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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bottom Power

    My new internship is just blerrrr... I have resolved to stop complaining and instead try to be more positive about stuff so I am leaving it at that. I really thank God for the kind of people he has surrounded me with sha. This trip has made me realise how much of a sheltered life I had been living. And to think I thought I was a toughie.....*snort*

In fun news, my butt just broke a bed.

*(yeah, take a breath and look again)*

No, I kid you not.

It did.

     We, (my roommates) converged into my roommate's single room (remember this one?) and were just gisting and talking about stuff. It is ever so refreshing having these sessions for us because we talk about lots of taboo subjects, even though we may not be in agreement.

    Anyway, na so the girl talk say make we start to dey comot say she wan study. I started fooling around and told her I wasnt going and decided to sit on her bed with a little force (I promise, it was just a little) and BOOM! One of the wheels went CABOOTS! I swear, I can't believe the guts of my butt (pun intended and did that just rhyme?!) sometimes....like seriously! Before I know it now, people will decide to start speaking to me in the hallway only and refuse me entry into thier rooms....mmmcheeewww....

    It has been known to have an independent mind, pulling tumblers off the table, refusing to squeeze through spaces even when I will it too, refusing to fit into choice dresses....the list is endless. And now I have to add a broken bed to my repertoire?!
Me I have sha helped her to "shock" the bed and if she likes, she should "de ara sile" while sleeping. Na she sabi if she rolls into the hallway because if I am ever asked, I'll just do a Shaggy on everybody.....'twasn't me!

PS:..Fun pictures coming up soon and yes, we are soon going to be a year old!!! Think you can click on that obnoxious "follow" button so that we can celebrate first by being 100+1?


  1. Hahaha...this your bottom get power o, lol...can't wait to see your pics.

  2. this is real bottom power in action...lmao

  3. Your bumbum must be big sha *jealousface* lol
    i feel you're having too much fun! again -> *jealousface* :p

  4. Hahaha. Bottom power toh quality. I know exactly what you mean. My bum has been the ban of my life as far back as i could remember. I once told my mom, when i was much younger, that my first salary ever would be spent sucking out the fat in my bum! And just recently, my 4-year old told his teacher, 'Your bumbum is very small. You should see my mummy's own...it is very very big!!' How to tell the poor child i'd rather not win that contest! :)

  5. lol, im gonna go try and break someone's bed with my booty now

  6. hahahaha.............
    cant wait to see those pics

  7. lol, waiting... also I just passed on the versatile blogger award to you so please check it in my last post.

  8. Looooooolll oo. That's your asset o. Let it work for you, lol. So how did the lady feel naa?

  9. LWKMD! That bum bum must be more a toughie than its owner. Better a big bum bum than a big head (trust me on that one)

  10. Bwuahaha @ "she should "de ara sile" while sleeping."

    some serious bottom power you have got.

  11. Must have been real funny. How does it feel to have a butt like that? I envy you o!

  12. lmaoooooo...she better not dara sile..LOOOL

  13. I just passed the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ to you. Please check my blog for more details. All the best

  14. Looool!!!My ribs hurt.. Abeg jare ! No b small tin u get 4 behind. I envy you oh jare.Talk about bottom power (in every context)*mischevious grin*

    @hazel ...u would rather not win d contest? Shuo!! U are blessed with better ASSet n u r complaining..if u can pass it down here oh pls do cos dis lady believes in d bigger d better!!

  15. Hahahaha Bottom power noni! I never imagined you'd be bagging that much back there.

  16. lolllllllllllllll...HD nah wah ooo

  17. lol, a new super hero in town....Superbumbum.

  18. Blessings...
    careful not to sit so hard you can really hurt yourself.

    Just embrace yourself...take care.....

  19. Na power bum o. I can imagine you actually talking on this post: 'shock bed', 'make she no de ara sile', lol. You're funny.

  20. Come, how you manage break somebody else's bed and not your own? i hereby arrest you on 2 counts
    destruction of other people's property
    and Excess bag .....bakassi. lol

    Your fine: donate excess to those less fortunate :p

  21. Good question by Ginger...maybe she has a reinforced bed, lol. Pictures! Pictures!!

  22. Lmao. Now dats some kinda damage I wish mine wuld do #sigh

    Congrats on ur one year anniversary. Lets pop somthing o. Is der parry rice & cake? Nobory is cooking anymore so I need all d awoof I can get. Bt wait, ur in China, aw mehn. No cakes *pout*

    P.S, Dnt know y i couldnt comment before now on my fone. saw error. any ideas?

