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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beijing in Pictures 2

As always, you guys have been amazing with your posts, comments and ish...For that reason, especially my October people, accept this token of love from me to you!

Well, if you missed the first sequel, here you are..


This I found in a pizza place typically full of college students. If verbal won't do the trick, written will...For better results, speak their language.
 In other words, don't bother bringing your whole house when you are coming. We also have supplies!

Very common sight, especially around the food/restaurant areas. It always looks like a carnival/festival around those places.
 A view from somewhere in Sanlitun, Beijing.
 I believe I have emphasized how much I love good food on this space, right? This one was delish...Please don't ask me for the names. The only thing I can tell you about this one is that it had pineapples in it and I think beef...Wo, I don't know jare. All I know is it went down and thankfully stayed down!

Definitely not an indigenous Beijing food....just pasta and tuna. My friend said it tasted nice...*shrug*

They are the devil! They taste soo good but are probably typhoid waiting to happen! Oh and you may call them Chinese Suya if you like...

Another none indigenous food. They simply called it rice and stewed beef. No need for complications, kwa?
And this one is for the wee one Chineke/Abasi/Osanobwa/Awimayehun/BigDaddy blessed one of us with (Naija Bloggers). Wa d'iru, wa d'ogbon. Welcome


  1. Lovely pictures, makes me want to visit Beijing one day. I claim my own share of the October people's cake o, thank you so much!

  2. according to you kwa? chai see food i have die finish

  3. Cheiiiiii...see food ooooo. Lovely photos

  4. "please don't carve the damn tables"? lol

    The pictures are beautiful

  5. Such a wonderful experience u are getting. Enjoy!

  6. great n post n i loved every word..bdW Come thru my fashion blog n lets follow each other like twitter :)


  7. Chai see food
    Osanobwa la ho!! (God abeg)

    The food alone is enough for me to visit

    Enjoy every minute my sistah

  8. LMAO @ please don't carve the damn tables. They mean business o!

  9. The food got me thinking oh. I dont know wats with chinese rice but I love em...

    Honey how can you put inedible pics on here? black ginger warn yourself..:)

  10. Oh yum, I'm sooooooo hungry after looking at those pics!!!!

  11. Love this post!! The food looks sooo enticing lol. You seem to be having a lot of fun there! How long are u there for? Hummm why am I thinking I'll make your birthday cake next year? LOL! I'm serious ooo!

    By the way thanks for the nomination, that was so sweet of you... I was touched... Have a lovely day!!!

  12. ooooooooooo i behold beijing in thy future....

  13. Aww so cute! i love the pics

  14. Yummy! Love all the pictures. Thanks for your comment on my blog and I'm following you right back honey.

  15. Babes, that one might have gone down and stayed there but you gotta be careful... eclectic is good but hopefully you wont be eating frogs and some other creepy stuff soon!

  16. can tell you having so much fun. make sure you learn some recipes so you can teach us oo!!! lol

  17. Slurp! That spagherri something ehn. Mehn this is a cool experience I'll sure love to have someday. Away from Lagos traffic and stress.LOL!
    Thanks for the cake!

  18. still lmao@ please don't carve the damn tables. heheh. i can just imagine. that Chinese suya looks gud o bt some shitarazzi would almost def follow. seems you're aving the time of your life, enjoy. soo jealous *pouts*

  19. Yum yum. Hope you are weighing thyself :)
    Have you gone shopping yet?

  20. Thanks for the e-cake.Technology really need to upgrade so one can download actual food like DIDI would want.But that cake sef eh......Na only me see am like that?! LOL #okbye

  21. Actually its the food that caught my attention!
    I love trying out new cuisines and this lot look really interesting!

    I just hope there are no questionable ingredients there - like dogs, lizards, roaches, etc...

  22. I'm down with Afronuts o! that food girl! no be lie

  23. @MW, You are very welcome

    @Martha, ogini?! Lol..yes, na according to me!

    9jaFOODie, dont get me started on you o!

    Sting, I am beginning to think so too

    Dosh, all thanks to RedHead, my phone

    Chulala, lol, your wish is my command, I am off to yours next.

    Adiya, most of them were yummy too

    NIL, God bless you jare!!! You are the only one taking me seriously on my bid to learn different phrases in different languages. All thanks to you, my rave of the moment is "Osanobwa la ho!!!". Drop more of such o!

    LadyNgo, you don't say!!

    UnveilingGold, lol... oya the post after this one is inedible o...no vex...lol

    NikkiSho, awa ni yen o...I wish!

    BleBle, sometimes

    Helene, just get one of the twins into the kitchen and declare it a "Cater-to-mommy-day". Let me know if you survive...lol...thanks for dropping by.

    Sasi, Dont even do that to yourself because you are going to make me put this day down in history and haunt you around october 1st next year!!!

    Shereen...lol..let's see how that goes

    LohiO, thanks

    Lily, thanks....!!! That makes me tres happy

    PET, hehehehehe by now you should recognise me for my love for the conventional. The only way I will eat anything out of the ordinary is in ignorance. But I am planning on trying out octopus sha...that's not eclectic, abi is it?

    Priscy, I have been wanting to o, but how do I even communicate my request to these non-english-speaking-cooks?

    Michael, you are welcome for the cake. Actually Beijing is not much different stress-wise from Lagos o! My trip back from work which should take me 15mins. often takes me 1.5hrs

    Toinlicious...ehn, you go fear shitarazzi!!! That one became a no-go area after a trial.

    Ginger...looool I am putting it off till I return to the States jare, I cant come and kill myself!

    9jaGreat, lmao.... i dont know what you are thinking o but I probably thought the same thing when I first saw the cake....lmaoo you are a bad someborri!

    Afronuts, ha so I know what to do to get you here any other time...:D..as per the ingredients, what mama don't know, don't hurt mama!

    LovePaprika, lol...

  24. Wish i could experiment with food, honestly. i am so conventional! anything mama didnt feed me as a kid, i dont eat! Enjoy though. Hope you have a handy dose of tetracycline and flagyl sha, just in case.

  25. Thanks for the e-cake babe. The Chinese suya, rice and stewed beef looks yummy. U just dey enjoy dey go. :-)

  26. Lol. Nice post, but your Yoruba skills still needs improvement:) It is Wa'diru, Wa'digba :)

  27. Buzzer, that sounds way too much like me but when mama didnt feed me chinese food nko? I had to take my chances...lol

    Che, e ya vewy welcome!

    Ayodeji, lmao..for a minute there I hoped no one would notice, since I was way too lazy to go back and edit it after I realised it! mcheww...but no! You called me out!..smh@ myself....thanks


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