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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Checking In

Honeybunches, Sugarplums, Ofada-Rices, How una dey?

Believe me, at this point, I feel like I can take on the world! This past week is responsible for this feeling. I had back-back-back exams, presentations and just general stress. Couldn’t even summon enough time or energy to go on my blog rounds. 

Did I feel complete? Nope! Since it has been established that I am a glutton for punishment, I still came here to take peeks at what I couldn’t have….a list of the updated blogs.
Now that the week is over, I feel a bit more like myself……….well, until the results come out! 

But seriously, I have been feeling a frightening sense of apathy towards school these days. I heard it is supposed to be a disease for the college seniors. Granted! But I still have like a semester left so why then am  I suffering from “Senioritis”…the condition whereby college seniors in their last semester just don’t care about school anymore?

I have a lot to say, ranging from my social network experiences to my discovery of how diverse a Nigerian meal time-table can be, IF ONLY we had a better power supply!

Shout out to:
LadyNgo, for posting that link to 360nobs.com. People, you just gotta check it out! There is a particular writer, Franque. That guy is off the easel! He is soooo good at writing (at least by my criteria). As for Nobs himself, all I can say is my view of him has shifted. I went as far back as the website's virgin post. It is a refreshing website.

NG and Kitkat, thanks my personal people! NG, I bin dey see you and that your last post o….couldn’t even help LOL. Happy belated birthday darling Kitkat!!! Hope you had a blast!

Nonye, you know what for o! *sideeye to Blogsville*…What? You people want me to tell you?...*evil cackle*

The Ever Loyals: You know yourselves o! I really appreciate your comments from time to time. It really does make my days. Thank you……

I remain loyal and your girl, HoneyDame

I shai be back soonest.

NB: It just came to my realization that I was mistaken in thinking it was Kitkat's birthday. I don't know where I got that idea from. Oh! it was from one of her post which I glossed over in a hurry. I cant even blame this error on PMS, unless PMS is everyday of the rest of my life (God forbid!)....Boo Kitkat, consider that shout out an anticipatory birthday holler!


  1. Madam honeydame, my birthday is in SEPTEMBER! what made u think it was my birthday?lool.
    i missed reading ur posts, glad u'r back!!! hope the exams and preentations went smoothly? dnt panick, i'm sure u killed it(them). :)

  2. is lady ngo your sister(NGOR) u always talk about? omg :p

  3. Lmao, Kitkat...i dont even know what to say...blame it on the adalu I ate a few minutes ago...:D. thanks babe.. cant wait to catch up on your posts which I missed and misread..:D. As for the exams...*singing* "My hope is built on nothing less"

    Lol, I never even thought about it. No, LadyNgo is no that my sister. Trust me, my sister ain no lady! Original mgbeke....

  4. Excited to here from you..wondered wetin dey shele....missed the laughs...that my post na really trouble shooter oooo..hahahhaaa,,we need to spark up blogsville than playing safe all the time...wishing you the best in your academics...take care..xoxo

  5. "ofada-rices" lol, Madam hope u dey ok sha.dont let sch work stress u too much o :D takecare

  6. ofada-rice, you are making my mouth watery...
    Good to know you are alright.
    Have a lovely week.

  7. Ofada-rice...I claim that quick quick because I am no sugar-plum *smile*
    Area dey hail oh
    Hope all is well

  8. So that's what you've been up to? Bet you can't wait for school to end. Hope you good, and till you come back in full force; we're right here waiting :D


  9. We're right here for you, all the best in school and everything. Take care.

  10. lol at the birthday shout out... u want to make kitkat older than she is. hope u aced all the exams.

  11. LMAO.. hahah@PMS bLAME. lol.. u r hilarious. Good luck on the rest of ur exams oo. God is with u.

  12. Keep blaming everything on PMS you here...
    Franque Mba is the king of descriptive essay, you can just picture every scene, and I love his flashbacks.

  13. Welcome back Madame. Cant wait to hear the ACE scores!

    Ofada-rices? you are not serious lol.

  14. NG, yes o, we shure need people like you cos trust me, if everyone was like me,, this placce would be BOOOORIIINNNGG...thanks ma'am

    NikkiSho, you see that school part of it, na die i dey!

    Lara, thanks babe. You have a fab. week too.

    Naijamum.....SHUN Ma!!! this really got me holding my sides. Me sef dey hail Area o! LMAO. I am trying o. A couple of my classes seem to be whooping my behind though..*sigh* it is well. hope the family is doing very well?

    Adiya, awww...You are too cute to be true. Thank Ma'am. I ain going nowhere! thanks again.

    MW, Thanks so much for the encouragement. I see your book awareness is booming. I am soo excited for you and the one wey I don do for word-of-mouth publicity, you go wan employ me. Again, thanks.

    LG, lol, dont mind me jare. I bin dey look for companion for semi-old age ni. Ace sha?! I just got back a result and the red wey I see for that paper, e be like say I kill cow for the paper! I am looking unto JEsus as I dey so. Thanks for asking.

    9jaFOODie...and also with you, thank you very much for the word of prayer. I sincerely need it especially with regards to those exams.

    PET, hehehehehe ahnahn,something sha has to be responsible for the action...hehehe..thank God say the condition no get mouth to talk. so you are "privy" to Franque too?! Do you know if he is single? I wouldnt mind him, provided he writes me articles to read everyday! ***wink wink**

    Ginger, thanks Miss Swaggerlific..( diont mind me, each time I see your name, I remember Terry G and his "Swagger your Ginger/Ginger your swagger". Uhm, right now, I think I aced only 2 of 4, may Christ have mercy on my academic soul!

  15. hope the exams went well
    welcome back

  16. oh sweetheart!!!!!! pass those exams or dont come back here! lol... fail and i'll arrange you some fresh point and kill at national stadium surulere!

    Whattagwan?? am back o! ( i hope) *wide grin*

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