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Friday, April 1, 2011

Discoveries 101

I am on a roll!!!!!!

About 3hours after I started my day yesterday, I received an email notifying me of a scholarship I got against next year for ………..


I am giddy with excitement. This is particularly because I have a huge list of projected expenses for the next academic year. Who says God doesn’t work miracles?! I am a living example.

I was with my friend who loves to piss me off sometimes by the way. So in his usual manner, just to piss me off, he googled Nigeria and here is one of what we found:
 Isn't this just a joke as well as annoying? I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing. Plus isn't something like this supposed to be politically and socially incorrect? *SMH*

Also, I was reading my campus published daily. I saw some information on it that got my mouth to open and stay open on its own accord. So I researched it and perhaps I am just a little slow on matters like this but here's what I found:
 This a screen-shot from the Red Cross website and it was in the newspaper verbatim.

I mean, I can give my eyes and kidney and fingers and the overgrown nail on my big toe when I die, but my blood can’t be useful while I am still alive. Perhaps they should spend more money on research to find a machine to detect this type of HIV instead of spending money on stupid studies of the correlations between a person’s name and destiny. mcheewww. 

None of the above stories is an April Fool joke.

I repeat None of the above stories is an April Fool joke.


Much as I would have loved to punk YY today, he has pled, groveled, pled again and bribed against my doing so. But because I can as well as I am an evil witch, I will anyway…:D

Happy New Month My People, May Your Dreams Come True.


  1. Wow congratulations babe I'm so happy for u!

    Hmmn let me not even start with these people saying rubbish about Nigeria....hisss

    Happy month to u too. Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. Congrats on ur scholarship! Dat's huge o!

    That definition of Nigeria is as silly as its originator(s), mschewwwww!

    Type O strain of HIV? That's a first....hmmmn

    Happy April to u too!

  3. Congratulations on your scholarship

    Re: Nigeria's bad press...I dont really see this ending anytime soon because our so called representatives i.e. Nigerian embassies, ambassadors etc never ever respond to such slights.

    If a newspaper or reputable website insults an Arab, European etc country you will have the ambassadors demanding an apology *hisssss*

  4. Congrats on your scholarship dear,obviously you really need it.Meanwhile,please convince that your friend to visit Nigeria and direct him to me,i just wanna break his two legs,no? Ok how about just one? Pweety pweeeeezzzzzz!

  5. congratulations on your scholarship!! thank God :-)

    smh ignorant people...
    happy new month...
    ps.this is the first "non" april fool post i am reading today..lol

  6. oh am soooo happy for you! I wish I got that money (to be used for anything at all!)

    On the issues about Nigeria, its just sooo heartbreaking, heart tearing and heart wrenching! God help us!

    How u dey jare?

  7. congraaaaaaaaaaaaaaatsss.

    I'm real stoked for you. I can imagine the excitement.

    lol @ the screenshots.
    I was aware we were banned from donating, cuz my friends hv tried to...lol...they said where r u from? no!...lol.

    ok, ok not like that but thats the summary.

  8. Yeiiiiiiiii....Congratulations on your scholarship!! God is good.
    As per the other stories.... no comment *angry face*

  9. Big ups to you on your scholarship. That's right, God is still in the business of miracles.

    @ Nigeria's description, Omoregee took the words right out of my mouth.

  10. Evil witch, please, don't be evil today. Congrats on your scholarship


    That nige-ria joke sucks!

    I have read about the red cross website..if my blood ain't good enough for donation, so are my other body parts shikena!

  12. Congratulations... U are one lucky girl :-).

  13. lol urban dictionary is hilarious so i'm nt surprised bout their definition of nigeria. but as for red cross.. mschew! wth! i'm sure my blood is even fresher than theirs lol.
    and CONGRATS on the scholarship!!!!!! :)

  14. Congratulations on the scholarship.

    That Nigerian joke is not even funny. Very dry and insulting.

    First time I got to know about that blood thing was when my husband tried to donate blood in the U.S. and they refused to take his blood. I was shocked!

  15. Happy new month to you dear, and congrats on the scholarship! That's great news indeed.

    As for giving blood, I've heard of that before too. Na so...

  16. YAY for the scholarship! What a great way to start the month!! Congratulations!!

    Lol Myne, na so oh


  17. Woot Woot!!! Congrats Girlie! That's more than I was able to get - work it girl! Do that!

  18. Congrats on the grant...enjoy every bit of it.

    That Nigerian factory thingy isn't funny @ all...but it makes the writer sound stupid, so all's fair.

    The blood donation status is same here in the UK...my hubby was told he couldn't donate cos of malaria parasites or something like that...

  19. Thanks so much people. I was so excited about the scholarship but was even more excited to come here, blog about it and read your comments. Thanks a bunch.
    As for all that crap about Nigeria, I bet you know how I feel. @kitkat, you know it missy! Def. Urban Dictionary
    As for me, like I said, if my blood ain good enough while I am living, then any part of me shudnt be useful while I am gone
    @ Nonye, I dey o
    Again, thanks..

  20. Congratulations on your scholarship!! That is so cool!

    And about those Nigerianisms - I thought i had seen it all. I refuse to be bothered. We too much jare!!

  21. Ginger, thanks. Yes o, we too much!

    PET, thanks ma'am

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