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Friday, October 7, 2011

Beijing in Pictures 1

NOTE: Please bear with me. I do not know why some of the pictures are not placed right. Just crane your necks this once. I promise to do better with the next picture post. Oh, by the way, you berra not try to steal any picture from here without reference or permission. They are all MINE, got it?! Enjoy

 Aha, you remember what I said about the bicycles here. This above is an idea of what I meant. You see how the bicycles go on forever? This represents just 0.0000000001% of the general idea.

 Pay close attention to what the Umbrella says and correspond it to the items of sale...Chinese have a "wonderful" sense of humor.

 The sights from the pedestrian bridges can be beautiful. And interestingly, they use the pedestrian brigdes very much. Another similarity with Naija, there is nothing you can't buy on those bridges; from pomade to decorations, to fruits....uhm....Wait, did I just use the word "pomade"?

 Ah! Ok, short story...picture this, 7:00pm,  HoneyDame with roommate, hungry as an American mosquito, decide to go in search of a restaurant. Bear these in mind: HoneyDame speaks no Chinese, except Ni Hao and Xiexie count, and she uses chopsticks just as good as Dame Patience (gives courtesy) speaks English. Anyway, we found this place and placed our orders. That went well until they brought that menace you see in the picture, Apparently, it was a "Hot Pot" spot. What happens here is they give you that sucker up there with fire lit underneath it and bring your order raw. So basically, you cook it by yourself. That wasnt the problem though, after all, I can cook. Here is the problem, we had ordered for noodles.......and the only utensils we were equipped with were chopsticks. So, how well do you think somebody we both know fared, trying to get the noodles out of the hot pot?! Guess who went to bed hungry, angry and light-pocketed? *BigSigh*....NEVER AGAIN!                                                                               

 The front entrance of the Summer Palace. The day we visited here, I was the most ill-prepared (as always) tourist.

1) I hadnt even read anything about the place
2) I didnt check the weather. It was rainy. I had no umbrella and I was wearing slippers. You will see why the slippers was a bad idea in the next pictures post.

 Colorful, no?
 Another street view from the pedestrian bridge.

These choreographers were practicing just as I was about to leave. Something about the ambiance of both the music and their moves had me chuckling the whole time. Don't ask me why, because I cant place my finger on it either.

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Thank you all, who awarded me with several blog awards. I indeed promise to get to them as soon as I am done putting up the posts I had planned for a little while. I do appreciate your gifts.

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  1. NIce pics, the one with the food makes me hungry! I hope your enjoying everyday, if not, make sure you try something new and adventurous.

  2. It looks like a clean city, a place i'd definitely love to visit. And MacDonalds under an umbrella??!!!.....lol

  3. Awwww Honeydame.....you are having real fun. LOL!
    You know the song "There are Nine Million bicycles in Beijing"?
    Here's a link just in case. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHQG6-DojVw
    So you are actually validating the song now.
    Enjoy and please put cutlery in your handbag next time. don't want you starving o. ;-)

  4. Coolness..Seem like you are loving it except the food..Befriend one of the chinese people so they can hook you up with good resturant, recipes and deals..I have a friend sister over there, since she left in 2009 the babe no gree relocate back home oh..So we nicknamed her iya china..

    As for the bicycles, I dunno how to ride that thing oh. My first attempt sent me to the ground oh..since there I said no no way..

    P.s. I hope what happen in 1923 dont repeat itself oh, I have paid my dues..lol Thanks for stopping by

  5. Wow, you posted some amazing pictures. Look at all those bikes! thanks for sharing it all!Are you in complete culture shock?

  6. I just may not forgive you for making me bend my head alot.That doesn't change the fact that the pictures are lovely though.*massaging my neck*

  7. The view from the pedestrian bridge is beautiful...choi see bicycle..oga ju

  8. Now I see what you mean, lol...I'm guessing you took these with a BB too. I'll let you know when I figure it out.

    Lovely pictures, as for the guy selling fruits with a Mac umbrella, lol...

