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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jésù Jọ̀ọ́ O!!!

   Hee!!! The enemies are at work!!! My Gawd will not allow them sha….So I was supposed to go to sweet Naija yesterday and what happened? A blizzard chose that day of all days to make appearance. Not baby blizzard o, I am talking about some 20-inch ish here! Am I upset, mad, depressed, anxious, upset or what!!! I do not even know what to do. I have prayed and sought big Gee’s face on this trip so you can imagine my disappointment when it happened that the airport would not open until after my scheduled flight and my airline cancelled the flight----double wahala for dead body! (No be me talk am o)

   Ah…why yesterday of all days, ehn?  **shaking my head in desolation**

  However, when I did a double take on the situation, I realized that there could be worse situations. For instance:

1.    Being six feet under
2.   Being fed to the white sharks while trying to swim my way out of the pacific/atlantic/whatever-else ocean.
3.   Being stuck on the iced/snowed over roads while trying to get to the airport.
4.   Being left without blogsville, where I come to vent!!!

   So please for my sanity..( I am sure you do not want an insane blogger), help say a sentence to big Gee to take control o. In as much as I want to go on this trip, I also want His will to be done.

   Since this is a post written while I am very disheveled and disoriented, I crave your indulgence and request that you just use am like that…Be right back….;)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Yellow Yellow Xmas…(MTN ad, remember?)

    I am grateful for this season, its significance and the whole “paparazzi” about it. Growing up in Naija, this season was very eventful. In elementary/primary school, it started with the decoration of our classes for father Xmas. Then we visited the father Xmas in his grottos and I can categorically say that my school gave the “bestest” gifts ever! My mother also bought Xmas clothes which I was never satisfied with. I felt she always bought “small geh” clothing. When I became a bit older, I would go and dig out recipes to cook for Xmas and we would have a jolly good time.

    Now the fam is not totally together and it is soooo different. Americans do not really care about that much~ it is all about the sales for them! It is Xmas eve here and I do not feel that special Xmas air I feel in Naija!...Chei…Déjà vu! 

    I take consolation in knowing that New Year will not be the same story for me this year…In the meantime, since most bloggers have run away from blogsville for the festivities…(don’t worry, we kindda  understand)…this is to wishing you a wonderful Xmas celebration and remember that it is not all about the chicken and what-not, make it significant by endeavoring to impact someone’s life positively.

   Still not feeling the season, hit the play button on my play list...:)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happily Ever After

    As I sit here with the smell of the jollof rice I cooked, assaulting my olfactory…..(sorry, had to chip that in), I cannot help thinking about the issue of marriage.  No, easy people, breath in and out, slowly, HoneyDame is  not getting married just yet, in fact, Ma (If you have not read the legend of Ma, click here) will not be allowing anyone pluck flowers in her garden anytime soon.
    Anyway, what has brought about this is that, today, YY’s cousin, a male, will be getting married to his SweetHeart. These two do not know me, but once I stumbled on their Facebook page, my life has not remained the same and neither has theirsà I HAVE BEEN STALKING THEM. Don’t judge me yet, I have “valid?” reasons L. I just find these pair a whole lot fascinating. To me, their relationship is sooooo much like mine, minus the geographical distance in mine. So somehow, they have been some form of parameter for me. I mean, I need a partner-in-crime if I am really going to embark on this journey into the South-South with an older guy, right? Wrong! But that is an issue for another day’s discussion.

    This young lady in question is just an addition to my growing hypothesis of young ladies getting married these days, especially those who reside in Nigeria. When I mean young ladies, I am most likely referring to 19-21.5ish. Has something been released into the air? Are they really equipped yet for this part of life? What really could be responsible for this trend? 

    I am aware that maturity is not really a function of age, BUT, isn’t age really a component of some of the other variables? With the increasing western emulation we engage in in Nigeria, I fear for this trend. Already, we are celebrating single motherhood and feminist movements (PS: I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST SINGLE MOTHERS, I am knowledgeable enough to know that several valid reasons cause this). What chance do these girls have to make their young marriages work in the face of all these movements?
    Our grandmothers who got hitched in their teenage years had better chances of having marriages that worked because they did not have all these shoved in their faces.  In my opinion, some of these girls are supposed to still be suckling at their mother’s breasts, yet they are on the way to suckling another creation= Scary!  I sincerely hope Gbeske is not aiming to take over my life, hence this melancholic and pessimistic tone (Again, if you do not know the history of Gbeske, go here)

    In a lighter mood, **Raising my flute in toast**, this is to wishing you both, S & E, a wonderful, divorce-free and blissful marital life. May you remain friends, lovers and spouses till the end. Enjoy each other and God’s presence in your marriage. **Click my flute with..err…nobody, well “Shrug”**. Maybe sometime in the future, I will share this post with you, or not.

   Now, let me go teach that jollof rice a lesson while I wait for them to upload the wedding pictures……Boy , am I glad that they can’t view those who view their profiles? My ass would have been arrested a looong time ago! Stalkarazzi mode>>>>>On.

   So, am I the only one who has noticed this trend? Or are my fears unfounded? Please your stories, dear HoneyDames and Dudes..:)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

All Done Baby!!!

So my exams for the semester are officially over….Whoop Whoop!!!! I am SUPER DUPER excited!!! My finishing the exams is just one part of it, but, the real thang making excitement flow through my veins is that in a couple more days,
My oh My,

In a couple of days,

The skies shall part, and the big metal shall pass through it at an altitude unachievable by human jumps, whooshing by like bullets from an AK47, across oceans and seas,

To reunite HONEYDAME and YY………quadruple Whoop Whoop!!!!

Oh boy, my heart thumps in anticipation and trepidation. 

   Leaving him a couple years ago, I hadn’t expected that when I would have to take this trip, he would still be in the picture. It has been very very very very very ROCKY. The quarrels have been baseless, trivial and extremely flimsy but we have somehow (and I believe with Godz help) managed to sort-of wade through it, not necessary unscathed, but with more knowledge of how things should not be done.

   I am not anticipating running into trouble with him. BUT, some part of me, Gbeske[1] feels I am taking a journey to a road of broken heartedness. I haven’t seen this guy in more than 2 years, my waistline has expanded, stretch marks have taken residence around my muffin tops, my hairline now competes with Iya Ijebu’s receding own, some of my thinking processes have changed (for instance, why can he not just wash his plate and let’s call it a day?), my boobs and buttocks are bigger (no complaints there)..The list is endless…….Long story short, I have changed. The person he sent forth years ago is not the same person who will come back to him now, in almost all ramifications. 

   No, I do not have inferiority complex.  My concern lies more in the change is not unique to me because so has he!!! Shall I like what I shall see? If I don’t, how shall I tell one, who is literally toasting me to consider having an introduction, that I cannot go further because I now find some of his habits…errrr…not too pleasant? I am having issues compartmentalizing habits which can be managed and those which should not, so for the most part; they all get tossed into the “should not” compartment….

I think I am confusing myself!!!! OHGAWD!  
 **head in hands**

What I shall do
Enjoy my stay
And enjoy him
While it lasts
If it is forever,
My Bonus it is!

But if I get my Yoruba heart fed to the wolves, I have confidence in that blogsville will be there to help nurture it back to life.


[1] My pessimistic alter ego