  23. Lol, loved your blog the minute i stepped in and thats why iv nominated your blog for the One Lovely Blog Award.

    check it out here http://barbsiesmusings.blogspot.com/2011/10/one-lovely-blog-award.html?showComment=1317807609229#c5273122221931320956

  24. BTW, I just gave you the versatile blogger award in my latest post. Check it out and please pass it on

  25. If it makes you feel any better, my butt has left imprints on our sofa after I've been sitting only for a few minutes. The kids are always saying, "Mommy, I can see where you were sitting on the sofa because your butt is so big". Nice.

  26. Lol...bottom ower indeed.
    New here and following.. I love your realness

  27. Lol...iLike your blog joor!

  28. hia that ikebe can break palm kernel oo!lol

  29. lol @ your super bum. flaunt it girl.:-) first time here and following. Thanks for stopping by my blog. it means a lot to me.

  30. Lmao @ de ara sile. You're a joker.....you and your terminator bum bum. Looking forward to 'pishures'

  31. Lmao! Oh, I have missed this blog!!!

  32. MW, which pictures? I hope u are referring to the Beijing ones and not one of my bum doing what it knows to do best! lol

    Vyyka, I have a feeling you know all about this kind of bottom power. You seem to be sporting one yourself.

    Kitkat, woman, what are you talking about?!ha...if only you saw/knew my troubles with that anatomy!

    Hazel, thanks for giving me a heads-up on the things I probably will hear in the nearest future! If I have a kid who has my mouth as a child, I will exile myself!

    LadyNgo, I know all about that one o...Read your post about it. We should form like a club or something and do some charity..."giving to the less privileged"

    Lue, Ibet you enjoyed the pics

    Priscy, thanks babe. Now that I got the bloggiversary over and done with, that is next on my list. Thanks a bunch.

    @ilola, she was just stunned, like she couldnt believe. Actually, the look on her face was funny.

    Buzzer, lmao...big head?! Depends on which head we are talking about o!...oops!

    'Lara, story of my life!

    Destiny Naija, done as requested ma. How is MR Destiny?

    Deolascope, even though it is not that big, this is how it feels. It is terrifying that I know that in some years, I will be having some leg issues.

    NikkiSho, yes now. Na OYO she dey

    Deolascope, thanks again Miss

    Yeoal, May the lord forgive u....lmao

    9jaGreat, it is the Lord's doing...lmao

    Ble Ble, lol, wetin I do now?

  33. FantasyQueen, Weapon of mass destruction.

    Chizzy D, lmao...you people are scaring me o! Me iwas referring to the Beijing pictures o and not pictures of my bum causing havoc!

    Rhapsody B, thanks. I wasnt even exerting pressure o. I was sort of dazed when it happened. I have learnt to just be best friends with it since I realised that it is not like I can leave it home while I go out.

    Adura Ojo...lol..In my mind, I was actually having a verbal conversation with you awesome people.

    Ginger, Mystery of the century o! I have a feeling that my bed had been reinforced before I got there. As per the fine...Lady Ngo, @ilola and some other like people are on it Ma, kindly forgive.

    NaturalNigerian, lmao I had typed my response to Ginger before I saw your comment.

    Toinlicious, thanks o jare...9jaFOODie dares not leave me hanging.. we proceeded there for the parry yesterday. I dont know about mobile blogging yet o. Sorry I cant help with that. Thanks for the award.

    Barby1923, Awwww...thanks a bunch. You make my blogging life worth the while. Thanks

    Helene, LMAO. That will probably be me in a few years. Your kids are so comical! Oh wait, you are their mum afterall!

    Travel Buff, thanks ma'am. Been to yours too. Loved reading about those places.

    Dayor, thanks. YOurs is just as nice!

    Anon, ha, I never try that one yet o.

    Che, awww...lerus continue awa followership jare. It will be fun!

    Cherry Koko, uhm, I am really suspicious of which pictures u pple have been referring to o!

    Omoregee, you were missed o. I love that your last post about greener grasses while in a r/ship. It is a constant struggle and people need to hear what it should be!


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