  9. Wow! that's a wonderful experience for you, never been to Asia but it sounds like an adventure. Love it

  10. Now the chopstick thing is not funny o, I would vex o!

  11. lol, i actually thought of Katie melua's 'nine million bicycles in Beijing' when i saw the bicycle pictures.

    Looking through makes me want to hop back to china. Mcdonalds was my savior my first day there. Luckily i had sensible and adult travel companions who made decisions on food et co for me, i never had to suffer the indignity of trying to use chopsticks in their restaurants...
    and the only word i can say confidently is 'Ni Hao'

  12. lol, see bicycle now!! I've been hearing too much about Beijing lately, can someone pay for a sisters journey to and fro? and your pictures are nice!!

  13. hmm...sounds fun a lot. I laughed at the food part. In conclusion, Katie Melua was indeed right! Maybe we should all go back to the bicycle era sef.

  14. Blessings....
    photos are nice, just rotate them before you upload them.

    I taught my daughters to ride bicycles yet to this day i can't ride one.

    take care and stay blessed.

  15. Na wa for bicycles o! Love the pictures. Btw, I gave you a versatile blogger award on my blog.

  16. I am visualising you trying to get noodles out of that pot with chopsticks and laffing in Chinese. Sorry. Pele. Nice pictures.

    If you upload the pictures to your laptop, open with Microsoft picture manager or regular windows photo gallery and rotate.

  17. Happy new month to you, I gave you a tag, check it out. How have you been?

  18. Nice pictures, this is helping my china research too...

  19. hmm..............now i understand d "bicycles" thing.
    abeg my neck don dey pain me o...........all these china tins sha

  20. *massages neck*
    Now singing: There are 9 million bicycles in Beijing, thats a fact...

    *massages neck some more*
    Beautiful template you've got... good representation of the name too.

    *massages neck... walking away for proper spa treatment*


  21. Chizzy D, I am trying though the novelty has worn off

    Deolascope, it really is a nice place. yes McD, under an umbrella, selling fruits

    Missy Tee, I have learnt my lesson o.

    UnveilingGold, lol, dont worry...you really have paid your dues..About your friend, oh yeah? I thinks it gets to be interesting once you get over the language barrier.

    itsjustmedaringtodream. partial culture shock. I guess the most shocking is the blatant staring though.

    9jaGreat, hehehe...oya sorry now!

    NikkiSho, in fairness to them, they have really great views

    MW, yes! I had uploaded them on Windows Gallery had rotated them, yet they came out this way. I think we ought rotate them on the BB first before uploading them.

    Destiny YNC, i tell you, it wasnt funny one bit...hungry, angry and lighter pocket..not a good combo at any rate.

    FantasyQueen...hi5...Ni Hao, Duibuchi and XieXie are as proficient as my language goes.

    CoyIntrovert..watch out for my next post, I have something for you in that respect.

    Michael, ha.. no o. that thing is too stressful to ride jare. One time I rode it here within campus, I got on my knees to thank God for journey mercies. Thanks for dropping by. Hope you like it enough to come back.

    Rhapsody, really? I think that;s funny. You taught them but you dont ride? Reminds me of one of my friends who pounds yam but doesnt eat pounded yam.

    CherryKoko, thanks babes

    Ginegr...*angry with fists clenched** Dont u dare laught at me, especially not in chinese, the people responsible for the said discomfort. I did that o and it still ended up like this.

    Destiny YNC, thanks Ma'am.

    Travel Buff, anytime..Just let me know if you need me to help you check out something while I am still here.

    Lue, that's what I said too o!

    PET Projects, heheheh sorry about the neck. Thanks for the comment o jare, na only you see that update on commenting about the template.
    Se you will come to China for your spa treatment?

  22. Hahah aaw i dont really think gymmin is funny but I think it gives you a great feeling afterwards..!! its bearable with music :D x

  23. Ah aha wait ohhh..ur in Beijing??? Omg, where have i been!!!

  24. Yolii,,,yup yup...with music, it makes it worth the while, a bit.

    Ble Ble, I should ask you o!!! where have you been? I have been crawling all over your blog in recent times..se ko si sha? I have been in Beijing for about 2 months now


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