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Monday, April 18, 2011

Social Experiences 101

DISCLAIMER: All images were gotten from google.com

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Checking In

Honeybunches, Sugarplums, Ofada-Rices, How una dey?

Believe me, at this point, I feel like I can take on the world! This past week is responsible for this feeling. I had back-back-back exams, presentations and just general stress. Couldn’t even summon enough time or energy to go on my blog rounds. 

Did I feel complete? Nope! Since it has been established that I am a glutton for punishment, I still came here to take peeks at what I couldn’t have….a list of the updated blogs.
Now that the week is over, I feel a bit more like myself……….well, until the results come out! 

But seriously, I have been feeling a frightening sense of apathy towards school these days. I heard it is supposed to be a disease for the college seniors. Granted! But I still have like a semester left so why then am  I suffering from “Senioritis”…the condition whereby college seniors in their last semester just don’t care about school anymore?

I have a lot to say, ranging from my social network experiences to my discovery of how diverse a Nigerian meal time-table can be, IF ONLY we had a better power supply!

Shout out to:
LadyNgo, for posting that link to 360nobs.com. People, you just gotta check it out! There is a particular writer, Franque. That guy is off the easel! He is soooo good at writing (at least by my criteria). As for Nobs himself, all I can say is my view of him has shifted. I went as far back as the website's virgin post. It is a refreshing website.

NG and Kitkat, thanks my personal people! NG, I bin dey see you and that your last post o….couldn’t even help LOL. Happy belated birthday darling Kitkat!!! Hope you had a blast!

Nonye, you know what for o! *sideeye to Blogsville*…What? You people want me to tell you?...*evil cackle*

The Ever Loyals: You know yourselves o! I really appreciate your comments from time to time. It really does make my days. Thank you……

I remain loyal and your girl, HoneyDame

I shai be back soonest.

NB: It just came to my realization that I was mistaken in thinking it was Kitkat's birthday. I don't know where I got that idea from. Oh! it was from one of her post which I glossed over in a hurry. I cant even blame this error on PMS, unless PMS is everyday of the rest of my life (God forbid!)....Boo Kitkat, consider that shout out an anticipatory birthday holler!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Clash of The Titans

Do you know the Fates?
You better tell her or him or them to be very careful.  I am not in the best of moods right now and he/she/they is/are not helping matters.
To avoid confusing myself, I will refer to the Fates as a she
Well…*shrug*…’cos I say so!

Usually, I snicker at girls who blame silly acts on that time of the month. But now, I really believe it to be true…:-o. Otherwise, there is no logical reason why I turned an otherwise lovely phone conversation with YY, on its head a few days ago. As if that was not enough, yesterday, I went back and forth with him, over absolutely nothing. And then this morning, I woke him up and after a while, asked him if he wanted to talk with me (I still think I am justified about asking that, by the way). Needless to say that set me off again.

 Now, when I get mad, I indeed get mad. And he knows this especially from the way I type (guy’s a weirdo). Usually, when he senses the anger from my chat, he calls (he believes I don’t talk as much/vicious as I type :?) and he did in this case too. After a couple minutes of verbal missiles, I cut off asking him to call me back whenever he was (is) ready to talk. 

I decided to log on to FB. Matter of fact, I initially wanted to post a taunting (to him) status (‘cos I can be petty like that!). But one of the applications caught my eye. I checked it out and it read “Does He Truly Love Me?”

My score was 97%

I am a glutton for being the butt of jokes so I tried another app. It read “Will I Have Perfect Love?”
HD (lol)

My score was 100%    :-o

Like are you being serious now?!!!

Fates is in a funny mood and the joke is on me!!! Warn her if you see her ‘cos I am an angry black lady right now!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Discoveries 101

I am on a roll!!!!!!

About 3hours after I started my day yesterday, I received an email notifying me of a scholarship I got against next year for ………..


I am giddy with excitement. This is particularly because I have a huge list of projected expenses for the next academic year. Who says God doesn’t work miracles?! I am a living example.

I was with my friend who loves to piss me off sometimes by the way. So in his usual manner, just to piss me off, he googled Nigeria and here is one of what we found:
 Isn't this just a joke as well as annoying? I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing. Plus isn't something like this supposed to be politically and socially incorrect? *SMH*

Also, I was reading my campus published daily. I saw some information on it that got my mouth to open and stay open on its own accord. So I researched it and perhaps I am just a little slow on matters like this but here's what I found:
 This a screen-shot from the Red Cross website and it was in the newspaper verbatim.

I mean, I can give my eyes and kidney and fingers and the overgrown nail on my big toe when I die, but my blood can’t be useful while I am still alive. Perhaps they should spend more money on research to find a machine to detect this type of HIV instead of spending money on stupid studies of the correlations between a person’s name and destiny. mcheewww. 

None of the above stories is an April Fool joke.

I repeat None of the above stories is an April Fool joke.


Much as I would have loved to punk YY today, he has pled, groveled, pled again and bribed against my doing so. But because I can as well as I am an evil witch, I will anyway…:D

Happy New Month My People, May Your Dreams Come True.