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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clash of The Titans

Do you know the Fates?
You better tell her or him or them to be very careful.  I am not in the best of moods right now and he/she/they is/are not helping matters.
To avoid confusing myself, I will refer to the Fates as a she
Well…*shrug*…’cos I say so!

Usually, I snicker at girls who blame silly acts on that time of the month. But now, I really believe it to be true…:-o. Otherwise, there is no logical reason why I turned an otherwise lovely phone conversation with YY, on its head a few days ago. As if that was not enough, yesterday, I went back and forth with him, over absolutely nothing. And then this morning, I woke him up and after a while, asked him if he wanted to talk with me (I still think I am justified about asking that, by the way). Needless to say that set me off again.

 Now, when I get mad, I indeed get mad. And he knows this especially from the way I type (guy’s a weirdo). Usually, when he senses the anger from my chat, he calls (he believes I don’t talk as much/vicious as I type :?) and he did in this case too. After a couple minutes of verbal missiles, I cut off asking him to call me back whenever he was (is) ready to talk. 

I decided to log on to FB. Matter of fact, I initially wanted to post a taunting (to him) status (‘cos I can be petty like that!). But one of the applications caught my eye. I checked it out and it read “Does He Truly Love Me?”

My score was 97%

I am a glutton for being the butt of jokes so I tried another app. It read “Will I Have Perfect Love?”
HD (lol)

My score was 100%    :-o

Like are you being serious now?!!!

Fates is in a funny mood and the joke is on me!!! Warn her if you see her ‘cos I am an angry black lady right now!


  1. Pele, don't be angry naa, whatever or whoever fate is. Please, easy on the mood swings, guys find it hard to handle that.
    Congrats on your 'perfect love' score. lol

  2. Hehehehehe...I honestly don't even know the issue with you right now.Oh well,i'm not YY right? Geez,fate ain't fare when it comes to that time of the month for you guys sha.We love una like that! *hugs*

  3. calm down woman and fate better be careful o.lol
    easy with YY ehn.pele :)

  4. *singing* baby baby coolu temper ooo. lol... I hope u are much better sweets. *airhug*

  5. HA!!...This is serious o.
    Calm down dear. I agree with ilola.

    Hopefully, "that time of the month" is almost done, try being the boss of it next month.

  6. *z-i-p my mouth*...gist me when una settle o jare...:))))))))))0

  7. Lool! right now i'm pitying poor YY. u sound like the trouble-maker :p

  8. lol.....i know its not funny right, but im having the same issues as well. Im at that time of the month where everthing goes topsy turvy....try calm down sha

  9. LOL! ABW - that's hilarious! 97% bait (vs 100%) priceless! Girl - you are totally taking lessons from my life LOL!!! I am in no position to offer explanation for attitudes as I am in a whirlwind myself..

  10. haha!! Poor guy! But you know, i didn't believe girls who blamed stuff on that time of the month either. But now, i think it's true oh. LOL


  11. Well the fates, surely favoured you! so case dismissed!


  12. Yo babes, im back... yipee!

    You better issue 'fates' serious warning... as for YY, poor guy.

    Thanks for looking out for me while i was AWOL.

  13. Poor YY, I gave Fates your message, she said, she is just doing her job hun!
    I hope the phase is over? Jeez the things we girls go through, and find ourselves making other people go through

  14. PMS is realz babe. The best thing is to be prepared and warn your significant other unless they wont just understand. I always get irrational pre flow. Annoying to say the least!

    Thanks for following me Hon. loving that name!!

  15. Ah! I've missed this babe! and pls for God's sake free YY nah! Am takin sides with him now o, ur own don too much joor! :) LOL

  16. I'm even too scared to leave a comment now...

    So all I'll say is - take it easy ohhhh.....!

    *tip-toeing away*

  17. Where are you my friend? Hope all is well? holla us nahhh.

  18. @lola, I know, I try..*sigh*..congrats ke? Abi you are the fates itself? Be careful o!..lol. How are the preps going?

    9jaGreat, lol, thank you.. You guys too have that time of the day. I really dint use to be like that.

    Nikkysho, thanks hon. How I for do na? Me no get choice but to calm down. And as I type now, I remembered your Vlog and I am doing a residual LOL

    9jaFOODie, I am done dancing o. Thanks, I feel much better *giggling at the way I am making it sound like an ailment*

    H, Thanks. *in an inspired tone* Henceforth, I am on top of my game! I don't care what time of the month it is!

    NG, lmao! You know how it is na! We bin don settle tey tey. You sabi dat talk we say "na fence wey open mouth lizard dey enter"

    Kitkat, Lol, even I pitied him at that time. Lmao. I was indeed the troublemaker....*averts gaze in semi-shame*

    Sisi Yemmie, are you sure we shouldn't have a forum? We could compare notes and tips o. thanks, I guess we are back on track now.

    itsjustmedaringtodream, lol. You know it! How can I possibly not learn from you? You know how I crawl all over your blog!

    Adiya, you and me both o! what can I say? Now that I have realized and confirmed its existence, I am on my toes.

    Iwalewa, even I dont know o...lol... dont mind me. Fates was just a metaphor for the series of events that occurred that day.

    Mena, how na?! Me I dont think so o. I think the Fates were more mocking me than anything else jare.

    P.E.T, yay!!! Cant wait to read some juicy posts from you. Good to have you back ma'am.

    Sweetness, lol, Thanks jare. Fates should better put me out of her jurisdiction, abi wetin? I know o! and to think I always thought I was immune to that stuff...*smh*

  19. Ginger, no, thank you! I loovve your blog. As for that whole monthly palaver, uhm, thank God for God is all I am going to say!

    Nonye, madam, na so I see am o. He is a sweetheart though. He took the whole stuff better than I would have had the case been reversed. Dont worry, I am treating him good now,iThink.:D

    Naijamum, lmao, maka y now? where are you going? you and NG, you are planning a coup abi? No wahala. Thanks ma'am

    again NG, U are tew mush, I am here now..:) thanks


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