around this end.I will be on the lookout and if I dont see you, I WILL HUNT U OUT!..lol

  17. So cream colored is doing you strong things now huh? lol. Never say never aka Brandy!

  18. LMAO...Ginger, just saw your comment...I amover it jare! My preference for burnt still dey kakaraka!


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